Dana White UFC 137 Video Blog – Behind the Scenes of UFC 136

October 24, 2011
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To kick off fight week for UFC 137, UFC President Dana White goes back two weeks to the UFC 136 card in Houston in one of the most emotional behind the scenes videos posted.

The video follows several fighters after tough defeats as they visit with physicians and show the raw emotion that stems from the agony of defeat.

Several winners from the night are also featured enjoying the thrill of victory.

Check out Dana White’s video blog to kick off UFC 137:

  • Wow, I did not know they got the check right then and there for the bonuses. Fucking awesome video. I liked how Maynards team were keeping his spirits up. Awesome video overall.

  • Bob

    My heart really goes out to these guys! Having fought myself (amateur) I know how emotionally invested you get and when it turns out differently than what you expected it can be pretty crushing to deal with.

    My first fight I fought a guy that ended up in the bathroom (small show shared bathroom- fans and fighters!) after crying and puking at the same time. I talked to his brother and he claimed that I pushed a pace like he had never had to deal with before. He didn’t have the cardio for it. It was also his brothers first loss in 12 fights so he was taking it poorly.

    That stayed with me and I realized later I learned more from that experience than the fight itself.

  • adice89

    Melvin was on the verge to becoming big, but the size of his head beat him too it. Hes a beast though you cant deny him, id like to see him and gilbert melendez go at it. THAT would be a fight.