Dana White UFC 173 Video Blog: Behind the Scenes in Cincy, Plus Renan Barao is Best P4P Again

May 17, 2014
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(Video courtesy of UFC)

In his first UFC 173 video blog, UFC president Dana White takes us behind the scenes at the recent UFC Fight Night 40 in Cincinnati, where Matt Brown and Erick Silva put on a classic battle, plus, White once again declares Renan Barão the top fighter in the world.

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  • Glenn Corbitt

    Haha…So effin’ hilarious the best P4P guy in the UFC (Barao) gets 11K show 11K win bonus. Really hope his salary for UFC 173 is much better.

    • Bob Sacamanto

      Now with performance of the night bonuses, guys have potential to make 100k a fight

      • guest

        Wowie!!! That’s major compared to the millions baldy gets from ppv revenue, gate money, advertisers, promos, ad spots, sponsors, and merchandise. But the man he said is the best p4p fighter in the world MIGHT make over 100k. We will have to start calling him Barao Gates!

    • brad king

      never happen dana will get paid handsomely tho

    • armbars

      He also gets paid to promote the fight.

  • Bob Sacamanto

    I would love to see Pettis vs. anyone on p4p list. I think he would beat Aldo, barao, weidman, etc…

    • Austin, TX

      Weidman? Pettis wouldn’t beat Weidman if his life depended on it. He could fight him 10 times and 10 times Weidman would win. Weidman ko’s large men, like Munoz, Anderson Silva, Uriah Hall, etc.

      • Bob Sacamanto

        You make it sound like he “mike tysoned” these guys. Uriah was a newcomer when they fought, Munoz was falling into alcohol and depression and ended up getting overweight. So he wasn’t a top contender. I believe Pettis would easily destroy anyone. Jones probably not, but it’d be close.

        • Austin, TX

          He did Mike Tyson those guys. 😉 Seriously. He wouldn’t beat Weidman. (Pettis)

  • Austin, TX

    Nice job, Dana. Good stuff man.