Dana White: (Spike TV) Is the Worst Channel in the History of the World

September 23, 2012
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Dana White at UFC 150Divorce is always hard and while both parties involved try to remain amicable, it happens quite often that things break down and end up in a shouting match between the two parties.

It’s no different in the world of sports and television because when relationships are going well, there’s nothing but smiles and handshakes all around. But when things break down, and the mud starts slinging, it’s open season on any and all comments made towards each other in the press.

For months after leaving Spike TV in favor of a new 7-year deal with Fox, UFC President Dana White remained on fairly solid ground with his former television partner.

He wasn’t likely going to send much business their way, but still White stayed fairly friendly towards his competitors at Spike TV after their long relationship helped build the UFC and the network to new heights.

Now, the gloves are off and both seem ready to aim and fire at one another whenever the gun is loaded, and following UFC 152 on Saturday night, White blasted off a few shots at his former television home.

It all swirls around the Ultimate Fighter, the flagship reality show that first launched on Spike TV in 2005, and the ratings for the 16th season, which had the lowest audience ever for a season premiere of the long running program.

The new version of the Ultimate Fighter airs on Friday nights on FX, as opposed to the Wednesday night slot they had on Spike TV. White explains that FX has so much original programming that they have to put the Ultimate Fighter where it fits best, and right now that’s on Friday nights, but Spike TV doesn’t have room to criticize anybody’s ratings or programming choices.

“You know who keeps leaking this stuff out and all the negativity is ‘Spuke TV (Spike TV). These guys don’t have a (expletive) program on that show to save their life, it’s the worst channel in the history of the world, nothing they do on that channel works,” White stated following UFC 152 on Saturday.

“Where as FX has such a powerful network, they want us on Fridays.”

White says that the Ultimate Fighter debut was still No. 1 in the key demographic of 18-34 year old males, and FX sees the show as a big success in terms of their programming goals for Friday nights.

“That’s a homerun for FX. Is it a homerun for us because it’s not doing the numbers I wish it could do if we were on Tuesday or Wednesday? No, but it’s an absolute homerun for FX,” said White.

The UFC’s contract for past programming on Spike TV runs through the end of 2012, and once it expires, all of the UFC’s library of fights shift back into their control. At that time, Spike TV will then begin airing Bellator Fighting Championships, who they bought a stake in the promotion in 2011.

No matter what happens, don’t expect friendly handshakes and smiles to come from either side in what has become a seemingly volatile relationship between two past business partners.

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  • Even though UFC is with FX and FOX now, Bellator is still a good name for Spike TV. If they start playing Bellator fights and such and Bellator creates programming it would be a good move.

  • pooby

    “…nothing they do on that channel works.”


    Spike took on TUF when mma was a fledgling sport struggling to be taken seriously. Spike was willing to take the risk of showing live fights (the first TUF Finale) with all the risk of blood and gore that goes with it. The result was Bonnar v. Griffin and the rest is history.

    Shut up Dana.

    • soboc1

      He wouldn’t’ be Dana if he didn’t throw someone under the bus.

  • Anyone else think that Dana’s head might be getting a bit big? He rips the hell out of anyone who has a different opinion than him.

    Spike helped make the UFC what it is today, theres no denying that. The UFC out grew what spike could offer and they moved on, no need to start talking crap about them.

    One day Dana is going to say something about the wring person and it will blow up in his face in a BIG way!


      TRU DAT BEAV! Think n the same thing over here . Atleast Spike had HD. Fuel can lick nootz

  • phrankthetank

    Yes, spike helped build the UFC, yes, Dana should appreciate that. But spike started playing dirty 1st. Counter programming every UFC event and TUF episode was a low move.

    • sc_d467e3a10447bacad4f85ae1f6946fe1

      that the nature of business, its not personal to counter program your competitor. just like ufc counter programed any fedor fight (especially affliction fights) and any strikeforce event or any ppv boxing event. they are all fighting for the exact same demographic. get your noseout of dana’s hypocritical arse.

      • BlackDog2009

        well said

  • oswaldcobblepott

    What an ogre, Dana White is the dumbest and least educated executive in the world that is bases on facts Dana! I use your high school diploma to wipe my arse!

    • TKD

      “What an ogre, Dana White is the dumbest and least educated executive in the world that is bases on facts Dana!”

      Maybe you should just borrow his diploma to correctly structure your own sentences.

      • OMAHAK1LLA

        goto dana doesn’t want ya as a fan an hit me

  • kevstinx

    “the worst channel in the history of the world”
    The comments this guy makes really show he should hide his fat ass behind the curtains more so.

    “nothing they do on that channel works” does that include that past TUF which has catapulted the UFC to mainstream in recent years?

    More comments which show that this Dana fella is a bigger moron that he appears to be.
    Bi Polar Dana?

    For your info Dana, if FX is sooo good, why the **** do I and many others not watch FX events? Partly because of your **** timing and mass marketing of adverts.

    I think the root of this article is about TUF having the worst ratings in TUF history, even worse than last year’s live format, which was like watching paint dry.

    UFC has done ****, it has had its peak and now is the down time. What inflates must deflate, included Dana’s ego.

  • BlackDog2009

    Without Spike TV I would never have become such a fan of MMA(UFC). That’s a fact Dana. FOX people, take notice this is what Dana does once he’s not doing business w you.

  • b-soc

    Dana’s head has gotten so big, I’m surprised he doesn’t have neck damage. He’s an ingrate as well!!!!

    My memory is not so good. I recall a little fight between somebody Bonnar and another guy Griffen on spike years ago. I don’t know, mustn’t of been that important where Spike is the worst channel on television (sarcasm for those who missed it).

    Competition is competition. Its the rough play that Spike is using that helped get the UFC where they are. Spike got us all hooked on TUF and the ratings are now showing that FX are killing it.

  • clizzark

    People are actually defending Spike TV? Why? The channel does suck. I’m not sure how you can even pretend to defend that channel unless you’re some sort of braindead redneck.

  • Santz

    Well you have to admit, guys, Spike is actually a horrible, horrible channel…I’ve never seen so much garbage on one network. I was practically embarrassed to have to tune into that incompetent redneck channel that tries so hard to appeal to men but seems to be something a 14 year old teen boy would be interested in. Well at least it’s not as bad as Versus…lol!

  • james j

    As usual wears his emotions on his sleeves. Mistake