Dana White Takes on Culinary Union (UFC 137 video)

October 27, 2011
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship has worked for years, trying to break down the resistance to sanctioning mixed martial in New York State. It’s biggest opponent in conquering The Empire State has been the Culinary Union or UNITE HERE, a ….

The latest shot over the UFC bow from UNITE HERE was a call on Fox – who recently signed a seven-year TV deal with the UFC – to not air the fight promotion on its television networks due to what it claims that “Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and UFC fighters have publicly used anti-gay and anti-women language.

“Are we perfect? No,” White stated at Thursday’s UFC 137 pre-fight press conference in Las Vegas, perhaps aptly taking place in front of the New York, New York Hotel and Casino.

“The accusations that the Culinary Union are making, especially me on the gay thing… that’s the one that bothers me. That’s the only one that bothers me. The fact that these losers from the Culinary Union can go out and say I’m a homophobe and things like that, because it’s the furthest thing from the truth.”

Despite the claims, White won’t let the Culinary Union’s efforts sway him, believing they have a “holier than thou” attitude that he’s not going to give in to.

“Everybody makes mistakes and everybody does things that are wrong sometimes. Everybody! I don’t deal with the holier than thou (expletive).”

Check out the full video on White’s comments about the Culinary Union and its efforts to identify the UFC as a bad influence...

  • Zuffa should leave NY in their rear view mirror. Let them figure it out on their own and stop wasting time and money. It’s their loss and just means more cards and money for the surrounding areas like New Jersey and Canada. They’ll eventually come around when they realize how much money they’re throwing away.

    As long as there are people like Bob Reilly in office who are bought and paid for it will be a losing battle. If you want to see how truly ignorant Bob Reilly is (regarding MMA), go listen to his interview with Larry Pepe that took place back in February over on Pro MMA Radio. Larry came correct and had done his homework coming into the into the interview. He listed facts and figures and Reilly had no answers and could only say he was against the sport and would never support it. Larry even brought up the union issue and Reilly scoffed at it and acted like he was offended that Pep would suggest such a thing.

    Here’s a link to the interview. It would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic. It starts at the 11:40 mark:


  • Leave NY behind? Give up on the most prestigious arena there ever was? No, I say. There MUST be UFC at Madison Square Garden. Come on, its MSG. A special experience. Such a rich history. Boxing, basketball, hockey, Wrestlemania 1, and more. It has to be there with all of them to cement its place in history. There are no more arenas like this anymore. Now they’re all named after corporate sponsors.

    • wonggfan

      Of course. MSG is everything when it comes to events.

      I am a fan of MMA. But that doesn’t mean that I disagree with every point the Culinary Union and the opponents of MMA in NY have to say about MMA.

      MMA is controversial.