Dana White UFC on FOX 11 Post-Fight Scrum: “I Hope We Can Get a Deal Done with Gina Carano”

April 21, 2014
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(Courtesy of UFC.com)

UFC president Dana White fielded questions from the media following the UFC on FOX 11 post-fight press conference on Saturday.  White reiterated his intentions of getting a deal done with Gina Carano and putting together a fight between her and women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

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  • Cory Irwin

    Did you happen to catch the first question that guy asked Dana? Was curious to what fight they were talking about.

    • Wolf Ticket

      Mirsad Bektic vs. Chas Skelly

      Skelly kneed Bektic in the head while his hand was touching the ground, but the ref only took 1 point away from Skelly.

      • Cory Irwin

        ahh ok. I most the fights. Must have missed that one.

  • Piotr

    Right…Gina Carano…hasn’t fought for five years. Still totally relevant(insert huge eyeroll).

    But Ronda wont fight Cyborg. Makes total sense…/sarcasm

    The women’s division is a huge joke, and Dana is making the UFC more like WWE with this nonsense.

    • aaron gustaveson

      Not fighting Cyguy before she has fought a couple times in UFC at 135, while being tested makes perfect sense, Carano does not.

      • Piotr

        Why? Gina Carano has NEVER even fought in the UFC either and hasn’t even been active for 5 years. This is such a joke, and any of you buying it will just eat up anything they serve.

        • aaron gustaveson

          I didn’t word that very clearly. I meant that it makes sense to not take the fight with have Cyborg before she fights 1-3 times in UFC. AND that it does not make sense to give Carano and instant title shot.

  • aaron gustaveson

    White is dramatically overestimating Carnos celebrity. A role in part 6 of the worst movie franchise in human history does not make you a celebrity. There is no justification to giving Carano a fight over any of the women currently in the UFC.

    • Guest

      Why? Carano has NEVER fought in the UFC and hasn’t even fought for 5 years. This is such a joke, and any of you buying it will just eat up anything they serve.

  • TheCerealKiller

    It doesn’t make any sense to bring back someone after five years, that didn’t leave as champ, and give them a title shot. Oh wait, yes it does. There aren’t any names in WMMA to fight Rousey.

    • Piotr

      Well, there’s one, but Rousey is scared to death of her.