Dana White Says Ronda Rousey is “So Nasty, So Mean” She’d Fight a Guy if She Had To

December 7, 2012
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Ronda Rousey StrikeforceMake no mistake about it, Ronda Rousey is the reason why the women’s division is coming to the UFC.

That’s according to UFC president Dana White, who admits his stance on women’s MMA hadn’t changed much over the last few years until the arrival of Ronda Rousey in Strikeforce.

The way Rousey destroyed the competition and then launched a verbal attack on anyone standing in her way appealed to White, and he knew he had a legitimate star on his hands that could not only hold her own on the microphone, but was as dangerous as anybody inside the cage.

“The reason we have women’s MMA now is because of her. If you’re thinking it’s because she’s attractive, and this and that, and that’s all great, but you hear the way this girl talks? She is a Diaz brother inside,” White said on Thursday.

“None of them have what this one has, she’s nasty, she’s mean. She would actually fight a guy if that was the case, if that was what it takes to get into the UFC, she’d do it.”

White has so much faith in Rousey that when he signed her up to fight in the UFC, he put her under an eight-fight contract.

It’s not often that a fighter will sign a deal for more than three or four fights, but Rousey’s talent and charisma have convinced the UFC to put the money on the table for a long-term deal.

But what happens if Rousey loses in the UFC? Does the women’s division go away?

Well, White says he understands the nature of MMA as well as anybody, and just because Rousey is the best today, doesn’t mean she’ll be the best tomorrow.

“One thing we all know, anything can happen in there. I don’t predict who is going to win and lose anymore,” said White.

If Liz Carmouche is able to get past Rousey at UFC 157, White says they will move forward with her as champion.

There are no guarantees, however, when it comes to the women’s division in the long term or the short term.

“This could last for years; this could last a year,” said White.

Right now the focus is on the positive and that’s Ronda Rousey’s UFC debut coming on Feb. 23 in Anaheim, as she headlines UFC 157 against Liz Carmouche.

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  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Dana really needs to fess up and admit Ronda’s really only in the UFC because he’s tapping that ass.

    • V


  • Thaddeus O’ Shea

    N Cmon, tapping that ass?? Grow up. I’m not a big fan of women’s mma and Ronda being pretty is debatable.
    But she’s the only reason I’m now interested in watching her next fight. Its that she’s got cred,she’s got the attitude,the belt and sometimes she can look somewhat attractive. Obviously that’s why she’s all over non mma media. Danas smart signing her long term whether or not it pays off, its a gamble possibly but worth it. Smart business move on zuffas part. A little risky but could pay off well for all parties involved.

    • Maddawgmar

      I agree with most if what you said, but not the looks thing. If Rousey were to jump in your bed, you would be all over her. Everyone find some reason to say someone is unattractive. Carrie Underwood has a big forehead, Taylor Swift has a rat nose, Jessica Alba’s eyes are too close together. It’s pathetic, I for one think Rousey is Gorgeous. But I watch her because she is exciting and finishes fights. Even if its with the same move she is always looking to finish.

      • macgrubber

        if she jumped in my bed id tell her to gtfo and get in the kitchen were her nasty ass belongs

  • chuker

    Faber vs Rousey That should headline UFC 157.

  • Must be in love with her

  • Mike mckinney

    I never thought rousey was very special in the looks department. People were just grading on a curve. Not a lot of competition with chicks like cyborg running around.
    However, I saw her in person at UFC 148 and was stunned. She was very attractive that night. Usually women are more attractive on TV, her not so much.
    With all that said, shed get kicked out of bed in a second if Gina walked in the room.
    (Great kitchen comment)

  • V

    Just last year Dana wasn’t even a fan of woman’s MMA, Gina Carrano was ten times more marketable than Rousey and he still would not bite, Hell Cyborg with or without the juice is still a better fighter than her and he still wouldn’t get behind women in MMA now all of a sudden he’s a fan and he not only gives her the Belt at the presser of the best card of the year stealing thunder away from the men then he gives her the main event of a PPV she should be on a FOX card just wait until she loses the hype train will die because theres not enough in the talent pool for woman’s MMA and I wanna see them win(women) but truth is truth! And she’s a one trick pony sure it works but what happens when it doesn’t this is MMA not boxing! I think he is tapping it how else do you explain the 360 he’s done.

    • Mr. Pink

      But the thing of it is even Ronda’s opponent is a joke. Chica couldn’t beat Marloes or Sara, but she’s fighting Rousey? lol Only people who know nothing about MMA will even remotely be interested in this. Just another UFC circus act.

  • Mike Morales

    Ronda made it to the UFC because of the fact that she finished people in quick devastating fashion and because she cuts one hell of a promo. Real fans of hers would know that she is quite dorky, but when the promo cameras are on her, she is nasty and evil Bond girl like. I was surprised that they put her up against Carmouche for the first women’s UFC bout in history, especially as it’s headlining the card. To use a black woman’s voice “she ain’t no body, ah ah, she ain’t nobody”. But when I heard that it was an eight fight deal, it all made sense. The UFC didn’t buy a woman’s champion. They bought somebody who breaks arms and gets people talking about it. The shock factor. You don’t want to see it, but you can’t help but watch. Carmouche’s role in this is to get her arm snapped in half in quick fashion. They are not risking a fight where someone like McMann (very overrated by the way, she will get tapped easy, but not everybody knows that), or a good stand up fighter would give her a fight, because it messes with their product. Their product is a 2 minute arm snapping killer. They want their fans to at least experience that as part of the UFC, so this fight is engineered towards that. Carmouche will power forward to take Rousey down. Rousey will use Carmouches own force to throw her on her back and then boom! armbar.

  • Mista LovaLova

    Wanna fight a guy yet she’s ducking the best female fighter . Go figure .