Dana White Says UFC Megafight Between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre Could Be Next

January 22, 2011
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Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre UFC

Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre

“I say it all the time, I truly believe that my job is to give people the fights that they want to see. The fights that they want to pay for.”

That has been UFC president Dana White’s mantra for a long time, and he reiterated that sentiment after UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre defeated Josh Koscheck at UFC 124 in Montreal in December.

There is one fight that fans have been clamoring to see for the past couple of years: Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre. Thus far, White hasn’t made it happen, but it appears that the two are on a collision course and could meet as soon as this year.

Silva steps into the main event of UFC 126 to defend his middleweight title against Vitor Belfort. St-Pierre is slated to face Jake Shields in defense of his belt at UFC 129 at the end of April.

“(If Silva wins against Belfort on Feb. 5), then Georges St-Pierre needs to beat Jake Shields in Toronto. That happens, then we’re probably gonna do that fight,” White told the troops that assembled on Friday for a question and answer session.

“If they both win, that fight makes all the sense in the world.”

One key factor holding up the fight has been St-Pierre’s reluctance to bounce around weight classes or fight at a catch weight. St-Pierre has fought his entire career at welterweight and has become the most dominant fighter in the class. If he has to change weight classes to fight Silva, it’s going to be a permanent move.

“If I go up in a weight class, I’m going to have to put muscle on my body because I’m going to be too small for 185,” St-Pierre said after UFC 124. “If I put muscle on my body and I go up to 185, I’m going to have to stay at 185. I don’t want to go up and down because when you go up and down, you see what happened to Roy Jones (Jr.) it messed up the reaction time.

“If I want to go up, I’m going to stay up. I don’t want to play up, down, up, down.”

  • shakejunt

    Would love to see it happen, but what about Okami’s shot? Also, what is Dana gonna do about the Welterweight division if GSP leaves? Considering that it would be a permanent move, would he just vacate the title and have an interim match?

  • Silva and St. Pierre can definitely win those fights so this looks like it is a real possibility! But George St. Pierre would probably win and then wouldn’t be able to defend both belts, so he would have to just vacate his title. That would be pretty lame, unless the UFC did a tournament for it, which we all know isn’t going to happen.

  • If this fight happens the last thing I’m worried about is GSP’s welterweight title… I mean if this fight were to happen and GSP were to win, he’s proved his point at the welterweight class and it’s time to rule another one and become the best MMA fighter ever.

    On the other hand if he were to lose, he would have that much more to prove and that much more motivation to get past Silva. The welterweight class will survive without GSP, especially if GSP vs. Silva 2 or 3 were to happen… which I’m sure there would be rematches after the first fight.

  • wonggfan

    Both GPS and A. Silva are not real fighters.

    They cut shit load of weight to make their weightclasses. And they refuse to move up weight class even though they have no opponents left.

    MW and WWs are classes made up to make small guys feel good about themselves. Real man fights at HW. LHW is acceptable for naturally small guys.

  • MrAdidas

    wonggfan: WTF?!? YOU are such a fucking moron dude STFU you idiot. “Real man fights at HW. LHW” ?!? WHAT? Not every man is 200+lbs you dummy, so FW, BW, LW, WW & MW arent real fighters?!? Dude thats the dumbest & most idiotic comment I have EVER read & I’ve read some lot of stupid shit, but you take the cake for FUCKING MORON of the YEAR!!!
    Every fighter in EVERY weight division drops alot of weight, besides Frankie Edgar (but I honestly think Edgar wanted to fight in the UFC & to do that he had to stay @ LW until the UFC added WEC & also b/c he doesnt have to cut alot of weight, hence he isnt drained come fight night)

    If you knew anything about MMA/UFC you would know that all the “top” fighter @ HW are cutting weight to make 265lbs, look at Carwin, Brock, Nelson, even Mir now have to cut weight to make 265lbs some guys walk around at 280-290lbs and then some. Just like LHW fighters all walk around @ 225-240lbs to fight @ 205lbs. Silva refuses to move up to LHW b/c he knows he would get KTFO by the likes of Jones, Rua, Evans etc. Silva likes fighting @ MW b/c hes usually bigger & stronger of the 2 fighters, but if he moved up to LHW he wouldnt have any advantage & thats the mina reason Silva will not move up – he fought 2 big slow guys who like to stand @ LHW, but put him in front of Jon Jones or Rua & it would be ZZZzzzZZZ for Silva.

    As for GSP….. he’s going to move up to MW stupid, did you not read the article?!? WOW I never seen so much stupidity in one single comment, maybe you should stick to checkers, seing how reading the article above is too difficult & complicated for you to do – seing how you wrote “they refuse to move up weight class” – YET this article jsut said GSP will move up & WHEN he does, hes staying there for good. AND YES GSP would vacate the WW title, when he moves up to MW!!!