Dana White Wants to do Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort in Brazil, but Nevada has to Okay it First

July 20, 2014
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Chris Weidman vs Vitor BelfortThe Ultimate Fighting Championship wants to pit middleweight champion Chris Weidman against Vitor Belfort next. Weidman wants to fight the former light heavyweight champion. But there could be a snag in everyone’s plans.

“He [Weidman] wants to fight Vitor Belfort,” said UFC president Dana White following the UFC Fight Night 46 weigh-ins in Dublin on Friday. “We want to make that fight happen. That’s the next fight. That fight should have already happened before the [Lyoto] Machida fight. That’s the fight we want to do, and that’s the fight that Chris Weidman wants.”

Belfort was originally slated to face Weidman at UFC 173 on May 24. The Nevada Athletic Commission banned the use of testosterone replacement therapy on Feb. 27. Belfort, who was using the treatment, was forced to withdraw from the fight.

“Given the time constraints involved between now and my proposed next bout in May, I have determined not to apply for a license to fight in Nevada at this time,” said the Brazilian in a statement following the commission’s ban of TRT.

Belfort tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone in February during a random drug test administered by the commission. The situation is unresolved and his fighting eligibility remains unclear. Despite those things, that’s the fight the UFC wants to put together next for Weidman. And they want to do it in Brazil.

“It doesn’t have to take place in Nevada. That fight would be big in Brazil too,” said White. “I would do it in Brazil. Yeah. As long as the commission clears him, yeah.”

Before Belfort can fight anywhere, the positive random drug test in Nevada has to be addressed.

“We’d want the okay from Nevada. If Nevada was cool with it, I’d do it in Brazil,” said the UFC president.

Belfort’s last three fights have taken place in his home country. Many have questioned whether that’s been an intentional move. Belfort tested positive to the banned substance 4-hydroxytestosterone following his fight against Dan Henderson at Pride 32 in Las Vegas in 2006. The previous positive test to a banned substance would have made it difficult for him to receive a therapeutic use exemption for TRT in Nevada. The Brazilian athletic commission granted Belfort a therapeutic exemption to use TRT for those fights.  The Brazilian commission followed Nevada’s lead and banned the use of TRT the day after Nevada did in February.

White’s hope to put on the title fight in Brazil has more to do with revenue than drug tests. Belfort is a big draw in Brazil.

“Do you know how big that fight would be in Brazil? Huge. That fight would be big in Brazil. That would be a big stadium. We’d sellout there. It would be a big fight,” he said.

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  • Ian Price

    Do it in Brazil. Screw it!

    • mmalive

      War On YEAH BOY!!!

  • chefbowpro

    Ya know what….Nevada is trash anyway. Evrr since they got more involved in MMA we have had crap for decisions. Coincidence? Maybe but if ufc goes the way of boxing and bs judging I will just quit watching ufc too. Cannot tell u the last good fight I have seen from boxing.

    • PrideMMA

      Ever since Nevada got more involved in MMA???
      You obviously do not know what you are talking about. I in my biased opinion agree that boxing’s judging sucks but with MMA its actually pretty much on point. Yes the decisions sometimes are wrong but if you do the odds on it there 80 percent correct which is not bad compared to boxing. You are new to MMA though so I will let you slide.

  • Sir_Roy

    If Weidman is cool with it, knowing Vitor is juiced up, then I say why the hell not. Chris is confident going against an obviously chemically enhanced opponent. Should be fun.

    • DamianCross

      Weidman has every reason to be confident. Juice hasn’t given Vitor back his hand speed, so that’s a non-issue. Weidman’s already had his chin tested against bigger, better strikers, so he isn’t scared of the KO. And Weidman’s wrestling has been nullifying BJJ left and right. He’s gonna love this fight.

      • Sir_Roy

        I understand. I’m not knocking Weidman at all nor am I saying he won’t or cannot win. But roids make a dude far stronger than their normal potentate and this advantage should never, ever, be underestimated or underplayed. Chemical enhancement has run far, far more rampant in today’s sports than is publicly advertised. Including MMA.

        Vitor’s taps have been putting folks to sleep lately. Oddly since he’s been back on his so-called “therapy” treatments. So I’m not too sure his KO power is easily gauged or comparible to others in his class in this day and age … not sure at all.

  • Dragon Kid

    Belfort will use Weidman’s head for a soccer ball

    • mmalive

      Great comment. Very true indeed.

      If fight goes pass 2 rounds Chris has very good chance of beating Vitor

      If Vitor connects then it is lights out for Chris.

      Nothing against Chris. I actually like him.

      He is very humble and respectful. Now we all know why his nick name is ” The All American “

    • Baller31

      We all know brazilians can’t play soccer.

      • Dragon Kid

        Tell that to Croatia.

        • Baller31


          • Dragon Kid

            Game was rigged.

