Dana White: Silva vs. Weidman II is Massive… Could Rival Superfight (UFC 162 video)

July 13, 2013
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Dana White at UFC 144Anderson Silva losing to Chris Weidman toppled a lot of dominoes. Not only did Silva lose his UFC middleweight championship and take a hit to his stake as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, his loss sent UFC president Dana White’s hopes for a superfight into a tailspin.

White isn’t exactly crying in his beer over the change in plans. He wanted to put on a superfight between Silva and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones or Silva and welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, but he also believes a rematch between Silva and Weidman will be a monumental bout.

“Silva vs. Weidman 2 is (expletive) massive,” White told MMAWeekly.com’s Ryan McKinnell. “It’s not just huge here (in the U.S.), it’s huge all over the world. All the places that we do big numbers, it’s a massive fight. But on the flipside, Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva was a massive, massive fight too.”

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  • Erik

    “lightweight champion jon jones”. A bit of confusion

    • AmericanGangster

      Yea that bothered me too… Light-Heavyweight not lightweight lmao….

  • james j

    Loves throwing the F bomb. The reporters look at Dana as a simpleton with powerful friends who have the keys to the kingdom of MMA.

    • Timothy Malone

      It’s a logical fallacy to think that just because someone speaks more eloquently that they must then be more intelligent. He knows what the f&^% he’s talking about.

      • Milosc

        Thinking ‘simpleton’ means “less intelligent”, without clarification, constitutes false dilemma

        There are many ‘intelligent’ people who are also ignorant, lack common sense, or act like fools

      • Sir_Roy

        Problem with Dana White is he thinks the common fans are stupid and don’t notice when his sh!t smells like sh!t.

        Dana is trying to manipulate the game in HIS favor. Not ours (the fans). Not the fighters … HIS. It’s not an original game. It’s been around for hundreds, thousands, of years. it’s a numbers game, and his figures supersede authenticity, integrity and morality. If he can fool us into playing his numbers game, then more fool us, and more $$$ for him.

        Businessman, politician … tis all the same.

  • Tig Byson

    Dana White has always been a clown but his comments at the post-fight conference took it to a new level. He tried to redefine the meaning of the word “respect” in combat sports to mean virtually nothing despite the fact that he has used the word hundreds of times before to describe a real issue with fighter mentality.

    • dgs

      “Dana White has always been a clown”

      I could not agree more, can’t stand the guy. If it weren’t for his wealthy buddies, nobody would know who Dana “fu%cking” White was from a hole in the wall.

      As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” and Dana is living proof of that.

    • jmjm

      Silva should change weight division. Scared of the other fighters

  • Rtomas

    Silva lost was FIXED. Purely business

  • silvas daddy

    Its simple, cw out wrestled, out boxed and out fought silva. Cw had the bigger heart and the bigger punch. Cw had all the respect and all the answers. Cw made silva fight at his pace and cw took “ALL “the risks. Great job mr.weidman, people like you make america great.glad belt is in the strong hands of an american .silvas gorilla kung fu is useless against cw.pressure was key, cw pressed silva constantly and silva just couldn’t adapt, he panicked and failed miserably .Great job!!!

  • Brian Burchell

    I’m not sure why Dana’s “F-bomb” supercedes the original narrative, but that notwithstanding, who gives at s***? Just about any person capable of reading has used the F word at least a few times. The use of that word doesn’t evoke the preconception that someone is intelligent or not. As for Dana, I like what he has to say most of the time, sometimes I don’t… That, my dear friends, is a democracy. If you want to scream and rant about your rights, by the constitution or otherwise, don’t cry and moan when someone exercises those rights. No Dana didn’t invent MMA, and he didn’t single-handedly resurrect UFC, but he was, and is, a significant contributing factor to the ongoing mainstreaming and thus availability of the sport that we all love.
    Lastly, some of you are banging on about Dana serving his interests, not the fans.. Here’s a little secret,, don’t tell anyone… It’s a BUSINESS!!! Of course he’s going to try and serve his and his investors interests, but, the business won’t be very successful if he ignores his ‘clients’. Call me crazy, but I believe he understands that concept. He’s not Nero, at least not yet….
    Bottom line, Maybe I don’t always agree with Dana’s decisions, but F*** me, He’s doing a stellar job and we all should be grateful.
    Just my 2 cents worth..

  • Rafael

    Anderson best ever