Dana White Video: Going Off on Georges St-Pierre Remarks, Anderson Silva Comeback & More

January 16, 2014
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(Courtesy of Fox Sports 1)

Following Wednesday night’s UFC Fight Night 35 in Georgia, UFC president Dana White took to the mic on Fox Sports 1 to not only break down the event, but address a number of other hot topics in the UFC world.

Among the highlights, White went off on former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre‘s recent allegations about drug testing and his reasoning for stepping away from fighting, the probability of Anderson Silva returning from the severely broken leg he suffered at UFC 168, numerous upcoming fights, and more.

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  • Gregoury

    Don’t do it Silva.

    You are asking for trouble.


    • MuayThaiFood

      Anyone who steps into the Octagon is asking for trouble, that’s the whole point I thought.

  • mendoza

    Silva, come back, so rockhold can knock you out.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Just like he knocked out Vitor?

  • Rum Runner

    Karyn Bryant is great on TV but that chick interviewing Rockhold was subpar. She was so far away from Rockhold like he had lice or something. Come on FOX, you can do better than that. Get good interviewers not hollow skirts.

  • Rum Runner

    By the way, no one including Dana White should be saying “Be a Man” to St. Pierre. Who the hell is he to be questioning St. Pierre’s manhood?!!

  • hfgodufyeoiqu

    im sure everyone said this to his face…

  • Licky Mydicky

    Dana’s such a dumb pig.

  • Rob

    Dana was rude towards GSP at the press conference after the GSP v Hendricks fight, they also didn’t want him attending that press conference either. The UFC is big and exciting right now, but to assume it’s established and they do whatever they want without consequence is ignorant. The other MMA promotions are getting bigger and more receiving more recognition which could mean a drop in marketshare for the UFC, when you’re at the top there is only one way to go. You lose GSP and Silva, those 2 fighters are very popular and generate a ton of sales$ for the company – without them you have to rely on the remaining fighter to generate that type of customer excitement, I don’t see a lot of other fighters that have that type of brand name recognition that GSP and Silva have and talking crap about GSP isn’t a way to maintain your existing customer base if quite a few of them are die hard GSP and Silva fans. Dana needs a filter when he talks and even if he’s right on some of these issues, the fans won’t recognize that, they’ll call BS and he’ll have a negative connotation attached to his name which then gets attached to the UFC. Dana don’t bite the hands that feed you, people get tired of you talking poorly about fighters.

  • TwoFirstNames

    Hahaha you don’t talk about training? Think he’s only sayin that cuz Bisping embarrassed him by tellin everyone he knocked him out