Dana White Says Silva vs. Sonnen 2 Would be in a Soccer Stadium

January 10, 2012
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It’s no secret that a soccer stadium is on the UFC’s radar. The promotion has been rumored to be scouting locations in Sao Paulo, Brazil for early summer, which is coincidentally the time frame for injured middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s return to the Octagon.

UFC president Dana White hasn’t exactly taken a hard stance in deflecting the rumors of a record-breaking show in Brazil.

“What happens is you guys get all this sneaky information and then I say stuff at the press conference and my whole crew says, ‘What are you doing?’” White commented following UFC 139, before adding, “I don’t know if we’re going to Sao Paulo in June and if Anderson Silva is headlining the card. I have no clue. That would be awesome though,” a coy grin plastered across his face.

In a recent outtake from the new UFC Tonight series on Fuel TV, White all but confirmed that if Chael Sonnen is victorious over Mark Munoz this month at UFC on Fox 2, a rematch with Silva is on tap for a soccer stadium in South America.

“Obviously if Sonnen faces Anderson Silva, that’ll be a hot ticket. People all over the world will want to see that fight,” said the UFC boss. “If that fight goes down, it will probably be in Brazil and it will probably be in a soccer stadium.”

White also discussed the company’s plans for Japan and the rest of Asia, and even talked about the possibility of putting on an event in Paris. Check out the outtake below…

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  • just one problem i see there… Munoz is gonna KO Sonnen and that’s that. He can stop his wrestling and has bombs in the hands. Don’t see this going to great for Sonnen

    • MrAdidas

      Just one problem with “just the one problem you see”…. Sonnen will not get KTFO! When was the last time Sonnen got KTFO?!? Sonnen has a chin made of steel, he lost 2 fights by TKO (never once by KO). The 1st loss by TKO was due to cuts (Jeremy Horn) & the 2nd loss by TKO was a corner stoppage (Terry Martin) *** both of which occured in 2004***

      Sonnen got tagged by Silva a couple of times in their fight, yet Sonnen still came in charging, then Sonnen EMBARESED possibly THE most powerful striker in the MW division in Brian Stann. BUUUT you think Munoz can do what Anderson Silva & Brian Stann were not able to do….. and that is to KO Sonnen?!?

      BAHAHAHAHA okay whatever you say. Is it possible? Hell Yes. Very probable? HELL NO!
      After seing what Sonnen was able to do to Stann, not to mention how easy Chael made it look, if I were Silva I would pray Munoz gets a lucky punch & beats Sonnen. The Sonnen we saw Vs Stann, looked 10 times the fighter he was Vs Silva. Sonnens ground game looked incredible, compared to his last 2 or 3 fights. I mean he was ALL OVER Stann from beginning to end, Sonnen even looked like a BJJ black belt. Sonnen was/is on a mission to prove that Silva got “lucky” in the 1st fight. Which I believe Silva was lucky to get the submission, b/c Sonnen got lazy, it wasn’t b/c Silva did anything special. Silva did what any great fighter/Champ does…… took advantage of his oponents mistake/lack of concentration & pulled out a comeback for the ages.

      I think you’re in for a disappointment, especilly if you think Munoz is going to KTFO out of Sonnen. Which is going to be hard for him to do, when he’s on his back for the majority of the fight! Sonnen by TKO or Sub, just like Sonnen Vs Stann.

      • Mannn plz let’s start off bye Spider was hurt Dana and the Dr both comfrimed that but o well rite then he was Shootn up so he could have a damn chance then Bye the end of the fouth round Spider look brand new while Loud mouth look like he got jumpd ok And the Biggest thing WHO hAs he ever finshed exceptd for his last fight NOBODY he js got is very fist finsh in is whole MMA career Mann plz lol gt ur stats straight

        • If you think Spider has never juiced your crazy. All those guys have. And Chael has finished people in his career:
          Kyacey Uscola TKO (Punches)
          Amar Suloev TKO (Punches)
          Tim McKenzie Submission (Brabo Choke)
          Tim Credeur TKO (Punches)
          Tim Williams TKO (Punches)

          Etc, etc. So please, have your facts right next time.

          • fitefan

            This guy just didn’t look at any of Chael’s fights outside the UFC.

            But I don’t see how you figure Silva is juicing. He’s a rail at 185. The only time he looks puffed up is when he fought at 205.

