Dana White Says Weigh-ins & Staredown Tell the Story of the Fight; Silva vs. Weidman Staredown

July 18, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman UFC 162 staredownThe UFC has long made a show of what on the surface would appear to be predominantly a formality… the weigh-ins.

UFC president Dana White would greatly beg to differ, saying that the weigh-ins and the ensuing staredowns are one the most important tells of how the fight will go down.

“I am such a huge fan of the staredown,” said White at the recent UFC Fan Expo. “And, yes, it is one of the most important things leading up to the fight.

“The two things I love the most in the fight business are the staredown and the fight itself.”

White doesn’t just love the staredown because he’s a fight fan – although he is a huge fight fan – and gets to stand on stage with the fighters in the final moments they spend together before they throw down the next day. He believes that you can tell a great deal about a fighter by how they look and act during the staredown and weigh-in.

“That’s why we ended up making the weigh-ins such a big deal,” White proclaimed. “Because leading up to the fight, the weigh-ins and the staredown tell the story of what’s going to happen on Saturday.

“Is the guy on weight? Is he in shape? Did he cut right? What does he look like in the staredown? Does he look too drawn and dried out and did he cut too much weight? All that stuff is important to the fight the next day and I love it more than anything.”

The UFC 162 main event weigh-in and staredown between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman certainly told a story leading up to Weidman’s momentous upset of Silva on July 6 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The two went face to face, almost looking as if they were kissing, before White separated them.

White later tweeted that Weidman said to Silva, “I’m not afraid of you like everyone else,” while Silva responded, “We will see tomorrow.”

We did see, and Weidman wasn’t afraid like everyone else. Chris Weidman knocked Anderson Silva out cold.

Dana White at the UFC Fan Expo…

Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman Staredown…

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  • South.NZ.MMA

    Anderson has now tasted defeat, not only that knocked out in devastating fashion! Now that Anderson knows that Chris is not afraid of him, Anderson will give the M.M.A world, fans & haters a match to remember.

    • r

      He has lost before. Ryo Chonan beat him with a flying heel hook back in the day…

      • South.NZ.MMA

        yes but not in U.f.C, never lost at the top level of M.M.A, well until Chris that is, for now.

        • Fried_Chicken

          Silva’s been fighting for over 10 years so you probably know nothing of his early career.

        • DamianCross

          UFC wasn’t the top level when Chonan beat him.

          • Fried_Chicken


          • DamianCross

            …and he wasn’t in the ufc…

          • Fried_Chicken

            Exactly. I’m well aware of this.

          • Muaythai4life

            Actually at 185 it still pretty much was. Not only that it is still debatable if UFC had better 205lbers than Pride. HW it’s still questionable because Fedor never fought in the UFC. And the other Pride guys haven’t looked too amazing. Nog has done the best really.

          • South.NZ.MMA

            Agreed but in saying that the UFC was top level before Anderson entered.. hence why I stated never lost at top level in MMA : )

    • Milosc

      He will fight him the way he fought Vitor

      There is respect, now. No more games

  • KevStinx

    I partially agree, did anyone see how Silva not only handed Chris the belt but also wanted to kiss him, which Silva managed to do at the end of round 1.

    Silva lost his hunger for the fight, it was all just fun and playing around for Silva, I believe Silva is actually bored of title fights and the same old s***.

    The best thing out of this Silva loss is the fact we do not have to listen to Dana or other “morons” talk about super fights.

  • InformedOne

    Silva has never fought at the top lvl of competition, so he has indeed never lost at that lvl either. Vitor post steroid use and pre TRT was not a good test. Bonnar, Griffin, Sonnen, Franklin? Hmm isn’t Cote fighting on undercards now?

    So many overrated mid tier fighters, until Weidman. Maia is great on the ground, horribad standup. Silva is the Fedor of the UFC, I’m glad he has been exposed.

    • khemistry29

      You can only beat who is put in front of you. He is the best of his generation. His record shows that. If there were better fighters then he would not have dominated for 10 years, someone else would have. Give the guy a break …too many haters!

    • Baller31

      I like Weidman, but to try and downplay Silva’s, or Fedor’s, accomplishments is just idiotic. They are both legends in the sport, and for good reason.

  • candelario

    are we so desperate for “news”… the staredown

  • tyrone

    Silva got kod cause weidman hit that chin

  • Chicago

    She is cute.

  • Manuel Lopez

    I don’t think the word ‘afraid’ is the right term. None of these guys is afraid of any man. ‘Intimidated’, that’s another story. Weidman says he saw Silva on tv and went into mma to beat the guy… think about it, he saw Silva and said: “hey look, I’ll go into mma to beat that guy and take his belt”. El tipo tiene cojones! I love that, that he went into the sport with a specific target!

    • Fried_Chicken

      All fighters will say s*** like that to sell themselves.

  • silva says

    Silva said, “i tired, Chris win, he ko me, i no more fight for belt, i fight anybody but chris, i couldn’t hit Chris , i tried hard, i train 4 months for chris.chris champion now, respect new champion he greatest ever, he no play

    • silvas daddy

      He also said he trains to fight the way he fought Chris, what people called clowning and that he wouldn’t change fighting style. My argument is if he trains this way, then why would it be a fluke for chris to ko him. Chris is supposed to fight his fight regardless what opponent does. Andersons dancing is supposed to disarm opponent mentally, making them feel inadequate .luckily, weidman is stubborn and determined!!!

      • Fried_Chicken

        Okay, Chael.

  • Tony Ridgway

    “We did see, and Weidman wasn’t afraid like everyone else.”
    Everyone else, huh? What about the first Sonnen fight? I don’t remember Sonnen acting scared then…

  • silva says

    Silva said, i no more fight for title, weidman greatest ever, he no play, i couldn’t hit chris, he hit me hard, he make me poopoo on self,i need paper

    • Baller31

      Are you 12?