Dana White Talks UFC on Fox 5; Says Hendo Knee Not Ready, May Do Gustafsson vs. Machida (Video)

December 9, 2012
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UFC president Dana White went on Fuel TV on Saturday night, getting in a quick interview before watching Juan Manuel Marquez knock out Manny Pacquiao.

White touched on a number of subjects, particularly on the lightweight title situation and future prospects to challenge Benson Henderson following Saturday night’s dominant performance over Nate Diaz. He also divulged that Dan Henderson’s knee may nut yet be up to snuff and that it’s a possibility that they could match Alexander Gustafsson in his place against Lyoto Machida.

Henderson, after hearing of White’s comments, however, later tweeted, “Not sure where @danawhite thinks he’s hearing that my knee isn’t doing ok. It’s doing great. Slowly picking training up just like I do for every training camp.”

Check out all that and more in Dana White’s UFC on Fox 5 post-fight video interview on Fuel TV…

  • Justin

    I like Gustafsson alot, but after his performance last night he is obviously not ready for Jon Jones, and i personally don’t think he can handle Machida’s speed and skill

  • sander vanden bempt

    i feel the same, i like him alot, but he would get murdered by jones 🙁

  • julian moran

    I like this fight. I think Machida would win.

  • Mark McDowall

    Agreed with you all. Gustafsson is a couple fights away from being ready for Jones. He beat an over the hill Shogun…don’t really think that makes him a contender.

    • scooby

      remember, he also beat Thiago Silva, Vladimir, Cyrill Diabetes LOL, Hamill, etc. so if he’s not ready after Machida, he never will be…he’s young and hungry, and remember, Bonnar gave Jones all he could handle for 3 rounds, so why not Gustaffson?

      • Mark McDowall

        True…granted none of those guys are really even close to being contenders, but still decent names. I just think that he needs to have more than 1 fight against a contender…if he fights Michida and stops him then definitely…but if its another decision then I think he should wait. Shogun was finished after the first round…he should have been finished but Gustafsson didn’t.

        I could see the argument for any type of win over Michida putting him as #1…

  • scooby

    I think Gustaffson will handle Machida, but it won’t be easy…remember, Tito caught Machida in a triangle, and the leg reach of Gustaffson i think will give Machida problems, but we shall see..if he gets past Machida, he’s definitely ready for Jon Jones..as for Bendo, Anderson may sign a 8 fight deal, so good luck beating his record

    • Mark McDowall

      You mentioned reach…for his size Gustaffson only has a 76″(same as Shogun, who couldn’t get inside on Jones)…Jones has 4″ at least on him. And by the looks of him has longer legs.

      This could be a big issue for Gustaffson…

  • Okay so simple, let Gustaf fight winner of Hendo/Machida???