            I think the ‘juice’ this other guy is talking about is the Testosterone shots everyone seems to be needing to continue fighting nowadays.

    • jmsbjj

      dana white should be shot for giving steroid boy another shot anyway!!

  • b-soc

    I have to agree. The sports books will have Munoz as the underdog but he’s really really underrated IMO.

  • trevor

    Wow! Munoz has no f..in chance.

  • fsunoles09

    bro munoz aint gonna stop any takedowns sonnen is stronger and a better wrestler in my opinion and sonnen looked beast against stann which tells me he on a mission for silva and i dont think munoz gonna do to much to stop that

    • MrAdidas

      I completely agree with your assessment! Silva should be worried to fight Sonnen, especially after the Sonnen Vs Stann fight. Sonnen looked like a master grapler/BJJ expert. Everyone thought Sonnen Vs Stann was going to be a back & forth war, well….. it wasn’t even close. It was like Stann was figthing for the 1st time in his life. That’s how good Sonnen was, I’d hate to see how good he will be come June/summer time when he fights Silva……. IF he beats Munoz (which he should – IMO). Should be interesting

    • jmsbjj

      well if hes stronger we know why dont we.steroid useing bitch!!!!!!!

  • fsunoles09

    and id have to say stann is a better striker then munoz, munoz just has bombs and im not to sure he hits that much harder then stann and sonnen took care of him no problem. but if munoz loses which there is a good possibility he will they should throw em in with the loser of belfort/johnson munoz vs either 1 of those dudes would be pretty decent

    • MrAdidas

      Yeah, I agree with you again. Stann is a better technical striker than Munoz & there’s NOOO doubt that Stann has more power in both hands & not to mention he has leg kicks. I dont think I’ve ever seen Munoz throw any kicks, though I do remember when Munoz got KTFO by a Matt Hammill leg kick – OUCH!

      I’d really like to see Bisping Vs Stann, but Stann fights in Arpil Vs Allesio Sakara & Bisping fights Maia this month. If Bisping wins, he should fight the winner of Belfort Vs Johnson for the new #1 contender. Then we have Munoz, the loser of Belfort Vs Johnson, Brian Stann (who should have a win Vs Sakara) & then you will have the loser of the #1 contendership. The MW division is finally starting to have some decent contenders, though it’s still FAR – FAR – FAR behind the other weight divisions. (In regards to skill/competition for the Champ)

  • zacharydetal

    Munoz is alright but he hasn’t beat many top contenders and he got crushed by Matt Hammil.

  • fsunoles09

    nope his hands look really slow 2, looks like anybody wth decent head movement could make him whiff on alot of punches

  • fitefan

    I like Munoz. I think he’s a bit underated but Sonnen is very motivated.
    Sonnen didn’t give Stann any chance to strike, he closed the distance, took him down, and subed him.
    I expect Sonnen to do the same to Munoz, not because Munoz is bad, but because Sonnen will surprise him with is aggression just like he did Stann.

  • zacharydetal

    fitefan I agree that sonnen will win but I think Munoz is over rated if anything. His last four wins are against, Leben ( who failed a drug test for opiates) I’d say that would affect his performance, Mia, C.B. Dolloway and Aaron Simpson. Mia is 4-3 in his last 7 fights and probably the best guy he beat. Why do you think he’s underrated?

    • fitefan

      I just like Munoz, that bias may be the only reason I think he’s underated. Because he seems to be disregarded by most as if he’s nothing. Maybe I think he’s a bit under respected would have been a more accurate statement.
      I give him credit over the Leben win tho. Leben fights better half unconscience anyway. And has been a strong gate keeper for the MW division.

  • TequilaMan2000

    Munoz was a national wrestling champion. He’ll do just fine against Chael’s wrestling, which is not much better than Munoz’. So that leaves the fight largely standing, and if that is true… Munoz has lead weights in his hands and he is definitely an under-dog worth betting on.

    • MrAdidas

      Dude you are comparing wrestling in College Vs wrestling in MMA. TWO completely diff “sports”. When you wrestle collegiate you do not need to worry about punches, kicks, elbows & GnP etc. Munoz may be a better wrestler than Sonnen in College, but Munoz does NOT have the same level of wrestling as Sonnen does in MMA. I still do not understand how people can still assume wrestling in College/NCAA is the same as wrestling in MMA! Sonnen is an expert in incorporating his wrestling with MMA/his gameplan, compard to munoz.

