Dana White Stands By Decision to Rescind Pat Healy’s $130,000 in UFC 159 Bonuses

May 24, 2013
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UFC President Dana WhiteUFC president Dana White stands by the decision to not award Pat Healy the $130,000 in UFC 159 bonuses, citing Healy being ineligible to receive any bonus following a failed drug test for marijuana.

Healy made his promotional debut at UFC 159, defeating Jim Miller by rear naked choke.  The submission win earned him Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night awards, but that all changed when a urinalysis revealed the presence of marijuana metabolites.

The bonuses were rescinded and the win overturned and ruled a no contest.  The $65,000 Submission of the Night bonus then went to Bryan Caraway, who had the only other submission on the fight card, a guillotine choke finish of Johnny Bedford.

“It’s illegal.  You can’t do it, it’s a banned substance.  Should it be? I necessarily don’t think so,” said White on Thursday. “It doesn’t matter.  It’s a banned substance.  Every fighter knows you go in and you use marijuana and you get caught, you’re busted.”

Caraway received backlash for lobbying for the Submission of the Night bonus, but it was misplaced criticism.  Caraway was the only fighter on the card eligible for the bonus.

“(Healy) wasn’t eligible for that bonus,” said White. “I know nobody likes Bryan Caraway.  Bryan Caraway followed the rules.  He had a submission that night and he followed the rules.  He absolutely, 100-percent deserves that bonus. Fighters that don’t make weight don’t get bonuses either.”

While Healy’s debut performance was impressive, awarding him any bonus would have sent the wrong message, and White was quick to point that out.

“Imagine what it would say if I gave that kid $130,000 for not following the rules?”

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  • Joe

    I agree with Dana 100% on this, and he stated as he has many times before that he doesn’t think it should be a banned substance, but it is and you have to follow the rules.

    • It’s funny how people make so many excuses for their drug use. All that just a plant and it should be legal is lame. I agree with Dana. If the commission says you can’t use it then follow the rules or except the punishment or don’t fight if you need it so bad. All the other fighters out there are training hard and dealing with all sorts of issues, personal, physical and mental.

  • Kalei Kealoha

    I am amazed at how many times reporters keep trying to get dana to answer the same question just worded differently.

  • number5

    This is rediculous Pat Healy loses 130 thousand dollars and is suspended for pot….meanwhile Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnen, and how many other fighters get to take freaking steroids!!! The injustice here is staggering. I want to see real athletes not roided up freaks. Marijuana is not performance enhancing drug, there is no reason for it to be banned by athletic commissions, I don’t see them fining people for drinking alcohol 30 days before their fight. The whole “it’s illegal” argument is stupid, a lot of things are illegal, but it doesn’t keep people from fighting. Jermey Stephens was arrested on assault charges just before he was supposed to fight. He didn’t end up fighting, but not because an athletic commission wouldn’t let him and it wasn’t because the UFC wouldn’t let him, they worked hard to bail him out so he could fight. A lot of fighters do illegal things or get in trouble with the law but it does not get them suspended and or fined by an athletic commission or the UFC. If these commissions are going let people take steroids but suspend people using a plant, then what is the point of having commissions at all, they are obviously not in the business of protecting fighters.

    • michaelchimique

      omg dude pay attention. like dana said whether you like it or not that is illegal and trt isn’t. break the rules and you don’t get the bonus.

    • Who care’s if it’s banned, seriously. Do you need it that bad in your life? It’s illegally federally and even if it was legal the commission says they don’t want guys coming up positive for it. Maybe they don’t want the sport represented by guys who they allow to smoke pot. If you don’t like the rule then don’t fight or grow up and don’t smoke pot like the other fighters. If marijuana is not a PED then does it hurt your performance? And certain things fighters do outside of the UFC does land them in trouble with the commission. On your application for your fight license you have to fill out your criminal history, and the UFC has let guys go who have had a record. And the last time I looked guys were getting suspended and fined for testing positive for steroids and elevated testosterone levels.

  • james j

    Real simple, the law says hippie lettuce is illegal. If you are dumb enough to smoke it where it can affect your employment, then you are the true definition of a pot head.

    • wolfed

      which law? state or federal?


    if you have rules follow them. If you break the rules pay the price. Just make sure all have to follow the rules. If healy smoked dope he pays the price.

  • David Malone

    “i know nobody likes carraway” hahaha