Dana White Says Ronda Rousey is Being Over Critical about How She’ll Be Perceived on TUF 18

September 5, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157 Pre 10UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has voiced concerns about how the public will perceive her on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, but UFC president Dana White thinks she’s being too critical of herself.

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate premiers on Wednesday, Sept. 4, on Fox Sports 1.

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  • james j

    Rhonda owns the UFC and Dana

    • shakejunt

      rhonda… like from hey arnold?

      • james j

        I think she and the other female fighters are the best thing to happen to the UFC in several years.

  • Bob

    She don’t want anybody to think she is fake as hell

  • cyborgs hammer

    How about stop hiding and running from cyborg snd trying to prove you’re not goddamn piece of s***?

    • David Wise

      How about you fight Cyroid you big mouth coward,

      • Lisa Magnooty

        cluelessness seems to run on this board! Try researching some facts before you insert your whole foot back into your mouth again!

        If cyroid ran from the fight, exactly what are ronda and the ufc supposed to do? There is more than just fluff between your right and left ears, i hope!

        • DigitalJedi


  • So sick of being reminded this white trash shooting star exists in a world where she constantly makes headlines for no apparent reason.

    • shakejunt

      white trash?

    • David Wise

      Yes, you are so sick…

    • Lisa Magnooty

      for no apparent reason? Go find some sport to follow that’s easier on your simple mind, like counting to 10, or spelling 3 letter words!

      • If you want to speak about grammar, then you should probably learn that numbers lower than 10 are spelled out fully and you capitalize letters at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns, such as names. It should also be noted that neither of those are actually sports. It should also be noted that outside of vicariously living through a female that is in the midst of her 15 seconds, the only time you will come close to that much attention is when the fat, inadequate townie slob rolls off of you this Friday night when he’s done.

        Throwing her into a shallow talent pool and tossing her cans is like giving her floaties in a Jacuzzi. People blindly following her because they’re told to in headlines as they pretend to be these thoroughbred fans of MMA are as uneducated as she is and too stupid to realize how fair their weather is. I guarantee MMA wasn’t a blip on your radar until it had a female face.

        • Lisa Magnooty

          ah, how cute. A little boy (above the neck and below the waist) and his dictionary, and given an entire night, he can write a paragraph or two. Your mother, (do you even know who she is?), must be very proud (well, probably not!).

          So, mental midget, let’s clarify a few things for those like you that process SLOWLY!

          1st, i’m sure you view yourself as the fat slob you were referring to, but, as we both know, anything above rodent level is probably never going to be in your future.

          #2 – i’m not living vicariously through anybody, but i can definitely appreciate what ronda has done through her own efforts, and, where she sits now (at the absolute apex of her sport, and, for that matter, all of sports).

          So let’s do a quick comparison of ronda rousey, who you feel, so empowered behind your little keyboard to rag on, and you, the little boy who wishes he could get to even 3 inches, but as he well knows, even erect, can’t get it past that 1 inch mark.

          Ronda rousey almost died at birth. She couldn’t even speak until she was 6 years old. Her father broke his back when she was just a kid, and a short time later the dad who was her whole world died. She redirected her life to push to achieve something, going into judo, something her mother was world champion at. She sacrificed her entire life growing up to devote herself to achieve, and for this she was ragged on growing up by those that think themselves better than others, when in reality they’re nothing more than isolated pieces of pond scum (fits you perfectly). She pushed herself to become the world champion as a teenager in her sport, was the youngest olympian in 2004 on the US team, and in 2008, became the 1st US female ever medal in the olympics in Judo!

          After that, she had no future in that sport to go after, so she began working 3 jobs to support herself, and began to pursue women’s mma – a decision she was derided for, because there was no future in it! Nevertheless, she worked harder than any other male or female in the sport, pushing herself to extremes to achieve something only she could see – opening up the consummate glass ceiling, not only for herself, but for all women everywhere!

          She began taking fights, and finishing those fights like nobody ever in history, male or female! Her star was on the rise, and yet, nobody knew anything about her; it was women’s mma after all!

          After 4 pro fights, all ending the same way, she called out the current women’s mma champ (tate), who derided her for even daring to suggest that she was qualified to fight meisha. The rest of the women’s mma community took the same stance! Despite this, the fight was arranged, and ronda again did what she’s done every time – brutal 1st round finishes. This time against one of the top 2-3 female fighters in the world.