  • Mma fanatic

    Chael is gonna smash! His wresting will dictate we’re the fight goes! He can keep it standing and smash or wear Munoz down and finsh via GnPound! Besides Anderson Silva ,Vitor Belfort is the only guy I see puttin it on Chael!

  • maddawgmar

    Munoz does hold an amatuer wrestling victory over Sonnen. However that does not translate to MMA. I feel that Sonnen’s wrestling is adapted to MMA better than Munoz. As for Munoz’s heavy hands, if you can’t hit someone you can’t KO them. Silva couldn’t hit Sonnen, and Silva is way better striker than Munoz. And if I remember correctly, correct me if I’m wrong, Sonnen knocked Silva down with his stand up in that fight. Munoz is a better than average UFC fighter but not top ten. Sonnen wins by unanimous decision.

  • jaydogg

    Anderson is one of the best strikersout there, way better than Munoz. If Sonnen was able to neutralize Silva’s striking then Munoz is going to be a walk in the park Chael.

  • js


    I believe that if sonnen gets past munoz he should fight silva. and on the same note if silva gets past sonnen, he should move up to lghtwgt and fight jones for the belt!!!!!???

    • MrAdidas

      I pretty mcuh agree with you on if Silva beats Sonnen, move up to LHW. Though I do not see Silva beating Rua, Evans possiblt Bader (due to his wrestling & strength)…. at LHW. Big difference in fighting @ MW & LHW! Silva would lose his size, strength & most importantly for Silva, he’d lose his reach advantage that he absolutely loves @ MW.

      I believe another reason Silva wants nothing to do with LHW, is b/c they have alot more world class wrestlers than the MW division. The two fights Silva had @ LHW were Vs 2 guys who like to strike. 1st: James Irvin (NEVER a top 10 – maybe top 20 if he’s lucky) has no real skill, just heavy hands. Which is why an accurate counter puncher like Silva salivates at a chance to fight a one dimensional fighter like Irvin. Silva wins by BEATDOWN! 2nd: Forrest (not exceptionaly great at anything, but has alot of heart). Forrest was fed to the sharks b/c Forrest is a “brawler”, who loves to run in throwing, which is exactly what you DO NOT want to do Vs. an accurate counter puncher like Silva. Forrest does not have good stand up, Forrest is not fast, at all, Forrest is not 1 dimensional… per say. but he’s pretty easy to read/figure out.

      Yeah Silva is 2-0 at LHW, but he fought a gate keeper at best in Irvin & he fought a guy/Forrest who was Champ (b/c Rampage underestimated Forrest), but Forrest was exactly what Silva needed….. a highlight reel KO. Which is why I say Forrest was fed to the sharks. Silva came off his 3rd embaressing title defense @ MW after the Cote, Leites & Maia disasters. Silva ended up losing LOADS of fans. Dana even said that he may have to put Silva on the undercard b/c NOONE would ever pay to see him fight again. It would have been the 1st time in sports history that a title fight, would not be broadcasted. Queue Forrest to the “rescue”/the fall guy. Forrest runs in as “planned” & gets KTFO!

      I know many people think the Silva Vs Forrest fight was “fixed/staged”, though I doubt it. The ONLY thing I found weird, wes when Forrest was KO’d? Not 2 mins later, Forrest is up & running like nothing happened. Very WeIrD!

      P.S Silva gets OWNED/EMBARESSED/SPANKED/ANNIHILATED by Jon Jones – without a doubt.

      • fitefan

        I don’t see any reason for Silva to jump weight to LHW if he wins, anymore than GSP jumping weight to the MW division.
        Just because a guy is a champion at one division, and is clearly the best, doesn’t mean he should be forced UP in weight to fight guys that cut DOWN in weight to find someone to beat him.

        He’s the middle weight champ. If you can’t find someone to beat him, then so be it. It rather unfair, and proves nothing to send him up a weight class just serve him up a Loss.
        Should Edgar fight GSP?
        Should Jones fight JDS or Overeem?
        If they both did and lost, what would it prove? Nothing. It would only show that bigger/stronger champion fighters have an advantage of smaller/weaker champions.

