Dana White Says Ronda Rousey Would Hurt Floyd Mayweather; Fight Would Make a Zillion Dollars

April 24, 2014
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Ronda Rousey vs Floyd MayweatherAfter UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey went on record saying she could beat world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather in a fight, how could ESPN’s Highly Questionable pass up asking UFC president Dana White his thoughts on the subject.

Not surprisingly, White agreed with his champ, saying not only would Rousey defeat Mayweather, she would hurt him.

Of course, White isn’t generally a fan of freak-show match-ups – ahem, save for Randy Couture vs. James Toney – but if he could put Mayweather in the Octagon with Rousey, he’d be all over it.

“That fight would make a zillion dollars.”

Zillion is a rather large number… I guess we couldn’t blame him for putting on that freak show. And who wouldn’t watch it?

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  • Wil Willis

    lol speed kills in this case Rousey loses 10 out of 10 times

  • Lawdog1521

    He lands one punch and her head is up in the nose bleeds.

  • jrcr_15

    RR is the most over hyped, over saturated person in the companies’ history. 10x more so than Brock was

    • Kyle Reusch

      You sir are a moron. No one, and I mean no one finishes fights like her. Period. You may not like the fact that women are center stage right now, but it is not from lack of ability. She arm bars b—–s every single f—ing time. No one does that, man or woman.

      • Baller31

        The level of women’s mma is not anywhere near that of mens mma, and Ronda has been shielded from fighting anyone perceived by Dana to be a threat. Yes, she is severely overhyped. Maybe get off of her nut sack??

      • jrcr_15

        You need to work on your reading and comprehension buddy. Did I say that she was unskilled and not a good fighter..? NO. I said that she is over hyped and over saturated (You might want to look up what that means) . Go on any MMA website and all you see is the daily garbage written about her. EX – she can KO ppl with body shots, calling Cyborg ‘it’. The hypocrisy that surrounds her from Dana is sickening. They are hyping her up past the likes of GSP, Anderson. It is annoying and everyone with half a brain can see right through it.

  • TheCerealKiller

    This is just a pathetic attempt at a cross promotion to get boxing fans to look. I wouldn’t doubt Floyd is invested in Ronda. “Don’t look at Cyborg, look at Floyd!”

  • If she slips the first combination and lands a takedown then it’s all over for Mayweather!! lol

  • uncle

    The UFC just hit a new low, Floyd is a boxer with sick
    hand speed …oh I get she can beat Mayweather but
    not Cyborg talk about that

  • Mark McDowall

    So he would put her in the ring against a man…but wont put her in the ring against Cyborg…protecting your favorite toy much? This officially proves that Dana is a bit of a dummy…

    • Kyle Reusch

      He has offered her a place in the UFC her and her roided out husband are too busy injecting each other to pass any kind of drug test in the U.S.

      • Mark McDowall

        Considering she has fought a couple times for Invicta, and in Muy Thai fights…and had drug tests…and passed since she got caught in StrikeForce…I would conclude that your comment is pretty dumb.

        And she wasn’t offered a contract in the in the UFC…she was automatically brought over when they bought StrikeForce. But when Dana said they will only have a 135lb womens division…your 145lb champ doesn’t really have a place to go. Plus Tito was acting as her manager so that kinda screwed things up as well.

        • Kyle Reusch

          Anything Tito touches turns to s–t…. The problem is that she’s been on it for soo many years how do you justify letting “it” fight women. The UFC doesn’t want the drama, especially in a new division like women’s MMA. She already said she could never make 135 so idk why people keep talking about her like she is a relevant bantamweight. It would be like putting Pettis against Hendrix. She is just much much bigger, than girls or guys her size anyway… S–ts not natural.

          • Mark McDowall

            I agree she is huge. I have met cyborg in person and she is jacked!! But she has reached out to Mike Dolce and they both said that given doctors approval she can and will make the cut to 135. Even if its not for the belt make it at 145…where Rousey used to fight before she was offered the cyborg fight…then dropped to 135.

            Im just saying that if Dana would even spend the brain power to think about Rousey fighting MayWeather…he should consider putting on a catch weight bought with Cyborg.

    • aaron gustaveson

      Who ever said he would put her in a ring with him? This whole topic is purely hypothetical, for fun.


    So if Rousey can beat $ then what would Borg do to him?

    • aaron gustaveson

      Not much probably but she’d have a chance.

  • itdoesntmatter122

    Mayweather would ko rousey before she ever touched him

  • David

    Haha this is pure marketing guys, clean the sand out of your vaginas.

  • manadon23 .

    I want to see the fight with Cyborg. I get why they’re doing this. They need some pub, and they want to get some easy pub off of Floyd’s fight in two weeks. Still I am more interested in Rousey/Cyborg.

  • Kenny Powers

    What an idiot, a star crisis? I dont know anyone who even likes Ronda Rousey.

  • grisscoat

    White, better than anybody, should know how devastatingly fast an elite boxer can get off a succession of really accurate shots. Rousey would not know or understand what just hit her.

    • aaron gustaveson

      The rules allow her to literally crawl over to him. You think she could get the clinch standing? If she got the clinch he’d be done.

  • Bogo

    WHHHHYYYYY are we still talking about this??? Seriously, is there nothing else we can talk about? How about the upcoming addition of the Women’s strawweight division? How about why isn’t there a women’s flyweight division? How about the state of the Heavyweight division? You guys really can’t find anything else other than some offhanded JOKE Ronda made that’s NEVER going to happen? I don’t get it.

  • Dana the Piglet

    Dana’s such an idiot.

  • Hansa

    Well it wouldn’t surprise me if Floyd the Avoid Mayweather would fight women(No disrespect towards women, love them and can’t live without them) since he is ducking both Pacman and Bradley..Anyway, I would pay a lot too see Mr.Money get his ass whopped by RR.

  • blob

    RR is wayyy overrated. Compaired to mens MMA she is just a good fighter in a pool of average fighters. The only female in the UFC that has the ferocity that Ronda and Cyborg have is Julia Pena.

    • aaron gustaveson

      Im sure Pena is improving but she has horrible striking skills, she won tuf because she was the most naturally masculine. She closes her eyes when throwing strikes for godsake.

  • sdfasdfasd

    This “issue” is getting way more attention than it should.

  • DamianCross

    Pretty sure this fight would not get sanctioned and is, in fact, illegal.

  • Adam

    I love mma and boxing. Can’t stand mayweather he’s a prick. With that being said let’s look at this honestly. R.R. Would be spitting teeth

  • t1oracle

    She might KO Manny, but not Floyd. Sorry Ronda.

  • truthisgood

    Stupid stuff like this is why UFC will never truly be taken seriously. I mean why is necessary for him to even make such a stupid speculation.