          • Monty Montezuma


          • Dragon Kid

            Five goals in half an hour? Rigged.

          • Austin, TX

            So anytime a team is much better than another team it’s rigged? There is a word called “denial” that exists. It applies to people in the 15th century still believing that the world was flat …and also occasionally to sports enthusiasts who don’t like what they are seeing on the playing field. Brazil lost the game. I watched it. Germany beat them simply. Like they had beat all those teams before them. And then like they beat Argentina in the final.

          • Dragon Kid

            Yes, especially if a team is 5-0 in the span of the first 30 mins. You’d be a fool if u didn’t think that was rigged. Argentina lost by 1. Big difference my friend. You must not be a soccer fan, more of a soccer fooligan.

          • Baller31

            Wasn’t rigged. Brazilian team ran out of TRT

          • Austin, TX

            So when an American baseball team wins 13 to 1 that means that game was rigged? Or when an NFL team is up 28 to 0 at halftime? It happens frequently. Or when Golf champions are up by 9 shots its rigged right?

          • Dragon Kid

            Stick to the topic, it’s soccer not baseball & NFL. Your in denial is exposing your stupidity and ignorance right now.

          • PrideMMA

            That fight was not rigged. Brazil is just not a good team this time around. It’s been proven that they paid ref’s to have Mexico lose. They obviously did it in other games as well. If you watched all the games like I did the ref’s made bad calls all the time so that a South American team would win. Germany whipped Brazil through adversity might I add. So stop with your ignorance and judging other people when you yourself don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Dragon Kid

            The game was rigged and you know it so don’t act like u know something about soccer.

          • PrideMMA

            Don’t tell me what I know. You are wrong. I get your opinion but its not educated.

  • rapidfire

    whether commission approves it or not, why would UFC give vitor another fight in brazil?? does vitor ever fight in the U.S anymore?
    sure vitor is a huge draw in brazil. but do you really trust the drug testing takes place in brazil??

    • mmalive

      Vitor is a huge draw anywhere. Especially in Brazil.

      He will and has made Zuffa some major cash.

      Drug testing is regulated differently everywhere.

      You have to follow rules in the country of mma match.

    • PrideMMA

      If you watched the world cup it proves how dirty of a country Brazil is. I’m not talking about the citizens but the government. The government charged the poor citizens of Brazil so much to pay for hosting the world cup that they couldn’t afford the buses anymore or food and on top of that to make sure Brazil did good they paid off ref’s and so on. Its horrible.

  • Seth

    Sooo…Will we go through this again? I mean, people saying “Oh, Weidman is done” “there is no way he can beat him”? :/ I see those comments again all over the place…what he has to do more than beating Anderson twice back-to-back (while he exactly predicted what will happen before the first fight) and beating Machida? Some people should finally give him credit he deserves.

    As far as this fight goes – Im not a fan of giving Vitor title shot before watching him fight without TRT. He will be different, no doubt. And I highly doubt he will be as good as he was on that wild run he had since Bisping fight.

    • mmalive


      You making stupid statements again? Making your self look like a JACK A$$?

      Use your what you have left of a brain and think before you reply.

      You are showing your stupidity and ignorance like always.

      Chris won both Anderson fights unexpectedly for sure.

      First fight Anderson got caught playing around Just a fluke. How many guys has Anderson destroyed by using that technique. A LOT.

      Second fight Anderson’s leg breaks. How often does that happen? Very SMALL percentage. Another fluke.

      Machida fight. Chris went 5 full rounds and barely scraped by to win.

      All 3 of those matches were considered fluke wins.

      Now we come to your stupid Vitor comment Seth.

      Vitor has beat the Top 10 talent in UFC MW Division. He went up to LHW and nearly defeated Jones.

      Your judgement is a FUNNY JOKE Seth. Go back to mma school and learn ranking fool.

      Here’s how Chris/Vitor fight will play out.

      If fight goes past 2 rounds then Chris has a good chance to beat Vitor.

      Vitor connects on Chris in early rounds it is lights out for Chris.

      BTW, I like Chris. He is a very humble and respectful guy. He does deserve credit for his accomplishment.

      • mmalive is a tool

        Maybe you should thing before you reply.
        Your comment- “use your what you have left of a brain and think before you reply”
        1. He didn’t reply to anything you dumb ass. He made the first statement.
        2. YOU replied and messed up.
        3. Go back to school dumb ass before you comment on people’s grammar and or spelling.
        4. Calling people a clown doesn’t make you sound cool. Your not the rock.
        5. You are also not a UFC analyst so just because someone adds their opinion that doesn’t mean they want yours. It also doesn’t mean their wrong. You can’t predict the future and your posts indicate that you know very little about life, common sense or mma. You should have your account blocked as you are such a pest

        • mmalive

          Are you another LOSER that needs me to expose your stupidity?

