Dana White: ‘There are Going to be Serious Repercussions for Not Making Weight’

February 15, 2015
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Two fighters failed to make weight for Saturday’s UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Thatch event in Bloomfield, Colo., and UFC president Dana White says there will be consequences for showing up heavy.

“There are going to be serious repercussions for not making weight for this event,” said White on Fox Sports Live.

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Dana-White-UFC-The-Time-Is-Now-Press-01-750Three fighters: James Moontasri, Patrick Walsh, and Chris Kelades failed to make weight during the official weigh-in on Friday. Kelades eventually shed the additional pound that he was over in the allotted two-hour extension, but Moontasri and Walsh forfeited 20-percent of their fight purse to their opponents after being unable to cut the excess weight.

“You’ve got to make weight. If you talk to any fighter, they’ll tell you it’s absolutely 100-percent your job to make weight. If you can’t make weight, you’ve got to either move to another weight class or not fight here,” said the UFC president.

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  • marrk_us

    But no real repercussions for peds because that would cost the ufc ppv’s. After the nfl’s b.s. handling of the Ray Rice girlfriend beat down, last year I watched zero football and have no plans to watch again. I’ve been a fan since ufc 1, but with the watering down of fight cards by signing nobodies and fighters who haven’t been real contenders for years my ppv buys have already been cut in half, down to about 6-7 buys per year. One relevant fight per card doesn’t get my ppv $. That number is headed to zero quickly if they keep dancing around the ped issue. 1 year suspensions are a joke when they probably won’t fight for 6-7 months anyway. And prefight tests should be revealed before the fight and the fight canceled meaning the fighters & their camps would receive no money. That would get their attention quick. Stop the tap dancing and get serious. “its the commissions job” is another excuse i’m fed up with. The fighters are the ufc’s employees, not the commissions. Take care of the problem.

    • snapdad

      I agree with everything you just posted. I, as well use to never miss a ppv event, but in 2014 I missed 3 or 4 of them. their use to be nothing but serious talent in the ufc, and they took their job seriously. years ago you didn’t see fighters dropping out of fights, getting busted for drugs, and missing weight. I miss those days. every ppv had big name fighters from top to bottom, and all the up and comers fought on the free cards/prelims. now all the fight cards are watered down, and they raised the prices. and on top of that, if you want to watch fight pass fights, you have to pay even more money. its becoming a very expensive hobby.

    • Mike

      SPOT ON!!!……..I couldn’t have said it better the UFC NEEDS to clean up the sport & get r of all the PED cheaters that think they are slick & can get away with it………..They also need to PPV cards I’m not buying a PPV unless there are several good fights on it or 1 fighter I REALLY like & support a lot……they need to focus on the integrity & credibility of the sport a little instead of making maximum profits for UFC management & nickeling & diming fans & fighters

  • Arxangel1

    Its only February in 2015 an there have already been over 10 fight cancellations, more than 5 fighters miss weight, and multiple headliners getting busted for the drug policy. Too much drama…and the drama isn’t in the octagon, because in the octagon, the fights go to decisions with fighters looking at the end like they never fought in the first place.

  • Darin

    Has Dana ever used the phrase “serious repercussions” when discussing fighters failing drug tests? Dana needs to get real and clean house to save this sport.

    • snapdad

      he is using the words “serious repercussions” because the fighters he plans on making examples of are nobodies. if these were big draws missing weight, then im sure he would find a reason to “fully support” them.

      • Groinstrike

        You mean like cutting Rumble Johnson several years back for not making weight?

        • snapdad

          when rumble was cut for not making weight, he wasn’t a big draw then. he beat a bunch of unranked fighters, but lost the fights that mattered. now, if it was today, then I could see your point because rumble is on a tear.

  • Groinstrike

    Wait for the upcoming meeting… The hammer is going to drop. Dana will fire a shot across every fighters bow. Failed tests, missed weight and you’re gone. It’s not just UFC and PPV’s. They are partnered with Fox now. They are mainstream now. They won’t allow stupid morons who like to snort coke, smoke weed, take roids bring them down.

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    I still can’t believe the UFC didn’t fire Lineker when he missed weight for the 4th time