Dana White Says St-Pierre Far From Being Ready

February 9, 2012
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Georges St. Pierre at UFC 129

Georges St. Pierre at UFC 129

UFC welterweight titleholder Georges St-Pierre sits on the sidelines recovering from knee surgery while the 170-pound division moves on without him. UFC president Dana White recently gave the media an update on his champion’s recovery progress.

“Georges has been rehabilitating and he’s been doing great. He is on track, but he is still far from being ready,” White told the media following UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit on Feb. 4.

St-Pierre recently stated he wouldn’t be ready to train until at least July.  The earliest return to action for St-Pierre is late this year. Even the champ himself said that late October or early November would be the soonest he could be back.

White revealed that St-Pierre felt pain in his knee while jumping out of his seat during the UFC 143 main event between Condit and Diaz.  But the UFC president remains confident that GSP will return in full form when he does step back in the cage.

“These surgeries these days aren’t what they used to be.  He went to the absolute best doctor there is.  He’s getting the best physical therapy that you can get and he’s a hard worker,” said White.  “Some of these knee surgeries now are just as good – I mean, Jerry Rice, 10 years ago, came back from a knee surgery and was still awesome.  It depends on the individual, but these knee surgeries are way different than they used to be.”

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  • D-rail

    Dana already said that the Condit vs st Pierre fight will be a HUGE sell out. So, let’s see what those two exiting gamers bring to all those lispers who patiently wait as the UFC tries to dig them up from the abyss. So much will happen with the welterweight division & still everyone will wait for these two to tango.

    • MrAdidas

      GSP Vs. Anyone/especially Condit would be a sell out! (though, not as big as GSP Vs. Diaz – just sayin’)

      As for the rest of the comment … AGREED!

  • BlackDog2009

    I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic. I hope you are. Because I don’t see how Condit vs GSP could be a huge sell out. They are both pretty boring, they come in to avoid losing instead of coming in to fight and finish their opponent as quick as possible.

    • adam1848

      Carlos Condit has 28 wins in his career. 26 by stoppage, and 21 of those were in the 1st round. The only two wins he has by decision are to Diaz and Ellenberger, two of the best WW in the world, and his split decision loss to Kampmann was extremely exciting. If you are going to criticize a guy, you should at least watch more than just his last fight.

    • KBEsq

      Okay, you think Condit and GSP are boring? With regard to Condit, I not only disagree with you, but I cannot even understand how you can say Condit is a boring fighter. In fact, the only fight I’ve seen Condit in that can be considered boring was his fight with Diaz.

      With regard to GSP, there seems to be this new bandwagon of people calling GSP boring. This I don’t understand either. How many boring fights has GSP had? I think this bandwagon reaction comes as a result of GSP being the number one fighters at WW, and that has to bring insult. Both of these fighters had arguably boring fights in their last fight. That’s pretty much it. For GSP, you may be able to make an argument for one or two more of his fights, but that’s it.

      I think people who say that GSP is boring perhaps look at his record and see a lot of decision wins and conclude that he’s boring. If you actually see the fights, though, they’re pretty damn entertaining. His fight with Fitch was a good example. A decision, yes, but GSP beat the crap out of Fitch in every round. On top of that GSP has a lot of good finishes. I don’t get people calling GSP boring. Call Jon Fitch boring. Call Tyrone Woodley boring. Don’t call GSP boring.

      • therealmo

        Why do you always write so much **** down? Can’t you paraphrase you words into a couple sentences?

        • KBEsq

          Two reasons: (1) I have a lot to say about MMA, and (2) none of my friends like MMA more than casually, so I really have no outlet for it other than this site.

          You don’t have to read my posts – when you see my name, just move on. Not like you agree with anything I say anyway.

          • therealmo

            Don’t you think your comments are too long? They’re longer than the damn article itself, hello!??

          • KBEsq

            I can’t respond to your comment, so I can only respond to mine. To Therealmo: the length of the article has no bearing on the length of the comment if the article brings up a hot-button issue. What if an entire article was:

            “Diaz/Condit II Set for a Rematch”

            You better believe people are going to be posting some novels, just like they have been.

            This leads me to my next point, why are you singling me out for this? Lots of people post long comments. Many people who come here work at a desk (and don’t smoke) and coming to MMA Weekly every couple of hours is their way of taking a break.

      • Condit is very entertaining, one of my favs since WEC days. I do not find GSP boring in the slightest, then again I dont hate Fitch like is en vogue either. GSP v. Fitch would make my Top 100 DVD (if I made one) in fact. It’s a shame GSP is out right now, because I think the trio of GSP, Condit & Diaz could have had a series of fights that may have rivaled the old Sugar Ray/Hagler/Hearns fights (ok, maybe not that epic & we have no Duran in the mix, but you get the point)

    • youre a fool and dont watch MMA…condit has finished 26 of 28 opponents…cmon guy…this dude is a finisher to say the least…keep it real…your a new MMA fan that has only seen the diaz fight correct?

  • I just want to break down some numbers for all you Diaz fans (who think and some still do that he would beat GSP)

    Of the current top 10 list:
    Diaz is now 0-2
    GSP is 5-0

    If you bring in fighters that were in the top 10 list at some point in their careers like Penn, Hughes, Sherk, Parisan:

    Diaz is 1-4
    GSP is 11-1

    And just side notes Diaz only win came against Penn who at the time of the fight dropped out of top 10 and isn’t the fighter he was when GSP beat him twice. Now I quickly did this so I may not be totally accurate but definetly close enough.

    Now Condit is 2-1 against top 10 fighters and I just wanted to point out that his last two losses (kampman and shields) were both because they took him down when they needed to which is exactly what GSP will do.

  • bajafox

    Doesn’t matter, unless the card GSP is on is super stacked I wouldn’t pay a dime towards GSP or Condit any time soon. Condit lost all of my respect this Saturday and chances are GSP will just be another snooze fest, no matter who he faces.

    • and you will be in the vast minority because GSP will easily sell 700k-800k with or without you

    • jtmma

      Good, go watch a more exciting sport like Baseball or Golf. MMA doesn’t give a **** about you. GSP will make millions and you’ll sit there talking of your ass still.

  • bdono554

    Most of the people who comment on this site are going to bitch no matter what happens. the same people who are bitching about GSP are same people who bitch about Anderson Sliva knocking everyone out in the first round! EVERY FIGHT IN THIS SPORT IS NOT GOING TO BE HENDO VS SHOGUN OR GRIFFEN VS BONNER! GET OVER IT!

  • TKDGuy

    I will definitely watch a Condit vs GSP fight.

    I also expect to seen Condit doing a lot of leg kicks… lol

  • joetallyhoe

    I don’t think that guy is aware that GSP since his rise to fame has sold out every single fight he has ever been in. He (according to Dana White) is the UFCs biggest PPV star of all time. Some say Lesner, but lesser only had one fight that sold any more than GSPs fights. Also look at the card. I bought the view not for lesser but for the others. GSP is hands down the greatest PPV star in the UFCs history and that clown says DW will have a hard time selling the GSP vs. Condit fight. It goes to show the legitimacy of casual MMA fans.