Dana White: UFC Will Go on Without Me or With Me

November 22, 2011
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Dana White at UFC 94

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to imagine the Ultimate Fighting Championship without company president Dana White.

As much as any fighter, White is a polarizing figure with an almost rock star appeal to the UFC’s fan base. Whether he’s Tweeting a ticket giveaway from any number of Pinkberry locations to trying to make his way through the crowd at a UFC event, White is constantly swarmed by ticket seekers, autograph hounds, and people wanting a picture with the UFC’s head honcho.

He’s been working around the clock, quite literally, for years to help push the UFC to its current level as one of the most valuable sporting brands in the world. But what would happen if Dana White fell ill or burned out and walked away?

Much how Apple finds itself in a position to move on without its iconic leader in Steve Jobs, is the UFC set up to function without a Dana White at the top of the food chain?

The UFC president addressed just that topic when he met with reporters following UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson on Saturday night in San Jose, Calif., downplaying the company’s demise if he were to one day not be involved.

  • I cant imagine the UFC without Dana White.

    It will be alot more boring thats for sure. When Bjorn Rebney talks about his fighters on Bellator I almost fall asleep because he sounds like he is reading a press release every time he talks.

  • mashekle

    Yeah Dana is the heart of UFC, sure you could get a heart transplant, but UFC would never beat the same without him.

    • They do have to prepare for it to happen some day though. I mean, how long can he keep up his current pace, or what if something unforeseen happens to him, like with Steve Jobs at Apple.

  • vishkicka

    You gotta love the guy, I remember back in the day (when he had hair) he said to MMA fans he was gonna make this sport massive…fair play Dana!

  • Mario

    It sure would be different!

    But…. at the end of the day

    I tune in to watch fighters, not Dana White.

    So, yeah. I would manage.

    But yes, I’m sure I’d miss his ass eventually. LOL 🙂

  • RubeKegal

    I’d like to see him leave.

    • Cptmats

      Most People people would prob. like to see you leave too.

      I would !

      • RubeKegal

        cptmats, you’re just upset because I verbally castrated every argument you made about Shogun NOT losing to Hendo when clearly Hendo won.

        • Cptmats

          Your too stupid to make a valid argument about anything !

          Hendo Shogun was clearly a draw !

          Troll !


      Ya get the f@ck out Kegal! lol

  • BigGuy

    Dana is entertaining to watch. Obviously, nobody tunes in to watch him fight, but his comments are funny sometimes.

  • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

    Dana White needs to delegate more, his problem is that he tries to do everything.

  • I’d never watch the UFC again if Dana White left. Just like I no longer watch The Tonight Show. MMA is what it is today because of Dana White. He has set the standards and no one will ever top what he has done.

  • andthenisaid

    I happen to like Dana because of his passion for the UFC. I also like that he rarely seems to calculate what comes out of his mouth.(refreshing) I will go further and say that whatever his salary is…..he deserves a raise. I would still watch the UFC if and when Dana is gone, but can honestly say that it just wont be the same.

  • Marconi Cata

    The UFC has become what it is today in big part thanks to Dana. Like him or not there is no denying that w/ out his passion and vision for the sport it would still be and underground, outlawed sport in most states. Those of us who follow the sport since the very 1st UFC, are glad to see the legitimacy and status of a true sport that today the sports represents. For those who love the UFC and enjoy the incredible level of fights we enjoy today. Thanks Dana.