Dana White UFC 177 Scrum Video: Blasting Barao, Carano Update, Dillashaw vs. Faber, & More

September 1, 2014
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UFC president Dana White met with select members of the media following UFC 177 on Saturday night in Sacramento. The brash head honcho had a lot to say about the issues on weigh-in day that forced Renan Barao out of Saturday’s main event, provided an update on Gina Carano, touched on the signing of Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez, talked about his belief that teammates TJ Dillashaw and Urijah Faber would fight each other, and much, much more.

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  • eddie eagle

    Let me clear the record on Carano. Carano made her fake reputation beating smaller girls with little talent and usually never made the 145lb weight limit. carano was a farce and was exposed by Cyborg and Ko’d in 1 round and then quit MMA for 5 years to make a try at movies where Cowrano failed miserably and looked 300lbs on screen. Gina never makes 145lbs again let alone 135lbs. This is all a cheap publicity stunt by Carano trying to keep her failing career in the news. Gina is probably 200lbs as I type this.

    • blob

      Gina is hot and you are gay. Go jerk off on Big John loser.

    • Jacob

      Lol what are you some ugly, loner guy who went to high school with her and silently wished she wanted you from afar like some creepy weirdo and it was impossible to happen and you knew it so now youre still bitter in your mid 30’s because youre still ugly and a loner? That’s what it sounds like.

    • eddie eagle

      everything spoken on Carano is true. just a publicity seeking semi truck framed huge broad with minimal talent who is never seeing 160lbs.

  • eddie eagle

    Carano is a big cow. ever see that fat legs on carano?? Cyborg exposed the carano fraud by KO. Carano is a publicity seeking moose nothing more with very limited MMA skills who will struggle to see 160lbs now that Cowrano’s acting career went bad.