Dana White Separates Paige VanZant and Felice Herrig (UFC on FOX 15 Staredown)

April 16, 2015
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Felice Herrig and Paige VanZant Media Faceoff

While Felice Herrig scowled and Paige VanZant smiled, UFC president Dana White stepped in between them to keep the two fighters apart at the UFC on FOX 15 media day on Thursday.


Check out Herrig and VanZant’s contentious staredown…

(Video courtesy of MMAFighting)

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  • WHAT !?

    Looks like Dana went in for a three way kiss

  • Catfight

    BAHAHAHA the body language is hilarious. I mean common, we all know this is a case of felice being the typical older jealous hot girl hating on the new younger hot girl that everyone is paying attention to more lol she even trys to do a little sexy pout at the end and the irony is everyone is whistling at page! Comon felice it’s not about who’s the more popular one hahahaha love it.

  • jimmy777

    Maybe its just me but it looks like Dana want to get in between these 2, I know I would 😉

  • KJK

    Great example of sideman in action….the only thing that would have made it better was if one of the girls would have pushed Dana out of the way and kicked him right in the nuts….now that would be article worthy!

  • Mman Mman

    What did I just watch? and why did I watch it again grinning? this is meant to be a fight haha

  • guest

    Tito actually looks pretty good with long hair and leopard print

    • winner

      this comment gets points


    The picture looks like porn gone wrong, look at Dana’s face.

  • Joe Dog

    Poorly rehearsed, VanZant could not even keep a straight face. It was obviously BS.

    • lols

      actually it looked way more like someone unimpressed with another persons posturing to the point where they just laugh at the obsurdity… you know… that thing you see all the time both with fighters and in real life? I guess not if your a atypical bitter chiponyourshoulder pessimist who thinks everything is some staged ploy and that people aren’t just people. lols

  • bigplay80