Dana White Wants Matt Hughes to Retire Because He Has Nothing Left to Prove

September 28, 2012
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If Matt Hughes never steps foot in the Octagon again he will go down as one of the greatest UFC fighters and champions the sport has ever known.

Over the last few years however as Hughes’ career began to wind down, time and the talent around him caught up as he went 3-4 over his last seven fights. Most recently, Hughes dropped his last two fights in a row and while he’s made no official announcement, UFC President Dana White believes it’s time for the UFC Hall of Famer to officially hang up his gloves.

Speaking to a group of reporters on Thursday following the UFC on Fuel 5 pre fight press conference, White admitted that he thinks it’s time for Hughes to call it a career because after multiple runs as welterweight champion and beating the best in the world for the past almost 15 years, he has nothing left to accomplish.

“I want Hughes to retire. Hughes has nothing left to prove,” White said.

Recently the only time Hughes has been in the news has been with comments coming from rival Dan Hardy after the former welterweight champion posted pictures of his hunting expedition in Africa. Other than that, Hughes has primarily been spending his time at home with family and staying out of the fight spotlight.

Hughes has waivered in the past about retiring from the sport, and White knows it’s a natural struggle that many old school fighters deal with, much like fellow UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell dealt with at the end of his career.

“If you look at the guys who helped us build this company, Hughes was one of them, Chuck Liddell (too), it’s hard to finally say it’s over,” said White.

If Hughes ever does decide to make a comeback, White knows it will be with the UFC, but for all intents and purposes he’s hoping the legendary welterweight will spend more time enjoying life and leave the Octagon behind.

“He’s with us forever anyways. Hughes is one of our guys,” White stated. “He can keep the door open forever.”

To view the entire video from the UFC on Fuel 5 media scrum check out the video from MMA Crazy on YouTube

  • MikeMc1983

    Such a silly way to look at things. The guy should fight if he wants too, or He should retire if he doesnt. He never had anything to prove to begin with.

    Dana says this a lot. I really with someone would ask him what he has to prove? He doesn’t have anything to prove either so where’s his walking papers.

    I’m not a Dana hater. Just a hater of the idea that anyone believes they have the right to tell a guy to retire.

    • MrAdidas

      Dana’s not “telling” Hughes to retire, he WANTS/WISHES Hughes would retire, b/c he knows Hughes will get MURDERED if he fights again, especially vs. a top 15 fighter. Hughes isn’t going to fight a no name guy or some noob off the street, with that said, Hughes should absolutely retire, unless he’s willing to be a “steping stone.”

      Believe it or not, I think Dana’s actually looking at this from a “friend’s” perspective, b/c he knows he can still make some CA$H off of Hughes, but seeing his friend get KTFO for a few extra bucks isn’t worth it to him … anymore.

  • timothylee

    Matt Hughes has publicly mentioned in the past that he loves farming more than fighting. It sounds like farming is his true passion.

  • wiiliamstanley

    Im with Mike. Hughes is 3-4 but he shows no signs of being washed up or being beat by no name guys or anything like it. He got KOed by Bj Penn who is amazing and still one of the best fighters ever. He got caught by Kos, but Hughes was looking really good and on point in that fight and was landing really well until that point. If Dan Hardy is able to wipe the floor with Hughes, then i would agree with Dana. But come on, he still looks good.

    • Agreed. Hughes hasn’t sunk as low as Liddell did before he quit. I think he can still put on entertaining fights, and win them too.

  • stevemcz11

    Hughes tore Koshchek to shreds until he got caught(seriously to shreds) he is better than ever. I would love to see him fight Condit or Kampmann or Ellenberger 🙂

  • Matt Hughes is one of the best fighters in the sport ever. It’s hard knowing the guy could be done competing at any point now. Although I love watching him fight I don’t want to see him lose again. His body has so much mileage on it, traveling all over the world and fighting top guys for over ten years. Best of luck to him though, I’ll never root against the guy.

  • thai plum sauce

    Matt is way over the hill. It’s out with the old and in with the new…Legacy will become tarnished if you don’t know when to walk away; and walking away is when you’re on top….and alas, Matt’s legacy is already tarnished.

    • elguapo

      Depends if you consider the win-loss record or contribution to the sport as a fighter’s legacy. Fighters like Wanderlei etc, I’d still rather watch him fight than some 10-0 lay’n’pray point scoring dullard. That’s the true value of a legacy.

  • BlackDog2009

    every fighter should know when to retire ultimately its up to them not dw, not the fans or anyone. hughes will continue to lose because his inactivity time is way too long and the young lions are in the gyms training as we speak while hughes is out there killing innocent animals 🙂

    • MrAdidas

      Too soon! 1 pt “black” – 1 pt “black” – 1 pt “black” – See what I did there?!? I cannot believe your name has “black” in it, that’s too f-ing funny!