          You are a HORSE JACK A$$.

          Are you still living at home in your parents basement and leeching off them?

          Go get a job and get into the real world LOW LIFE.

          Back to subject:

          Vitor will win if he connects in early rounds.

          He is very explosive.

          Chris has good chance to win if fights goes into later rounds.

          • PrideMMA

            Dude really??? Your coming off as a douche. Start talking to people with respect. My opinion on the matter by the way is that Chris will beat Vitor on trt or roids. Chris is just a better fighter. I get what you say by Vitor will have a better chance in the first couple rounds that is statistically proven. But I wouldn’t doubt that Chris will knock him out in the first round. Chris is on a different level he is champion for a reason and people need to at least respect that he’s a great fighter.

      • Uradouche

        You, ma’am, are a douchebag

      • Seth

        If KO win is a fluke, than there is nothing like “certain” win. Anderson was stupid, thinking that he’s job is a game. He paid for it because Chris was ready for it, knowing what Anderson will most likely do. That’s not a fluke. That’s him being focused on the fight. Like I wrote a few times, go to MMA/Muay Thai gym and try to check a leg kick. It’s something you HAVE TO drill hour after hour after hour. Your body has to react on it’s own. How many times you hear corner saying “check those kicks” and how many times you see fighter actually doing that? If corner has to tell you to check kicks, you most likely won’t do it anyway.

        And as most stated many times, not only by me, we have no idea how much of Vitor’s recent run was him and how much was TRT. That could’ve been 90% Vitor only. But same way could easily be 90% TRT. At his age (and with his past when he was using a lot of stuff) he messed up his own testosterone production. Without TRT he wouldn’t be able to have what they call “normal levels”, which means he wouldn’t recover from trainings as fast, he wouldn’t last that long during practices – which means he wouldn’t have as good camp for each fight. And in fight itself that also would be seen. Look at other older guys, like Hendo. If you think Vitor would beat Rockhold or even Bisping without “help”, you would bet on underdog for sure. What Rockhold said is true – it wasn’t TRT that kicked him to the head. But it was TRT that helped Vitor get ready. Give same boost to Rockhold and I doubt Belfort would be able to win again.

        My point is simple – if you need TRT, you shouldn’t be fighting. You shouldn’t even consider fighting as a pro at that point.Im glad they banned TRT. And in my humble opinion – Belfort won’t be able to win now, when he is off TRT. Unless he finds another…hmmm…”help”, to get his T back up. People like to pint out how many times other fighters failed drug test, they make fun of Wandarlei for running away from testing…but no one talks about the fact that Vitor is a cheater too. He had his issue with too. That’s the reason why he needed TRT to begin with.

        And as far as rankings…you aren’t one of those guys that believes in those, right? Rankings are meaningless. Rankings are based on what you’ve DONE and who you’ve beat. Take DC – do I think he fully deserves a title shot? Yeah. I wouldn’t have a slightest problem with him making his 205 debut against Jones. God bless him, that WILL be fun fight. But officially he shouldn’t be even ranked, since he beat unranked fighter and Hendo, who for sure isn’t relevant in today’s MMA.

        • mmalive is a douchbag

          Mmalive just got schoooolllled!! Haha. Nice one man. At the very least you’ve just proved you know more than him!!

          • Seth

            That was never my intention. I don’t know him, so I won’t judge him. I just exchange opinions with him, putting some arguments why I think that way and what makes me believe in what I’m saying. I didn’t intend to “school” him or do anything like that. He has a right to say (write) what he thinks, as well as anybody else. The way he writes it may not be the best way, but that’s the dark part of freedom of speech, right?

      • robc

        I was live at the Vitor Jones fight… He did not “almost win”… He caught Jones in a surprise armbar which Jones worked out of pretty darn quick. That was the total of Vitor’s offense. He spent the rest of the fight getting the crap kicked out of him by Jones. Other than the armbar attempt at no point was it even a close fight.

      • Austin, TX

        You’re dumb.

    • drkdisciple

      I seriously doubt that the majority of the people that know anything about MMA will think that a TRT free Vitor can beat Weidman. Look forwards to seeing the odds once the fight is official, I think Weidman will start at least as a 2-1 favorite.

      • Seth

        Well…as you can see below, there are people that think so. And there is nothing wrong with it. We are all fans and we all have rights to have different opinions. I just don’t see how non-TRT Vitor can do something…but hey, if he proves me wrong I will admit that. At this point, that’s Chris’ win to take.

    • Stein Robinson

      For me it’s not that weidman is done, he’s just not special. He was gassed in his fight against old ass machida.. he has the belt now but he won’t hold it not even close to as many years as Anderson held it.

