Dana White: There’s a Real Good Chance We Do Jones vs. Gustafsson Again (UFC 165 Video)

September 22, 2013
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Dana White UFC Fan Expo 2013-LogoUFC president Dana White wasn’t quite ready to commit to it, but following Saturday night’s UFC 165 main event battle between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, he admitted that there was a “real good chance we do this fight again.”

Check out what else White had to say during his post-fight interview on Saturday night on Fox Sports 2.

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  • The Boogeyman

    Gustafsson won 1, 2, and 3. No question. Even the fans in the arena knew this decision was a travesty and booed as Jones hobbled out of the building. Jones will be eating through a straw for a week! Immediate rematch once Jones’ swollen face returns to its normal size, or the UFC can get bent. Jones is walking around with Gustafsson’s belt.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      I re-watched the fight a couple of times because of my disappointment in the decision and wanted to see why so many mma sites were scoring it for jones. Before I go into what I saw after re-watching I want to point out that most MMA site reps were scoring the fight for Jones BUT most professional MMA fighters and MMA fans were scoring it for Gustaffson. If you look at the Tweets from the pro fighters, many were upset with the decision with some even voicing their opinion strongly.

      In my original watch I was giving Gustaffson rounds 1, 2, and 3. I had the 3rd being close but after re-watching it was clear that Gus had the 3rd round locked down. A lot of the stuff in the 3rd round that looked like Jones was landing had nothing on it and wasn’t connecting like I originally thought it was.

      Round 2 was where it gets tricky. If you look at effective striking then it goes to Gustaffson. Gustaffson landed harder shots and did more dmg in the round. The problem is Jones was throwing greg jackson style point scoring shots with not much on them which looked very flashy. Jones landed more leg kicks in round 2 but most had nothing on them. Jones landed a head kick which looked impressive but in the replay as you could see it was just toes connecting, mostly his toes pushing Gustaffsons head to the side. The round was very close but Gustaffson should get it if you look closely at effectiveness and realize that a lot of Jone’s strikes in round 2 were just flashy and didn’t have any real impact.

      I think a lot of people are scoring it for Jones because they are defaulting him the close round. Like Kenny Florian said, you have to assume close rounds will go to the champion. Not all champions are always given that luxury but it seems like Jones was. If you look at the fight completely unbiased and are just watching two guys fight, Gustaffson should’ve been given the win for sure. I think this is just a case of the judges playing it safe and giving the close round to the champion. For that same reason, I think that is why most professional fighters are saying Gustaffson was robbed or that Gustaffson won the fight. When you are a professional fighter or a real fight fan, you want to see the real winner get the win. You don’t want to see a guy getting any special treatment because the round was close and he is the champ or local fighter.

      The judge who had it 49 46 should be suspended and investigated. It’s a huge deal when a judge screws up in a Mayweather fight but in a UFC light-heavyweight title fight NO BIG DEAL.

      To sum it up, I had Gustaffson winning the fight but it was a close fight. I don’t like the fact that Jones walked away with the belt but still respect him as well for how he fought in those last 2 rounds. We’ve seen worse decisions and one time we even saw a worse decision in a title fight (Shogun vs Machida 1). It’s always a lot worse when this kind of thing happens in a title fight though. At the very least, Gustaffson has earned himself a lot of respect and his fanbase just got a massive infusion.

    • Mma butt

      Gus threw more jones landed more so I don’t see how Gus should’ve won?

      • The Boogeyman

        They’re both tough, talented fighters, and they both gave 100%, so I loved watching the fight. I just thought the judges were biased in favor of the champion.

  • The Natural



    Glover Texiera vs Daniel Cormier

  • MikeMcKinney

    Many may believe whoever lands more or less should be given the round, but it’s not suppose to work that way. Maybe it should… But it doesn’t. Jon was the one moving forward the majority of rounds 2 and 3. That probably gave him the “aggression and octogon control” elements.
    I would have preferred Alex to have won. I gave him the 1st and 4th. All in all I thought Alex won the fight from a damage standpoint over all the rounds, but that’s not a surprise. Jon has never been known for being a hard hitter.
    If there’s a rematch I hope Alex sees what he needs to do. Just move forward. Jones never gives offense when backing up, and only moves straight back. He’s done it in all his fights, but guys are probably more afraid of being taken down than hit. So they like to move backwards.