Dana White Video: Hopeful for Georges St-Pierre and Brock Lesnar 2015 Returns

December 31, 2014
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(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May be restricted in certain locations)

UFC president Dana White stopped by FOX Sport Live on Tuesday to talk about UFC 182 and all things UFC. White weighed in on this weekend’s Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier fight, but also admitted that he is hopeful for Georges St-Pierre and Brock Lesnar returns and provided an update on CM Punk.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    DC is his biggest challenge yet? Please. Gus was his biggest challenge I think Rumble takes that branding if he beats Gus.

    • Seth

      Well…I would say the biggest difference between Gus and DC – when it comes to fighting JBJ – is wrestling. What I mean is – Gus is decent, but IF DC puts his hands on JBJ, he is going for a ride. And if you go back to previous DC’s fights – when he takes you for a ride, it’s nasty. He could slam the F out of JBJ.

      But like I said – IF he can do that. Because first he has to get inside and that’s not a picnic against JBJ 😡

      • cheflacsto

        I agree with you that he can take Jon for a ride but I am not sure he can submit Jon. It took him a long time to finish Hendo, and Jon is much more dangerous from the ground. The only way I see D.C. winning is grinding out a decision, and I am not sure he can do it. A lot of this will I hate to say it depend on the referee as well, some refs will allow D.C. to lay on top and grind out time looking busy others will stand them up quickly if he is not active.

        • Seth

          I didn’t say a thing about submitting him. Go back to Khabilov’s debut and see what happens when you are thrown around with force like that

          • cheflacsto

            Yeah I know, he can absolutely do damage if he can throw him around, not sure he can chuck him around like a rag doll though. Hell Rampage has knocked guys out slamming them on their head, anything can happen.

    • snapdad

      its hard to say. if dc can keep up with cain everyday in training, then dc has to be legit.

    • cheflacsto

      I agree with you but I am a big fan of Rumble so I am biased. He is as big as Jon and probably stronger.

  • snapdad

    unlike most people, I hope lesnar comes back. I think that if brock would have eased his way in the first time, he would have been a much better fighter. brock was fighting top 10 guys from his debut, and I think if the ufc would have gave him a few easy fights and work his way up, then he would have been more successful.

  • squiggly64

    i have never thought much of lesner. in the past present or in the future. he has an over rated opinion of himself. he’s a bully. rude. and a total prick.. and in wwe he is a lazy wants ta get paid and not do any real work. if ya ever run across him you would see.. and if he goes back to mma ufc or what ever. he’ll just get his butt handed to him.. i hope he goes back I’d love to see it happen…