Dana White Suggests MMA Judges and Referees Need Grappling Experience as Job Requirement

November 22, 2013
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Dana White Heated at NSACIf you haven’t done some Brazilian jiu-jitsu or a form of grappling, UFC president Dana White doesn’t find you qualified to officiate MMA.

White said on Wednesday evening that referees and judges employed by athletic commissions overseeing MMA events should have experience “rolling” before being considered for their jobs.

“First of all, boxing judges (are) refereeing mixed martial arts fights. There’s no mixed martial artist, former mixed martial artist, or anybody who knows enough,” White said on UFC Tonight. “I don’t think that you should be judging or reffing a fight unless you’ve actually rolled and know what a submission feels like. How about know what a submission is? How about that first … let alone mixed martial arts.”

White was adamant in his stance, addressing the judging and refereeing controversies that occurred at UFC 167 last Saturday in Las Vegas. The most notable controversy White addressed was the split decision handed down in favor of Georges St-Pierre in the main event against Johny Hendricks. White said he scored the fight for Hendricks, giving the fighter the edge in the first, second, and fourth rounds of the contest.

White was furious after the fights, slamming the Nevada State Athletic Commission during the post-fight press conference for what he said was the commission’s poor handling of the events. The UFC executive said the governor needs to step in and put a stop to the NSAC’s behavior before MMA is ruined the same way as boxing.

The brash promoter said it’s an easy fix and shouldn’t be considered difficult.

“It’s not rocket science,” White said. “We all know what needs to be done; it just needs to be done.”

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  • Ron Wheeler

    What about Dana White’s grappling experience?

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      He’s been rolling for a while but as busy as he is, I doubt he does it regularly anymore. Most people rip on Dana and say they would kick his *ss but I would put my money on Dana against a Joe shmoe even at his age as he’s done amateur boxing and rolled with top jujitsu guys.

  • DamianCross

    Its true that Baldy McCheetzwitronda is no place to talk. He clearly considers himself enough of an authority without ANY fight experience, especially grappling.

    But he does have a point. There’s nothing wrong with knowledge, and first hand knowledge of what a sub feels like, how long it takes to get choked out, etc, could have great impact on a fighter’s safety down the line. We all agree we want the fighters to be safe so our sport can thrive, this won’t hurt that effort at all.

    • insane187288

      guess someone forgot he used to box and was a promoter. no big deal though lets bash the guy who made the ufc what it is today cause he clearly has no idea being a baldy, make your own fighting federation then get back at us… idiot

      • DamianCross

        I dunno why you have to start insulting me, but please link a video of him boxing. No wait, link a PICTURE of him PUNCHING another human who isn’t wearing headgear. Please. I’ve been waiting to see this for years.

        • Gyeaaaa!

          Thank you for shutting him up.. he is clearly “insane”.. It a joke dana white make it as big as it is now? Wow.. THE FIGHTERS made UFC of what it is today… Chuck liddel, Randy couture, Royce gracie, Vitor belfort, Forrest griffen, bonner, so many to name.. don’t forget former pride guys… Anderson silva, Quinton rampage jackson, cro cop, wanderlei silva, Fedor…. They are the few that started mma, and made ufc of what it is today…

          • Stefan Sivcev

            Fertita brothers and Dana made a sport what is it today .bcs of tuf.

          • Denise

            don’t forget Dan Severn Tank Abbot ,Ken Shamrock, Keith Hackney ,to name a few

        • steeltown65

          You really don’t know why you just got insulted? Stop acting like a douche bag and the insults will stop. As for anybody who doesn’t believe Dana and the fertittas made the ufc what it is today. Do some research. Or just watch the new documentary about the ufc’s 20 years of fighting. The sport was almost banned in the united states. They cleaned it up. And Dana promoted it with the financial backing of the brothers. Dana is the man in mma. Like it or not. If Dana says it’s good for the sport. It is. If he says it’s bad for the sport it is. You don’t have to agree with him. But by not agreeing. You put yourself on the wrong side of success in the world of MMA.

          • DamianCross

            More name calling and defending an unscrupulous loud mouth who would sell you up the river for a dollar. If ever there was evidence of corporate brain-washing, this is it.

            Big John McCarthy was the first to call for rule changes before Dana White ever stepped in the UFC. The NJAC wrote the rules that make up modern MMA, not Dana or the Fertitas. And the sport was never near banning in the US, it was just taken off television. There’s some non-UFC generated facts for all you employees trolling the site.

            Rage more, drones.