          Her next fight was against a 135 verson of santos, sarah kaufman, who was considered the best 135 lb fighter in the world, and as a striker, many waited with rapid anticipation that ronda’s face would get busted up! And when they fought, ronda not only didn’t get busted up; she didn’t get hit one single time in her face, submitting kaufman in under 1 minute of the 1st round with the same brutal move!

          By now ronda’s fame was skyrocketing! She was featured on espn and a variety of other outlets. Buzz about her was spreading not only through the mma community, but through all of sports, and beyond! Even dana white, who 1 year earlier had stated women’s mma would never come to the ufc, now couldn’t sign her up fast enough!

          Since that time her star has exploded! She is being sought for significant roles in major movies. She on magazine covers, starring in commercials, being sought worldwide as the #1 most desired interview. She is the rock star at the UFC expo, and she has lifted her entire sport and brought it to a place nobody thought it would ever go. And, as dana white said, the only reason women are fighting in the UFC, is because of ronda rousey!

          If ronda did nothing else with her career at all, she would have accomplished more than any other female sports figure, ever! Her place in history is secured! And despite this, as an mma fighter she has no equal, male or female! She has fought the best in the world her class has to offer, and every time she has, the ending is always the same. 1st round devastating brutal arm bar finishes! Nobody in history has such a record!

          And then there’s the likes of you. A scrap of dogcrap, who spends your time hiding behind a keyboard, pretending to be a big tough guy (something you will never be), ragging on someone who is an american success story, because she is, while you will never be anything more than that scrap of dogcrap! You can’t perform on the keyboard without a lot of help, (and clearly you can’t perform off it either)! No, scumbags like you, who have accomplished absolutely nothing with their pathetic little lives, and never will, feel empowered to attacks females while hiding behind the “skirt” of your computer. You have nothing in your pants (two peas and a pencil stub don’t amount to anything), nothing between your ears (fluff and empty space), and a life in which you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing, and will accomplish absolutely nothing!

          So this is the last time i’ll respond to you, because frankly, you really are a waste of time. As i said to you yesterday, find some other sport to follow “festus” – because you know absolutely nothing about this one!

          • You can’t even write my name and it’s directly in front of you…so embarrassing. It’s comical you’re condescending about spelling words correctly when you’re incapable of formulating a coherent sentence and are wildly illiterate in the spastic process of trying. Your homework is to proofread the Harry Potter novel you just regurgitated to me after using Google and Wikipedia to showcase your “knowledge” of MMA and correct your mistakes before insulting the intelligent of somebody else.

            Quit while you aren’t even remotely close to anything resembling being ahead. It’s 2:44 in the afternoon–perhaps get a job and contribute to society? You’re holier than thou and don’t even know what direction you’re praying to. But the cutting 4th grade wit is a really nice touch!?! So long as you believe the lie you call a life…

          • Jamie777

            Lisa, thanks for the history lesson on Ronda’s career. I really enjoy reading it for the millionth time (not).

            Its clear you’re a loyal Ronda fan. Its just a shame that you can’t see the forrest through the trees. Just because Ronda has accomplished so much and is the first women to break through that “glass ceiling” does not give her the right to act in a manner that is considered by most to be classless, immature, and childish, without feeling the wrath of the public. Considering the fact that she has endured so much to get to where she is, one would logically expect her to be humble, grateful, and respectful, and not have the “trailer trash” attitude that she seems to have lately. Whether she likes it or not, she is face of WMMA and the role model to millions of girls who may be considering picking up 4 oz gloves and banging.

            I once liked Ronda. The first time I saw her fight (against Budd) I was impressed and thought that she would be a great model for WMMA. I understood the reasons why she trashed talked so much back then: using it as a way to get attention for WMMA. But now, that time is passed, she’s already made it, and now should be working toward establish WMMA as a legit organization, not a mockery of disrepectful banter and enduendos (ie saying Caraway can’t perform oral sex on Tate due to braces).

