Dana White: Shogun Would Rather Be Cut Than Face Glover Teixeira

June 9, 2012
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As announced a few days ago, the new main event for UFC on Fox 4 will be a showdown between former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Brandon Vera.

More than a few eyebrows were raised at the curious matchmaking due to Vera’s 1-2-1 record over his last 4 fights, but UFC officials had another fight in mind before this one became a done deal.

Prior to Brian Stann suffering an injury that forced him out of his main event bout against Hector Lombard for the UFC on Fox 4 card, the UFC had planned on Shogun facing his fellow countryman Glover Teixeira at UFC 149.

But according to UFC President Dana White, Shogun wanted no part of that fight for whatever reason. He was so serious in fact that he said he’d rather be released than to fight Teixeira for his next bout.

“Shogun didn’t want to fight Glover Teixeira. He said he would rather be cut then fight him,” White revealed in an interview with Fuel TV following UFC on FX 3.

“Shogun didn’t mind fighting Brandon Vera, so he is fighting him. Shogun is a warrior; he has fought everyone from PRIDE, to Dan Henderson in his last fight. It’s just a weird situation.”

Weird situation indeed, but all parties have now moved on and Shogun will face Vera in the main event of UFC on Fox 4, and Teixeira will wait to make his next appearance in the Octagon at a later date.

Rua has yet to make a public statement about the situation regarding his desire to face Vera or displeasure with the match-up with Glover Teixeira.

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  • Wonder if he trained with Teixeira at some point in the past or if there’s some other relationship that we’re unaware of (relative, friend, fellow Brazilian…). I seriously doubt he’s scared / ducking.

    • phrankthetank

      Apparently teixeira immediately accepted the match, so if there is a reason, it’s not reciprocated. shoguns camp has been denying that they were ever offered the match. Something doesn’t seem right about the whole situation.

      • Maybe it’s just Rua’s manager / camp being picky and trying to get their fighter back on the winning track. That’s the only other thing I can think of.

    • RealmmaFan

      everyone knows shogun is not afraid to fight anyone shogun vs vera is the perfect tune up fight for him and in my opinion a great free main event who has beat vera standing? No one he ran through frank mir like butter he was out striking thiago not even jon jones wanted to keep the fight standing who doesnt want to see two muay thai specialist go at it? With that being said shogun should destroy him but vera will make it exciting..

  • spidersilva

    Regardless…could we please find someone better than brandon freakin vera! He’s gotta be one of the last 3 light heavys that i wanna see at all and sure as hell not fighting in a main event.


      Vera’s 1-2-1 ha! he didnt deserve that win against Marshal he should be 0-3-1.

  • Whitey

    Hopefully they do Texeira vs Te Huna.

    I heard that Shogun was offended at the preposed fight with Glover.

  • B-rok

    The light heavyweight division is a mess! Mainly because what once was a deep division is now thin. shogun should move down if he ever wants another title (unless jones moves up to heavyweight). The texira fight has no upside for him but neither does vera. A weight cut and a lombard fight would make more sense.


      Ya man, i agree Shogun should go down to middle weight.

  • mark-31

    Vera in the main event on Fox is a joke.

  • jasondecipher

    Maybe its his gay lover who gives a s#!t theres better mma news out there Shogun isn’t scared of fighting JBJ again & that guys a breast compared to Teixwhatever. Sure trxiera might have a bright future but cmon change the subject.. next! Vera isn’t a boring fighter imo. Theres guys people pay money to see ex. If Swick or Huerta headlines a card people will complain but win or lose I will pay to watch those fighters

  • jasondecipher

    Haha breast I meant *BEAST

  • RubeKegal

    Shogun doesn’t want to be anybody’s stepping stone. A win over Glover also doesn’t do much for Shogun.

    • Mike_Oxafloppin

      And a win over Vera does?

      • RubeKegal

        Good point…My guess is Vera is the more established name and certainly the easier chance to win. Glover hasn’t earned a shot at Shogun yet.

  • browill70

    Shogun is nobody’s fool. If Texiera wins he’s just beat a Top 10 opponent and if Shogun beat him then Texiera was nothing more than a prospect. They’re both fellow brazilians and might have trained at one time. I’m sure Shogun realizes Texiera is a dangerous opponent. Nothing to gain here.

    • @joshuahchalfant

      False shogun is being a punk about it. Check this

      Rampage (22-5) vs Rua (8-1)

      But rua is avoiding Glover for a

      Rua (20-6) vs Glover (18-2)

      @ some point big names gotta give the guys a chance, unless they r very close (which they aren’t as Glover happily accepted & rua was gonna fight Silva a chute boxes fighter) he IS SCARED … not of the man, just the risk/reward scenario

      But to call Glover a “prospect” is a joke he’s older than rua, and has a better record, granted he hasn’t fought the same high level NAMES.

      Its just dumb, Glover MAY BE champ some day, Vera never will. The UFC doesnt go by fans perception rua will be 1 fight from a title shot no matter who he fights Vera, Glover, a 63 year old Coleman.

      I’m not mad @ rua, but dont twist it to justify him dodging a much better (than Vera) fighter

      • rsnowbass

        Glover hasn’t earned it. Plain and simple. You’ll probably respond with his MMA record BUT, he has not been proven enough in the UFC to EARN a shot at a Hall of Famer like Shogun.