          • steeltown65

            Damian you are wrong on two counts. Big john was not the first to suggest rule changes. And your comment about the ufc almost being banned. John McCain was pushing legislature through to ban sanctioning in the large venues. Dana and the fertittas pushed the rule changes and being the ones who could Dr ice what is and what isn’t. They began the implimentation of the new rules. Now on a more mano y mano level. Who do you believe you are to bash the name calling when you just did it yourself. This is all just a way for people to communicate without having to be politically or socially correct.but then there are the guys like you. You actually put yourself up on your pedestal so you could look down upon the name callers and preach to them what you believe to be wrong. Then you turn around and dive right into the slums with us name calling low life’s. And call Dana a name. So which is it Dumbass? Are you better than me? Or are youjust the kind of guy who says one thing, and then does another? I don’t really care who you are. Or what you do. But I’m the guy who will tell you to **** off if you have it. Coming. And one more thing before I’m done. You need to try and understand something. There never would have been a ufc to design new rules for if it wasn’t for h

          • DamianCross

            Wow you’re mad. And John McCain was pushing for rule changes by UFC 2, when McCarthy did??? ROFL

            And I’ll call Dana whatever I want kid. He’s not paying my checks like he’s clearly paying yours.

          • steeltown65

            Paying me? Jeez, does your mom know you’re playing on the computer? Look Dumbass.I’ll make it easy on both of us. Of the three of us ( you, Dana and myself). Who knows more about what it takes to run the ufc? I’m gonna assume youre too ******* stupid to get this right. So the answer is Dana. And since
            We both know who knows the most about mma. And he and I agree. I automatically know more than you. Now McCain was trying to get his buddies in congress to force their buddies at the state level, to block all licensing and permits to hold the fights. Just because you aren’t aware of this. Doesn’t make it untrue. Now you can call Dana whatever you want. Just don’t start off your comment with a shot at me about name calling.. try to be a grown up on here say what you want. And let everybody else vent without the judging.

          • DamianCross

            Again with the name calling and writing a book. And I’m still waiting for my Dana White boxing photo.

          • steeltown65

            Hey Damian you’ve got your wires crossed. I’m not the one who was talking about Dana being a fighter. I know he was. But I didn’t bring it up. And stop with the whole name calling thing. It’s just an expression. When you point it out and try to degrade a person for it. You’re just gonna get it more and more. Now if you want to see if Dana was a fighter. Look it up. Try that new invention called ” google”. I know he was an amateur boxer out of Boston. There is your lead. So run with it. If you start that s*** about the name calling again. I’m gonna hurt your feelings.

          • DamianCross

            Now we’ve evolved into threats.

          • steeltown65

            Man you really are a jerk aren’t you. I’m not threatening you. I just don’t like people doing the neighborhood watch thing. Especially when theyre being hypocritical about it. I keep c commenting about the fight and you keep acting like a condescending jerk. So here I’ll go. It. Don’t message me back anymore. Or wait I can tell you’re one of those last word guys. So I won’t be messaging you back. Once you get the last word.

          • DamianCross

            So far I’m a jerk, an idiot, a dumbass, a douchebag. Please stop with the verbal abuse. I am trying to discuss mixed martial arts.

          • Manuel Lopez

            Get off DW’s nuts. Yea he is part of the MMA success, a SMALL part. Now days he’s more of a ranting caricature who gets in front of a camera to throw F bombs every chance he gets, always hating and condescending EVERYONE… The UFC fighters, referees, other mma promoters, political figures and Internet fans and journalists. He was a major detriment on us getting to see great superfights and fighters in UFC (Fedor, the greatest hw in mma history). As for the success of mma, that is the fighters themselves, other GREAT promotions who FED a weak

          • Manuel Lopez

            Roster throughout their history, Pride and Strikeforce being those.

          • steeltown65

            Okay Manuel we’ll do this your way. For starters. You can go **** yourself. Now we can agree to disagree on a lot of issues. But there are two that your dead wrong on. First. Dana did not cause the hold up with fedor. Fedora managers wanted top billing and they wanted his first 5 fights in Russia. But that’s not the kicker. They also wanted the ufc to build the coliseum that his fights would be in. Second. Dana is the main reason the ufc made it through the rough years and he is the main reason they are where they are today. The proof is in the fact that he is still president and they are only headed up. He calls the shots, he calls the contracts and he calls who gets the big fights. He’s not the match maker. But if he doesn’t want you fighting for the title. You ain’t fighting for the title. And don’t forget to go **** yourself Manuel labor!

          • Manuel Lopez

            Jesus you’re sensitive lol. And it’s true, it was DW’s fault we never saw Fedor in UFC. The unicorn DW could never get basically. Why? Because the Russians never kissed his ass that’s why.

          • steeltown65

            That’s not why. When I told you that they actually wanted his first 5 fights in Russia. And they wanted the fight center built and paid for by the ufc. Now that is being unreasonable. Plus you saw what happened to some of the pride fighters when they came over. Fri cop. Got killed. Look at big nog. He’s been stopped twice by frank Mir. I don’t know that I would have bet on it. But during the time that negotiations were going on with fedor. Randy was hitting his second stride. And fedor never really did anything after pride. Don’t get me wrong decor was a beast. But something about the cage or lack of experience in the cage. Made a huge difference in their game. Dana wanted that fight with randy and fedor. He wanted it because if Tandy wins. The ufc has the best. And has always had the best. If randy lost. Well now we have fedor. The best HW in the world. We will never agree on the Dana thing. But I think he’s good for the sport. And for promoting. The guy is easy to watch and listen to about the fight game.

