Dana White UFC 147 Video Blog – Behind the Scenes with Guida and Maynard Jawwing

June 23, 2012
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Dana White at UFC 144 press conferenceColorful UFC president Dana White is finally back with a new video blog, this one, dubbed a UFC 147 video blog, takes us behind the scenes at Friday’s UFC on FX 4 in Atlantic City, N.J.

White attended UFC on FX 4 on Friday, made it through half the post fight press conference, and then hopped on a plane with Octagon mouthpiece extraordinaire Bruce Buffer for the trip to Brazil for Saturday UFC 147.

Make sure you stay on until the end of the video to see Clay Guida and Gray Maynard throwing barbs back and forth in the dressing room, long after their fight was over.

Check Dana White’s UFC 147 video blog…

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  • Prodigy815

    You ran for five rounds and you think you won? I’ve never liked Guida and i like him less now,Joe Rogan is the only one who thinks he’s exciting.

  • natpaukar7

    Boring fight and overall Gray probably pushed it harder but I think Guida won point wise….if Carlos Condit beat Nick Diaz then Clay Guida beat Gray Maynard…similar fight…in my opinion…I wouldn’t want a rematch because it was quite frankly, boring as hell. Maynard vs. Diaz… I think if Nate wins he gets title shot if Maynard wins he needs it. This is after Anthony Pettis gets his shot only because he got screwed over and did beat Henderson…he will lose tho cause I don’t think he’s good…only deserving.

    • zacharydetal

      I disagree, I think Guida clearly lost that fight. The only thing Guida did was jab and avoid engaging at all costs. He was absolutely terrified of Maynard. Gray won the fight on Octagon Control and landing the more significant punches. I also think Guida and his corner sound like complete idiots referring to his running as footwork. He actually turned his back and sprinted. As far as Diaz vs Condit, I had Diaz winning 48-47. I lost a lot of respect for Guida after watching him fight like a COWARD and then talk like a dumbass.He must have no self-respect or confidence.

  • pooby

    Guida needs to leave Jackson’s and get back to the style of fighting when he first came to the UFC. The style that won him a lot of the fans that he lost last night.

    • zacharydetal

      You are 100 percent right. He laid on Pettis and did nothing for three rounds. Then ran from Maynard for five rounds. Two cowardly game plans geared for a point fight, without any intentions of hurting his opponent.

  • Booker T

    When Gray talks, he sounds alot like Nick Diaz.

  • Earny

    Wow, I can’t believe Guida is bitching saying the decision was weak. What was weak was his poor performance and this is coming from a Guida fan. I don’t mind his moving around when he actually uses it to his advantage and to initiate and engage in a fight. What he done in this fight was just terrible, ran all night basically. I guess that was his strategy from Jackson which is typical Jackson.

    And lost respect for Guida in the fight, then to see him bitch and act like a jerk crybaby afterwards to Maynard, not a fan any longer. You lost the fight Guida, I don’t even think you won one round. I can’t believe on ref had you winning.

    And I wasn’t a big Maynard fan before, but more so now, atleast he came to fight.