Dana White: “There’s No Way in Hell We’re Cutting Leonard Garcia!”

December 30, 2012
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Leonard Garcia vs Max Holloway UFC 155There aren’t many fighters that can lose four consecutive bouts in the Octagon and remain on the roster come sun-up the day after number four. Dan Hardy is one of the only other fighters that come to mind.

When the sun rises Sunday morning, however, Leonard Garcia will join him on the short list, despite losing a three-round split decision to Max Holloway at UFC 155 in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Garcia, in typical fashion, left everything he had in the Octagon, throwing caution to the wind to slug it out with Holloway throughout the fight. Garcia has lost a lot of fights due to his ultra-aggressive style, taking much more punishment than he should if he would stick to a more technically sound game plan, but what fun would that be?

In Garcia’s book, it wouldn’t be fun at all. He loves to fight, and he loves to fight in his trademark reckless style, wins and losses be damned.

That attitude led to Garcia’s fourth consecutive defeat, it has also endeared him to his not only fans, but his employers as well.

“Sean Shelby, one of our matchmakers, came to me during the fight sometime and, I guess Leonard Garcia was in a situation to be cut if he lost tonight, and (Shelby) came to me and said, ‘Dana, I don’t wanna cut this guy,’” UFC president Dana White recounted at the UFC 155 post-fight press conference, before adding emphatically, “I said there’s no way in Hell we’re cutting Leonard Garcia!”

There will be doubters out there that believe Garcia should be released, if only to remain true to the sporting aspect of the fight game, but the UFC followed the same approach with Dan Hardy.

He lost four consecutive fights, but was granted a stay of execution, and has since won back-to-back bouts.

When fighters are often decried for being boring and not taking enough risks in the Octagon, Leonard Garcia is one of the few that puts it all on the line every time out, and on this day, he’s being rewarded for his never say die approach.

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  • Derek Lemaster

    Other fighters need to follow suit! This is a spectator sport, and I knew Garcia was special when he fought Huerta back in the day. Just wish his fight wouldnt have been buried on the undercard, crazy!

    • Jay Nokay

      Yeah, He left it all out there, I thought he maybe nabbed that split decision but alas, he is a fan favorite who leaves it all out there. Good for him.

    • Guest

      Yeah! All other fighters need to follow suit! Who gives a crap about “wins” and “skill”? What do those words even mean? Sport, shmort. I wanna see lunkheads throw wild haymakers until they gas! That’s fun!

  • El Gvapo

    I’d watch a Garcia fight over some generic lay n pray wrestler every day of the week. You know you’re never gonna get a dull fight with this guy and that should be rewarded. He’s a perfect gatekeeper to put up against any young fighter and he’s also a prime example of being an exciting for every other fighter on the roster.

  • b-soc

    I’ll take a piss break during other fights, but not Leonard’s. Win, lose, or draw, I will watch him, and many others I speak to feel the same. Sadly, I think he should have gotten the decision last night.

  • pogodog7

    The first MMA fight I ever saw, was a Leonard Garcia fight. He was a tiger that night. Because of Leonard Garcia, I am an MMA fan.

  • That’s great their keeping him around. He’s a good fight for anyone in the division. He brings the fight. Losses are going to happen but when you come to fight you always get respect.

  • jp gagne

    The UFC badly needed that ” if you fight good, you’ll be rewarded ” kind of declaration after matching Sonnen Vs. Jones for the $$$ istead of giving it to someone who really deserved it!

  • FAN

    Holloway vs Garcia 2 ????? ufc on fox 8 ?????
    bad boy should of had the split !!!!!

  • Clizzark

    Cut the bum already. He’s lucky he doesn’t have 11 losses in a row thanks to awful judges giving him bs decisions.