Dana White: UFC Still Open to Signing Holly Holm

May 7, 2014
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holly-holms-female-boxer-mma-fighter-sweatforit1A deal that will see women’s MMA standout Holly Holm fight in the Octagon is still on the table.

After saying weeks ago that he’s no longer interested, UFC President Dana White revealed on Wednesday’s episode of UFC Tonight that the fight promoter remains open to signing Holm to the UFC women’s bantamweight division.

Additionally, White said securing former Strikeforce champion Gina Carano to a UFC deal is still an option.

“Holly Holm and Gina Carano are all a matter of getting a deal done,” White said.

The UFC boss in March said negotiations with Holm’s manager went sour and that the organization was no longer pursuing a deal with the fighter.

Carano is currently under contract with White’s company through her old deal with Strikeforce, which was purchased by Zuffa in 2011. That deal, White said in March, expires in this June.

White added that he used to say he would never sign certain fighters, but now “I don’t say never anymore,” leaving the door open to other names, such as Cris “Cyborg” Justino.

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  • soul_toucher

    Dana needs to stop with the bulls–t and sign Chris Cyborg

    • Riverdog

      Chill man, Cyborg still has a fight at 145 for Invicta to defend her title. She wins that fight then gets down to 135 and there won’t be any stopping her fighting in the UFC. It just gonna take a minute. Rousey Still has a few fights with well deserving 135ers before Cyborg. If the 145 division wasn’t so shallow nobody would care about this, its getting old!

      • Seth

        Well, what exactly stops between Cryborg and UFC deal and a date with Rousey is that weight cut AND a 135 fight in Invicta. No one can guarantee that she will be same as she is now at 145. If she drops to 135 and fights Rousey right away, her “fans” will say “Ow, that’s not her weight class, at 145 she would kill Rousey” and similar bulls–t. Give Cryborg a fight at 135 – or even two, whatever – if she shows to be same type of fighter at 135 – which I doubt, since she would have to drop roids for good this time – then she can go on to UFC and let Rousey break her arm in half. God bless Cryborg. That would be entertaining.

        • Ian Price

          Not sure if her arm would ever get in that position. She would be a big bantamweight, and we already saw how Rousey couldn’t take down her last opponent. No, Rousey isn’t stopping cyborg with knees. More like the other way around.

          • Seth

            Ask Sarah D’Aleilo if Ronda has to take you down to break your arm. Quick answer – she doesn’t.

            Go and watch BJJScout videos on takedowns with McMann/Rousey fight, they caught awesome moment when Rousey attempted like 6 or so takedown/throws attempts within 4 seconds and took Kaufmann down. I dare Cryborg to try and clinch up with Ronda – that’s what Rousey would do ANYWAY. She is still judo practitioner – she HAS to close the distance to use majority of her skills. But keep in mind, Tate is one of the best female wrestlers now – she’s dumb and overrated – but she still has really good wrestling. And she was RAGDOLLED around, FLYING all over the place, EACH TIME she closed the distance on Rousey.

            If you think Cryborg would stop more than 1 or 2 takedowns – and that’s if she would be lucky – you are insane.

            Problem thatRousey creates for ALL female fighters is simple. You have to be world class striker to be a threat to her – like Holly Holm is, or the Iron Lady – but then, you are NO WHERE NEAR to being able to keep that fight standing. Now, we saw how great of a striker Cryborg – she has power in her hands, that’s for sure. But she isn’t THAT good of a striker, as people think she is. Is Cryborg’s BJJ good enough to neutralize Rousey submission attempts? That’s gonna be answered soon.

            Rousey is set to fight by far the best bantamweight female grappler – or second best aftre champ herself – in Alexis Davis. Since addition of female division into UFC I said one thing – give Alexis a chance, and she will make the best of it. Because since all the best female strikers don’t have good enough takedown defense and won’t have a time to outstrike Ronda, you need world class grappler who won’t be afraid of going to the ground with her and who will have a chance to outgrapple her. I don’t consider Rousey/Cryborg fight real possibility, since Alexis will end Ronda’s reign.

            Anyway, Cryborg isn’t THAT good of a striker to beat Rousey on her feet, since she would go down pretty quickly thanks to Ronda’s judo – and as far as ground game goes, we will see if Ronda’s grappling can be neutralize when she faces Alexis.

          • Fred U

            Alexis Davis is overrated. All her wins were close, and she lost to Kaufman in Strikeforce —which Rousey beat in no time at all.

      • Fred U

        Riverdog: exactly right! And note how often Dana and Ronda talk about Cris Cyborg. They both have an acute business sense: they are building that fight already. It will be big, but Cris needs to deliver on being able to fight at 135.

        • Ian Price

          I say at least one 135 fight outside the UFC, then she’s good to go.

          • Fred U

            I agree. Up to Cris, now.

      • Ray Dickhead

        well deserving fighters like who?? Only one left or the only one who was really out there is Cat….

        • c-dub

          Miriam Nakamoto is the ONLY 135er that has the skills & the fire power 2 take down RR.

  • Riverdog

    I like watching Holly Holm beat up on cans as much as any body. But I’d really love a headline saying she’s fighting someone significant for once!

  • Ben B

    Holly Holm. What a f—ing sissy. That’s the fightern that didnt dare to fight reigning boxing champ Cecilia Braekhus

    • iLogos

      Why does this nonsense come up? Braekhus waited until after Holmes move to MMA to challenge her. Holm was boxing for years and Braekhus didn’t say a peep about calling her out when there was a real shot of having to face her.

      I think Braekhus is awesome but this is just as bad as Justino calling out Rousey. Justino was in the same org as Rousey, same weight class at the time, and didn’t look at her twice. IT was only after Rousey drops weight, wins a title, switches orgs, and gets famous, that Justino is suddenly, “Hey fight me!”

      If Braekhus wants to fight Holm she should sign up with whatever MMA org holds Holm’s contract right now.