      • Seth

        Probably not. But let’s face it – who besides JBJ and Cain has a chance to do that? And Cain will accomplish it mostly because of the level (or lack of level) that average HW shows. You don’t really have much of a challenge for him there. WW and LW are stacked with amazing talent, BW just got new champ, FW will lose its champ – either someone will beat Aldo, or he will move to LW finally. That weight cut for him is brutal.

        And on top of that – as you mentioned, Chris isn’t special. Anderson was. How many times during a generation we can get someone like him? Sucks that we missed on JBJ/Anderson fight…

      • Baller31

        Old ass machida??? Lol he’s the best he’s ever been. As was silva, before he was destroyed. Beating silva/silva/machida, and staying undefeated? Pretty f$&@ing special

  • Baller31

    Complete bullshit. If he can’t get licensed in the USA then cut him

  • The White African

    In other words, White wants Vitor to win and if the fight is in Brazil Belfort can juice up om TRT to have the upper hand?

    • robc

      He doesn’t want Vitor to win. If Vitor had the belt he could never defend it outside of Brazil… He wants to make the fight as competative as possible by giving Vitor an unfair advantage plus make a ton of money on PPV and the Brazilian market. Plus Vitor may not be able to get a license in Nevada…

      Even on juice Vitor loses to Weidman, it will just be a more interesting fight.

      • Seth

        You read the article, saying Nevada would have to say yes, right? Means he will have to go through same stuff as he would fight in Nevada to get license and they would have to say yes. Doesn’t mean he have to apply for license there, but he has to get through testing and other stuff. So if they say yes to that, they would most likely license him anyway, even if that fight would happen in Vegas.

        But after that I have to agree – whatever he does after that in Brazil and all tests – that’s on brazil’s AC and they don’t like making their decisions AGAINST brazilian fighters.

  • neoscarecrue

    This is classic Dana trying to put together a championship fight by any means necessary while the rest of his champs are sidelined with injuries and tv shows. Vitor will be juiced to the gills if they fight in Brazil.

  • lennyhipp

    why would they need the NV commission approval if the fight was in Brazil?

  • Monty Montezuma

    It would be a massive victory for Weidman if he could win there, and at the same time, would confirm that UFC caters to the big names, so long as money is involved. Do it in Brazil, where the standards are more lax, so a known roid user can fight? Awesome. If Belfort wins, expect every title fight to be in Brazil, and expect him to curtail rules that fighters who are in America are bound by.

  • Austin, TX

    Dana wants Weidman to lose. He’s still pissed that he’s better than his b$tch, Anderson Silva. Come on. Giving Belfort a FOURTH fight in a row in f*cking BRAZIL. You suck dude. Belfort is a douche. Dana is an even bigger douche for wanting this. He just likes to piss people off. He’s lost his compass. He’s probably pissed that Weidman likes to drape himself in the flag.

  • Kelly Kush

    Weidman did a good job against Machida. I still don’t take the Silva fights serious, because Silva said Weidman would be the new champ before their first fight, and no one says their opponent is going to win unless they either plan on throwing the fight, or just does not want the presure of defending the title anymore. Either way, his heart wasn’t in those fights. As far as Vitor, I think he has the intensity to beat Weidman, but Weidman is a very smart fighter and stronger than a lot of people give him credit for. He was somewhat exposed in his fight with Machida, and may need to work on his stamina some more, other than that he should have the Vitor fight in the bag.

  • bvol

    Hilarious. .. have it in Brazil because vitor is a big draw there? Probably so he can juice his ass off. Anderson was a big draw there too but he didn’t have every fight there. Vitor fighting in Brazil is for only one reason that is to cheat. Apparently Dana thinks fans can’t see that. Talk about becoming corrupt

  • William George Lang III

    no matter the circumstances…why should Chris have to go to brazil and defend? he is the champ. if belfort can’t get licensed in the USA, then he doesn’t deserve a title shot..plain and simple.

  • mmalive

    Man, so much drama since I have not posted. WOW.

    Seth, I read your comment and you put it in writing well.

    We might not see in the same light, but then I have to we all have freedom of speech.

    Let’s leave it at that.

    To anyone who wants a sparring session, I would have to decline.

    Unless a super stupid comment is made.

    Back to the subject.

    As mentioned before. Uncle Dana DOES NOT give a crap about his fighters or anyone else but HIMSELF.

    He is out to line his pockets of full hard CASH at any fighter’s expense.

    He made fight with Vitor/Weidman knowing FULL well he will rank in the dough from both these guys in PPV.

    Vitor is a huge draw in Brazil and Chris is the ” All American ”

    What better rivalry is better that ? Oops, I forgot Siva/Sonnen.

    Vitor’s only chance is in early 2 rounds to defeat Chris. By connecting with super fast hands, kicks, etc…

    Chris will defeat Vitor going into later rounds.

    Cardio will be a major factor here.

    The major problem will be Vitor can not defend title outside of Brazil.

  • joelowe

    Not gonna happen… LV only ..