        You’re being a punk about it…

        • @joshuahchalfant

          Hall of famer? Maybe if there were a pride or MMA hall of fame, but rua is 4-4 in the UFC, if u remove the 40 year olds from the list he’s 2-3

          I’m not bashing, hating on, or even disagreeing with “rua’s” decision (it was his management not him) … but he has shown up in terrible shape for @ least 4 fights in the UFC cuz of his knees, I’d rather see him fight Glover (a Guy who could be champion some day) than fight Thiago Silva or Vera.

          I get if he only wants BIG NAMES but Vera should have lost to Elliott Marshall (and possibly even cut, not what I want but zuffa was sayin loser leaves town)

          I have nothing against Vera hell I hope he wins. Its frustrating cuz rua has never been THAT GUY who picks/dodges fights. Lil nog, gustoffson, page & bader being injured reduces the list u take what u get coming off a loss.

          • rsnowbass

            You do make a great counter-point. Touche.

          • julianmoran

            Shogun may be 4-4 in the ufc, but if you consider this:
            1)he fought injured against Forrest Griffin, loss that he avenged in a rematch.

            2) a loss against Machida, where he actually won, but had retarded judges deciding otherwise + he defeated Machida in an imediate rematch.

            3) A fight against Dan Henderson that should have been a draw.

            Therefore you could also say that Shogun is 5-2-1 in the ufc..

            and considering that all of his oponents in the ufc were against ufc champions (other then Dan Henderson),and that he avenged all of his losses other then Jon Jones you could make the argument that Shogun is the number 2 lhw in the world.

          • rsnowbass


            Great points also except for one.

            Dan vs Shogun a draw? 3 rounds easily given to Dan. One of which should have been a 10-8 round IMO

          • kjs84

            Rsnowbass what round do u speak of that should have been 10-8 for Dan???? I have seen this fight 3 times and the only 10-8 round should be the last where shogun had Dan mounted for 4 and half minutes…

            If u are speaking of round three where Dan drops shogun then pounces on him… U should watch again… Shogun defended got up and scored a takedown… How the hell is that 10-8… Fight should have been split for shogun or a draw…

          • RubeKegal

            OK Julian and KJS, let’s be real here. You 2 are obviously gripping tightly on Shogun’s pubes to be saying the things you are.

            #1, in the UFC everyone fights injured so toss that argument out the window.

            #2 You CANNOT say Shogun is 5-2-1, he is 4-4 plain and simple, his first fight against Machida he lost the first 3 and if you think he should have gotten a 10-8 round for mounting Hendo and doing NOTHING, then your nuthuggery is on a whole new level. Shogun also died in the 3rd round, but i’m sure you saw it even as Shogun had Hendo in a potential heel hook for all of 2.5 seconds.

            #3 KJS you are the biggest douche of all saying Shogun should have gotten split. I’m a Mayhem fan, but i’m not running around saying he should have gotten decision vs CB.

            You Shogun fans really take it way too far with the excuses.

  • adam1848

    Glover’s record is very impressive, but he has never been tested against anyone very good. Like has been said, he is still just a prospect, but why would Shogun want to risk another loss fighting a guy he has nothing to gain by beating? Of course Teixeira immediately accepted the fight…he has everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Shogun knows he will destroy Vera, possibly get a KO or sub of the night bonus, and leave with a paycheck and be in exactly the same position he is now. There are a lot of question marks around Teixeira and very few around Vera.

  • eidosrock

    It’s pretty obvious, really. Shogun wants to fight a big named fighter. Vera is a more recognizable fighter than Teixieira AND Teixeira is a much, much, bigger threat. Case closed.

    • RubeKegal

      100% accurate

    • DrkDisciple

      Bigger name? Vera? The guy is 4-5 in his last 9 fights pretty much of a has-been. In his last fight it took him 3 rounds to get a decision over a prelim fighter like Eliot Marshall. Does Beating Brandon Vera prove anything for anyone?… Then again I am sure that a few brainiacs here will tell me that Brandon Vera is hall of fame material!

  • Danjitsu

    Glad to see the posters here “get it” and nobody thinks he’s scared or anything stupid like that. This is a nothing to gain, everything to lose prospect. After Texeira gets a couple more wins and the casual fans realize how dangerous he is THEN I am sure Shogun will have no problem fighting him but now it is just not a very smart career move.

  • @joshuahchalfant

    Doesnt matter anyway Dana has already said it to Ariel & it will be the angle zuffa uses “NOBODY wants to fight this Guy” thats just as good as fighting rua, havin zuffa pushing that rua is scared

  • Anthony

    How come Ive never heard of Texerira? Has he ever faught on a UFC card before?–Anyway you slice it ,this is giving him serious legend status. Theyll market him as “the guy Shogun refused to fight”–I dont believe for a second Shoguns afraid of him, but now he has the best pubicity eva–you cant buy this type of advertsing—At least im curious to see him scrap, and not only have I never seen a fight of his before, Id never even heard of the guy. Dana releasing this was brilliant, and Glovers camp should be paying him for this type of publicity. Hes like Bigfoot(not silva .the actual ledgend of sasquatch) , no ones seen him, but everyone fears its out there somewhere.

  • Towers66

    An easy win against a known former contender is much more appealing than a hard fight against an unknown bad mofo. Shogun needs to get some impressive W’s in to stay relevant. This fight will give him that opportunity.

  • Shogun isn’t afraid of anyone–especially not Glover. Glover is just a high risk, low reward type of fighter that Shogun’s people aren’t looking for. Shogun should probably give him a chance but since he is trending towards the end of his career, Shogun has to think about making every fight count if he wants to recapture the title.

    Check out this highlight reel of Glover http://www.ufcfightblogger.com/videos/dana-white-shogun-rua-dodging-glover-teixeira-fights-brandon-vera/