        Silva demonstrated that he can beat some LHW. Now I agree, both of them were not really top ten. And Forrest was fed to the sharks that fight to salvage Silva’s reputation.
        But Forrest didn’t get KO’d. He gave up. He waved Silva off. He didn’t want anymore. He was embarrased and his will to fight was sapped. It wasn’t a fixed fight. Forrest just didn’t sustain any physical injury. So, being up and about like nothing happened is attributed to just being in great shape as a fighter.
        No different than Brock announcing his retirement with no visable discomfort 2 minutes after it looked like he was just beat to death. Tito did the same.

  • KBEsq

    I knew this would happen. All those people who say Silva is ducking Sonnen. Silva knew he would be fighting Sonnen eventually, and that is exactly what’s going to happen.

    If I were Silva, I’d want to be healthy for a guy who I know is going to inject man juice in his nuts to be able to conjure up enough will to fight, because his body doesn’t produce enough will on its own.

  • WarBrks

    P.S Silva gets OWNED/EMBARESSED/SPANKED/ANNIHILATED by Jon Jones – without a doubt.


    My friend Lyoto Machida proved in the 1st rnd against JJ that he can be beaten. He surely won that rnd. No doubt he is making history and probably will became one of the best of all times.

    But Silva dispite been older is much more experienced and also still much faster than him.

    If Dana White make that fight happen when Silva´s 40 years old JJ will win but if it happens soon Silva surely win.


  • tobaccoman

    Maybe instead of spending so much time incorporating amat. wrestling into mma wrestling Mr.Sonnen should have spent 10 mins. learning how to defend submissions. Why the UFC wants to give another title shot to a felon and cheater is beyond me,must only be for the $$. Apparently if you talk enough **** like Sonnen and Diaz you get rewarded. Heaven forbid you tweet something offensive though! you dont want to get DW in a moral outrage.

    • fitefan

      It’s always all about the money first, and skills second.
      And yeah, the tweeting thing seems to be controversially inconsistent with Dana.

  • Pig_The_Pug

    UFC is fixed!!!!! I just went on chael sonnens Wikipedia page….. It says he will ko Munoz in round one of the first round and earn fight of the night honours …. And he is expected to face silva late 2012……. Look for yourself

  • Pig_The_Pug

    Hahaha within mins of posting that they have took it off……what a joke

  • ryanstewart

    I have to agree with Mr.adidas.I think Chael is probably the brightest star in the MMA today.He has a very strong chin and I think he can out wrestle anyone in the MW Division.
    He did lose to Anderson,He did test positive for PED’s afterwords,He did get caught in a choke to end the fight.Maybe it wasn’t his night. I believe in second chances,and I believe that Mr. Sonnen will get bu Mark Munoz in a good fight.Maybe by points or submission.I don’t want to take anything away from Munoz he’s a hell of a fighter.But Chael has a very serious experience and talent background.I thought if anyone Stann would have been the guy to beat him.So I see a clear path for Chael after this fight.Then he will take it to Silva again and reign supreme amongst the MW’s .

  • you know m getting sick and tired of ppl belittling the Spider for that almost lost to Sonnen, you guy have to know something, Anderson can finish fight and make u look like ur nothing but he has a reputation and in that fight he was in fuel with the President Dana White, which almost strap him from title belt andalmost fire him because of those previous fighting including the fight with Maia. Dana said if Spider did that again he will fire him so of course as a fighter i can’t let that happen and beside he wants to get his fan back which to give his fan the fight for their money, not only on round or two minute fight but the whole 5 rounds which made us so happy that the fight lasted that long so we should all shut up and enjoy the sport and be thankful that we got our money for it. look at JDS and Cain, how long the fight took less then two minute and that was so shame even thought it was free but still if we have one whole round would have been better. another thing, i dont see why ppl want those Champion to Jump weight class, cause every weight class has their own champion so i agree with fitefan, if u can’t get me a strong guy from my weight class then suit you hell, its not my fault and its not fair, Eager can’t fight GSP, GSP can’t fight Silva is too big for him and Jones can’t fight JDS cause he is want to bigger then him, so why move up weight class or move down, it will only be unfair when u go up or come down get lose and make u lose so shame. i wouldn’t do it. for those who wants to do it or wants to have a chance then you come down like Sonnen, he was at 205 now he is at 185 because he wants to challenge, so challenger so come and challenge the champion, less not make WWE weight someone so light weight wins against someone so big like the BIG SHOW, seriously if that was real who can beat a 500 pound 7 foot gain, NO ONE and thats a fact.