Dana White UFC on Fox 10 Scrum: Weidman Top P4P, Thomson Title Shot, Chael, GSP & More

UFC president Dana White on Thursday conducted his traditional pre-fight media scrum prior to Saturday’s UFC on Fox 10 event in Chicago.

Often a de facto State of the UFC address, White once again hit on a myriad of topics including whether or not Chris Weidman would take over the top of the pound-for-pound list if he defeats Vitor Belfort, will he entertain Anderson Silva boxing Roy Jones Jr., a title shot for Josh Thomson if he is victorious on Saturday, what in the world is going on with Georges St-Pierre, Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva’s antics in Brazil, and much, much more, even Justin Bieber!

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  1. who ISN’T the best p4p in Dana’s eyes?

    • Right now? GSP 🙂

    • So, what he is suppose to say, when he talks about Weidman or Barao? “Nah, those guys are decent. Not much else to say about them, because haters will jump all over me for calling those two dominating champions best in the world”? Really? Its not like he is naming each UFC fighter best P4P.

      • Ok. This is simple math. You cannot have 2 or more best p4p in the world. That’s what “best p4p” is. Unless we are getting into weight classes that don’t actually exist.

        What is he supposed to say? ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAT.

        • Well, he did say that if Weidman beats Vitor, he’s best and if Barao finishes Faber, hes best. Neither fight happened yet, sooo…neither of them is best in Dana’s eyes atm. Where is your problem?

  2. I have to disagree with Dana when he says it’s the most exciting live sporting event you will ever see. I’ve been to 4 live Pay Per View events ranging form Montreal to Las Vegas. And while I loved each and every one of
    them, the fights themselves are better to watch on TV.

    The atmosphere however is insane, but with the exception of MLB, all other pro sports I’ve seen live (NFL, NHL) are just as exciting.

    I’m not saying it’s not awesome (because it is), and if you’re a fan you should definitely go see a live show, but I just always find myself re watching the fights on Monday when I get home because they’re not as exciting live.

    That’s just me though.

    • Scotty o your such a douche it’s the greatest sport to see live period your opinion is ignorant and should be removed from society. I’ve been to 4 ufc events so far including 2 coming up next Saturday for ufc 169 and April 26th for ufc 172 I get giddy about it every time and it’s fun to watch on tv and be a huge fan of as well. It works well on both like dana white said a while ago. So keep your mouth shut mma live for life baby you know it!

      • He doesn’t share your opinion, so he MUST be a douche…

      • Nothing about this response gives me any reason to take you, or your comment seriously.

  3. If your a mma fan and you like to be able to catch everything that goes on inside the cage, live Mma is not for you.
    I went to silva vs. Sonnen 2, and silva vs. Weidman 1. I had good seats at both events. I was 3rd row sitting behind cerrone at the weidman fight. The crowds can get you pumped, but just like almost all live sporting events you miss action, or have poor angles. When the fight goes to the ground you’re almost always stuck watching the moniters in the arena.

    I believe the best sport to see live (the sport you’ll miss the least) is basketball. If you have good seats at a nba game you can really get into the action. The nfl is pretty bad live, nhl is the same. Baseball is just slow enough that its fine anywhere.

    One think ufc events have over them all is the women. Especially in Vegas. Have to love the women.