Dana White UFC 172 Pre-Fight Scrum: Jones Coming Around, Defending Rousey, and More

April 25, 2014
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(Video courtesy of MMAFighting.com)

UFC president Dana White, getting ready for UFC 172, fielded questions from the media on Thursday in Baltimore. The topics ranged from Jon Jones‘ attitude to Ronda Rousey‘s conduct to TV ratings and much more.

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  • Loki

    scrum=fight….therefore a prefight scrum would be a prefight fight, not a press conference…What Sonnen and Silva did on TUF was a prefight scrum

    • Dave O

      My thoughts exactly, I was thinking they got into a fight too. Good observation Loki.

      • Loki

        I am not sure MMA weekly uses actual writers or just HS kids from a remedial English class to save on payroll….that sad part is that they don’t seem very “on-point” when it coms to MMA…

        • Is this Loki from Denver?

    • Loki you should be studying. Urban agriculture is the wave of the future. Finals are coming up…

    • chris vanoire

      no that was a preflight scramble.

    • What Sonnen and Silva did was new style WWE mma wrestling. ALL SHOW.

  • Chris Vanoire

    Scrum does not meet fight. It is a British term used in rugby meaning get together or adjoining the two opposing forces before shoving each other for possession. You’re welcome

  • english

    Scrum is a rugby term, if you are stupid enough to think your local slang usage of it meaning a fight is the actual meaning of the word then god bless you. The reason its used as a relative term with things like media interviews is that the reporters gather around the single person being interviewed like they would in a scrum.

    • Dave O

      Great point, now I know the semantics behind the word.


    the fact that all you inbred jackwagons have enough time on your hands to discuss the deeper meaning of the word “scrum” confirms my belief that evolution is reversible! BAM MUTHU F#CKERS!!!

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    There is no defense for Ronda except Dana’s financial incentive. Period

  • Concerned USA Resident

    Dana white’s approach to PED testing is a F*CKING joke! Most of these dudes are juiced, and show it. Quit making excuses, deflecting and sipping your energy drink. Answer the questions and stop being a bitch and test these dudes/girls or don’t!! make your mind up!