          • Backstabbing for the WIN

            As president of the UFC, why didn’t he make this happen before he had his friends the Fertitta’s buy it out from under the original owner.

            Sounds like an inside job to me.
            They could have been investors is Dana’s vision of what the UFC could be, except DANA wanted a pc of the pie for himself, so he set it up.

          • steeltown65

            You don’t make it happen. You book the fights. The state commission has a body of rules and regulations you have to follow. Dana is fine with that. He does his job. The fighters do theirs. And the judges are suppose to do theirs. But in veagas they seem to blow it more than any other two states.

          • Denise

            That’s right UFC was almost banned and if it weren’t for Dana White it most likely would have been as for the judging I’ve seen many fights were the wrong guy won it having said that why didn’t Dana say something about those fights why didn’t he demand the Governor due something then.why now

          • steeltown65

            It’s not specifically this fight he’s pissed about. It’s the NSAC. They have been.screwing up decisions for decades in boxing and a lot in mma. Listen to his interview where he talks about the TUF fights. And it’s not the scoring process he is bitching about. It’s the fact that there is no way gsp won that fight. You can score rounds 2-5 two a piece if you like. Giving either of them any two of the four. But the two judges that gave gsp the first round are either incompetent or they are on the take. Johnny killed George in the first. And the only judge to score it that way is the judge who scored johnny the winner. Now by that theory. You just have to watch the first round to determine the winner. I don’t care who you were for. If you watch that first round and give an honest score of who won it based on all that was done by both fighters. You will declare johnny the champ. Denise I don’t know what commission was in charge in the fights you mentioned. But it’s determined by the state the fight is in. So you may be right about the judging. The difference is that in Vegas it happens all the time in contact sports. And with Vegas being the eye of the gambling storm. It makes you wonder what the motivation could be to have that many fight called the wrong way when the decision is so obvious.

          • Denise

            that’s true and I am a GSP fan and it’s also true that Hendricks caused more damage but that doesn’t mean he had more strikes or take downs and just because I am a GSP fan doesn’t mean I am biased against Hendricks , Hendricks is a good fighter and personally we all know how the judging goes in these fights and if Hendricks wanted to win the belt he should have knocked GSP out am I right after all Dana is always saying don’t let it go to the judges .

          • steeltown65

            Denise you’re right. Dana does say that. And I believe johnny took rounds 3&5 off. And this is why it pisses me off when people say George won that fight. Johnny takes those two rounds off. Does George jump all over him Nd completely dominate the rounds? No! He gets the rounds because they were his best two and johnnys worst two. Now everybody gave johnny rounds 2&4. That was all three judges. So it takes us back to round one. And johnny took that round easily. It was on the verge of being a 10/8 round. The system works. But only if the judges apply it. I personally think johnny should have gone for it in the 5th. I think he would have knocked George out. But he knew he was up 3-1 . Or he should have been. I don’t think any fighter who beat up on another fighter for 3 out of 4 rounds is gonna push the fight with the belt on the line. That fight went wherever johnny wanted it to go. You’re right though. He should have finished him. It’s just a Damn shame that he did beat him but didn’t get the belt.

          • steeltown65

            And Denise. Johnny did have more take downs and he had more significant strikes. He controlled the octagon all but 2 rounds. I guess what Pissed me off the most is that two guys train for 8 weeks for the fight and then they get in the ring and let it all hang out. One guy wins the fight and the other loses.sounds great, right? Nope. It sucks because two people who for whatever reason can’t seem to see the obvious before their eyes.

  • jeremy

    Why people always try to rip on dana is beyond me. He built the sport and lives it. He knows more about mma then any dork that posts here. And onve again he’s right. These boxing judge’s shouldn’t be there. They have mma judges who have rolled. No matter how loppsided a win is you always have one idiot judge who votes for the guy who clearly lost. Jonny clealy won this fight and the judges f***** him.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    They just need to get rid of the round scoring. Not all rounds are fought equally but they are scored equally. use the Pride scoring, 2 rounds one ten minute one and one 5 minute one. Then judge the overall fight.

    • robc

      More 10-8 rounds then. Simple fix.

  • Kyle Rayner

    It doesn’t matter what Dana’s experience is. He’s not the one officially judging the fight. I agree with Dana, in order to properly judge, you need to be aware and knowledgeable on the action taking place.

  • Joe McNeil

    How does one go about refereeing or judging MMA?

    • XIRand0mHeroIX

      Be educated in what you are judging or officiating. Same as the fans that boo some really good grappling simply because they don’t understand the chess game of getting your opponent to place a limb or posture a certain way so that you can sink in a submission/hold.