Dana White Talks Nick Diaz Returning to the UFC: “It’s Not Even Worth Talking About” (Video)

February 23, 2014
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Nick Diaz showed up to UFC 170 in Las Vegas on Saturday night looking for a fight, but Dana White isn’t convinced.

Diaz reportedly wants a shot at the winner of Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler, but White said he’s been told different information.

“He hasn’t told me that,” White said in the MMAWeekly.com video above. “He hasn’t fought, he hasn’t wanted a fight, and he’s not even in the picture.”

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  • uncle

    Nick Diaz vs War Machine Gil vs Eddie GSP vs Askren
    Rampage vs Scott Steiner all on Bellator

    • bajafox

      War Machine said in Rogans podcast that Nick would be a really bad matchup for him and he would be a nightmare

      • Drock420

        Nick Diaz could beat War Machine and Stephen Thompson quit being ridiculous.

        • bajafox

          What part of me saying WM admitting to most likely losing to Nick is ridiculous? I think its your reading comprehension that is ridiculously low

          • Drock420

            It was my fault I reply to the wrong person my bad…

          • bajafox

            I retract my comment and judging by your id I’ll chalk it up to you smoking some bomb ass weed haha


    • drkdisciple

      War machine is a joke…esp after his legal name change…why would anyone waste their time to fight a guy who is not even top 25..probably not even top 50!

  • TheCerealKiller

    This guy is such a joke. You had two title shots(that you didn’t deserve) and lost them both. You beat BJ Penn during his 1-4-1 skid at 170. He’s now fighting at 145. I don’t see a quality win on his record in years! You’re not worth the money you ask for. You disrespect everyone, even the fans. You pout like a baby after losing. Stephen Thompson is the best fighter I would give you right now. I actually think Thompson wins that fight. Then you can pick up your ball, go home and retire again.

    P.S. Your brother is dodging Khabib.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      he retired because of the bullsht judging system. from baby taps and running to hugging people for 5 rounds. he shows up to fight, not hug it out. stephen thompson? diaz would smash him. nick diaz beat carlos condit. he doesn’t disrespect his fans he disrespects people that disrespect him. I met him and he was cool to me.
      p.s. nate diaz didn’t dodge Khabib, he didn’t accept the fight because they didn’t reach an agreement. he didn’t say he wouldn’t fight he just wanted more money to do so. actually I just now read your name and you’re just a hater that doesn’t even keep up with the media. go away fanboy

      • earlsimmons

        LOL this is mma where clinching and running is allowed. If he cant learn to cut off his opponent or is to weak to get out of a clinch then maybe he should try the world combat league where that isnt allowed.

      • Seth

        Nick beat Carlos…awesome! Link me the fight, please, because I missed it. Unless you meant their meeting at UFC 154. Then…where did he beat him? Basic thing – Carlos was running? Well…better to let Nick push you against the fence and do what he does all the time? Yeah. F–k gameplan and f–k winning! Let’s just lose to Nick Diaz because his stupid fans have no idea that some fighters are using gameplans to avoid losing. Sounds legit. So I will use a quote from your post and tell you “go away fanboy”

      • TheCerealKiller

        Who has Diaz beat that makes him so great? He didn’t smash either of his last two opponents. Diaz has somehow made a name for himself by beating cans outside the UFC. He’s never coming back because he wants more money than anyone that is actually better than him.

  • Mark McDowall

    Thank goodness…get rid of him and his brother. They are more of a headache then they are worth.

    • gnodeb

      Actually, Nate is less annoying, he fights in the UFC on regular basis, has a respectable UFC record (a lot of great fights) and he deserved his title shot. He is the only fighter from that camp who is worth the trouble.

  • Piotr

    Just go away crybaby.

  • Pat Garret

    Years from now, as Nick Diaz sits in his dark, and damp basement pondering his life. Muttering the words in his drunken stupor, ” I could of been somebody , I could of been a contender!” Then proceeds, to light up another joint….

    • Tommy McCraith

      Years from now, as pat garret contemplates his life… “I couldn’t of been anybody…. i couldn’t have been a contender…. If only I’d had some talent, I could’ve spent more time developing it rather than criticizing those who did.”

      • earlsimmons

        Lul listen to Nicks boyfriend here.

  • Derrick McCormick

    Get in line. Beat 2 legit people at 170 then maybe.

  • horace

    Nick Diaz is just not that good and Nick knows this after all his losses.

    • Jeremy

      Yeah his whole 2 losses out of his last what 15 fights? And his two losses were from the number one and number two welterweights at the time. But yeah ur right he’s not that good. And what exactly is it you have done with your life that puts u in a position to judge another mans level of success?

  • horace

    Nick Satan Diaz brings down the UFC with his bad attitude and classlessness and ignorance. good riddance

    • Jeremy

      U brought this thread down by comparing nick to satan. That’s about as legitimate of a statement as saying “god is real because my bible says so”

  • It may have been offered but what does everyone think of Nick Diaz vs Martin Kampmann? I think that fight makes sense for both guys and would be very entertaining. Nick is tough, Condit and GSP didn’t finish him and the guy always comes in shape. But I agree with everyone else, Nick needs to work his way back up. A Robbie Lawler rematch would be really nice as well.

    • Maddawgmar

      I would like to see Nick Diaz fight Rory. But Kampmann would be good. Maybe Damien Maia as well.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Rory is ranked #4 and just won, Nick is coming off two losses. That fight wouldn’t make sense.

        • anthony

          yea two losses from the The ex champ and #2 guy at the time… that fight makes sense rory just lost to a guy nick has beaten

    • TheCerealKiller

      Nate doesn’t have a win over a single guy in the top ten right now. Let him fight Brown, it’s all he deserves right now. Kampmann is on a long break like GSP, that will be a while yet.

      • TheCerealKiller

        I meant Nick.

        • Jeremy

          Yeah u meant nick but typed brown. I can see how u could mix that up. Seems legit lol.

      • used2bgood

        Brown will run him over. He needs to fight a guy like #15 Mike Pyle.But I`m pretty sure that he will lose every single round.

        • Manuel Lopez

          Brown would run him over???? Lol… what color is the sky in the world you live in?

      • Matt Brown vs Nick Diaz would be an awesome match! Browns on a win streak and is doing some talking and with Nick in that fight it would be pretty entertaining.

    • uncle

      Diaz also could fight Story ,Ellenberger,Thatch

      • I could see Ellenberger since he is up there but Story and Thatch would not interest him at all. He’s being very picky and wants a top guy so he can get that title shot real quick. I wish he would just fight make a paycheck and take out a top 10 guy since all the top 5 guys are booked.

    • julian moran

      That s the fight I have been pushing for. These fighters will put on a show, and Diaz back in the title talk.

  • Darin

    It’s not worth talking about, it’s not worth putting up this story about, it’s not worth me posting a commen….

  • horace

    Nick Satan Diaz belongs fighting in hell

  • Shawn Pearson

    Oh please, do not use the name Nick “the dick” Diaz in any article about serious MMA. That slacker is where he belongs… leave him there.