Dana White UFC on Fuel 3 Video Blog: Ratings Explanation

May 14, 2012
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UFC President Dana White is back for a special video blog ahead of UFC on Fuel 3 in Virginia, and there’s some very interesting information in this one.

Dana explains exactly how the ratings broke down for UFC on Fox 3, and how they conquered many markets and key demos with their show on May 5 from New Jersey.

This is a can’t miss video blog from the UFC’s head honcho:

  • Another great vlog from Dana. A peak of 3 million is a great number when most of the country were out watching The Avengers and the headliners weren’t that well known to the casual fans but still did good numbers.

  • mich1fan

    Thats not mentioning that most of those other shows are 1 or 2 people watching per household. I watch ever UFC event, free or PPV, and I know when I watch its at least 5 or 6 guys. The UFC is something that people get together and watch, so I bet there was a lot more people watching than the numbers show.

  • Steven UK

    How many times did Dana mention Dave’s dismissal from Yahoo sports? I thought it was against the unified rules of MMA to kick a man when he’s down.

    I work in TV (in the UK) but I know the American market well (or I like to think I know about the US market) Like here and in the States, the young male audience is kind of the holy grail when it comes to selling TV advertising. So Dana’s analysis is spot on; to write a story on the back of the overall rating misses the point completely.