Dana White Tells Bellator to Pay Eddie Alvarez What He’s Worth

February 18, 2013
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Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez

UFC president Dana White tells Bellator to pay Eddie Alvarez what he’s worth.

Eddie Alvarez is currently entangled in a contract dispute with Bellator MMA.  The lightweight fighter wants to leave the organization to fight in the UFC.  When his contract was up with Bellator, the UFC made Alvarez an offer.  Bellator had the right to match that offer and they did, but Alvarez maintains that the Bellator offer doesn’t truly match what the UFC deal could potentially pay him.

Alvarez sought an injunction against Bellator that would have allowed him to fight in the UFC on the April 27 UFC 159 event at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

Although U.S. District Court Judge Jose L. Linares wrote in his decision that “the Court recognizes that the differences between Fox Network Television and Spike TV may be such that the Court (or a jury) would ultimately find that Alvarez should prevail on his counterclaim because of Bellator’s failure to match Zuffa’s contract,” Alvarez’s injunction was denied.

Dana White discussed the Alvarez situation with the media following UFC on Fuel TV 7 on Feb. 16.

“(Bellator) have the right to Eddie Alvarez,” said White. “He did his deal, but if you look at the way that this thing goes down, Eddie Alvarez paid his dues there.  He honored his deal.  He honored his contract with them.  When your contract is up and you have the right to match, that’s where a fighter truly finds out what he is worth.  Well, he found out what he was worth, now pay him the money.”

Bellator MMA is owned by Viacom, and White claims Viacom is running the promotion and not Bellator president Bjorn Rebney.

“Viacom is running that company,” said White.

“They’re Viacom, one of the most powerful media companies on Earth.  What is the number they sit on, 5.5 billion in cash?  5.5 billion in cash, break some off for Eddie (expletive) Alvarez and pay him what he deserves.”

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  • dan

    I also feel like Spike is now i charge of Bellator and Rebney is a non-decision maker now. They are keeping Bellator and TNA wrestling too close. It’s not just the King Mo thing either. Theyre on the same day following the other in time slots. They reference each other too much on TV and the for the past 2 weeks, theres been a TNA personality on Bellator. They couldve brought in Warren, who’s actually on their roster and a medalist, to talk about the Olympic wrestling debacle but they didnt. They brought in a TNA wrestler. That just tells me that Spike doesnt have faith in Bellator to stand on its own.

    • Joey

      Joe Warren never wrested in the Olympics. He was set to go in 2008 then tested positive for THC in 2007 and was suspended for 2 years and didn’t get to go.

      So having an Olympic gold medalist come onto a show that features wrestling as one of the most prevalent forms of combat in the realm of MMA, talk about wrestling in the Olympics makes a lot of sense actually. Just because that man doesn’t participate in MMA doesn’t mean he didnt make the most sense to discuss that topic.

    • joeygrim78

      Kurt Angle won an olympic gold medal in wrestling. Why wouldn’t he be the best choice to talk about it?

  • George Sperry

    And Fox is running the UFC.
    I wish Dana would get laryngitis for a couple of months.

  • JimmyPettishardo

    Why is Dana always picking fights?

    If Bellator had commented on the UFC’s treatment of one of its fighters, Dana would have gone nuts over that.

    • Marc

      The Bellator President did comment on a UFC fighter idiot!

  • DanaRulz

    Dana is right! And Fox isn’t close to running the ufc whatever dope said that is dumb.

  • bcoy

    Dana is 100 percent right. Viacom should let ed go to the ufc or pay him what he’s due.
    And this ” George Sperry” is an idiot.


    Dana, you screwed up. Stop blaming Viacom. Offer to pay EA an amount per fight based on a % of 500k PPV and then there is noway they can match. Stop the lies DW!