Dana White Speaks Out About SOPA, Says Hackers Are Helping to Revive the Bill

January 26, 2012
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The controversial SOPA bill may be shelved for now, but for the first time UFC President Dana White decided to speak out about why the UFC has supported the movement.

While sites like Google and Wikipedia have openly opposed the bill, the UFC’s support ended up with their website being hijacked last weekend by hackers who went after the organization for supporting SOPA.

White says that the SOPA bill isn’t the perfect answer, but it was what they had to deal with to try and stop piracy of their pay-per-view product.

“Is SOPA the perfect bill, not it’s not,” White said. “The only thing that we’re focused on is piracy. Piracy is stealing.”

In regards to the hackers who went after the UFC website, White answered back daring the cyber-bullies to come after them again because they are only fueling the people who actually support SOPA in the first place.

“Keep hacking our site, do it again. Do it tonight,” said White. “These guys look like terrorists now and a bill that was about to die, is about to come back.”

Check out what else Dana White had to say about SOPA and the internet in this video:

  • jtmma

    Yeah I’m sure congress cares a whole lot about the UFC website getting hacked for a night.

    • shakejunt

      it gives them another scapegoat reason to steal your rights

  • Wow does he even know About This Group who go after drug lords, other countrys and Child Porno Cites. It’s not about hacking and stealing for This groiup it’s a belief in something so much more meaningful important to them kinda like God is to a christian. This is a war . Dana Says that UFC owners only care about the piracy part of Sopa ablivous to the sick truth about these BILLS.

  • IN A Way its a clever way to reach all the 18 to 34 year olds and Send a message to These People.

  • shaman

    What is “the government” supposed to be, anyway?

    A bunch of tools working for rich people? Not anymore.. That’s a dying cause if you haven’t noticed, *******

    “We the people” are the government