            But anyway, from your response to other posts, its pretty clear as to why your have this “hero worship” or infatuation with Ronda. When someones says something you disagree with, you resort to disrespectful childish name calling and questioning others “manhood”, instead of arguing respectful points as to why you disagree, kinda like your hero does when she doesn’t like someone. You come off as sounding nieve and unintelligent, and nothing more then a blind follower. If Ronda took a crap on the Holy Bible and then burned it up, you would still defend her, pointing out all the “positive” things she has done prior to the one incident that really defines her. Good luck with that.

          • DigitalJedi


      • DigitalJedi


  • TheCerealKiller

    In other words, she’s a woman.

    Other breaking news, Tim Tebow put his shoes on!

  • lowlb

    She acts like a jerk and will be perceived as a jerk.

    • candelario

      if she acts like a jerk then she will be perceived as a jerk

      • lowlb

        yes, this too..

  • Dan

    I think she’s seen some of the footage and sees herself acting like a bratty, nasty bitch. And that might start from the first minute of episode 1 – she throws a tantrum when Meisha walks into the building, which she says is because she thought she was being replaced on the show (doesn’t sound right that it would even enter her head that she, the champion and face of the UFC women’s division, would be replaced by another that she’s previously beaten in the first round…felt like a poor try at smoothing over an incident where she’s going to come over as completely unlikeable.)

    • Jay Magallon

      We can sit here and speculate all day, which is what I’m about to do….
      When Ronda saw Miesha Tate, I don’t believe at all that Ronda thought she was being replaced as she has previously stated. Personally, think she didn’t like the surprise(being kept out of the loop), I think she had mentally accepted she was fighting Zingano and probably preferred that match-up, and most of all I believe Ronda felt Tate wasn’t deserving of the opportunities afforded by coaching a season of TUF. I think Ronda felt all this in the brief moment it took for her to recognize Miesha, get angry, and then storm off.
      I could most certainly be wrong, like I said I’m only speculating. But I think I’m right.

      • Here’s what happened. I know this because in an interview Dana White addressed Ronda’s reaction to seeing Miesha appear on the TUF set. Rousey did fear she was being replaced by Tate even though as others have pointed out this concern seems illogical (Ronda being Champ and all). Dana said Ronda was worried and it had to do with “the back story” to all this. Without going into specifics Dana did say that a day before one of Rousey’s Hollywood agents called him with an outrageous demand. White didn’t give any details except to say he was plenty pissed at Ronda’s agent’s demand. Dana admitted he was very, very upset at Ronda and her agent for this unreasonable request. That is the back story and it explains why Ronda thought Dana White was replacing her with Miesha Tate. She knew Dana was steaming because of her agent’s actions (which occurred right before Miesha appeared) and incorrectly assumed she had been replaced over this agent problem. While explaining a little about “the back story”, Dana White also made clear that he never intended on replacing Rousey…even though he felt great displeasure over the agent’s behavior. Ronda had misread the situation.

        • Dan

          Sounds plausible…could also be the result of a brainstorming session on how to spin the situation. Either way, storming around like she appears to have done was not likeable behavior…and there’s probably more unlikeable behavior that Rousey is concerned about.

        • David Wise

          Heard the same thing from both Dana White and Ronda. One of her agents pissed off Dana and she thought he might take it out on her.

        • jbear

          Lousey is narcissistic.

    • Jay Magallon

      Basically Dan, I completely agree with you, and I tried to expand a little on where you were heading.

      • L

        We are all overanalyzing this. Ronda is upset that Miesha will be prettier on TV, and whereas she was not concerned (or pretended as much) during filming, it is now entering her mind.


        • Jay Magallon

          Damn that’s pretty good. I think I like yours better.

        • jbear

          Tate has 10 times the amount of class too.

    • Mugz

      ur stupid *** **** DAN the reason she thought she was being replace and i may add cuz there was an argument between her agent and ufc due to the fact that she is coming out on fast and furious 7 and other films.. and the argument got pretty nasty and she thought she was being replace.. and the way miesha tate stated that she was their to coach gave ronda rousey that impression.. so juss a reminder stay updated *** ****

  • Rousey submits every one put in front of her.

    What is there not to like about her? She is a fighter, not a politician. This is not a be nice contest. She is a fighter.

    – E

    • MMA

      Is that you Dana? Defending your girl?

      • Your trolling is weak, uninspired, and reminiscent of 2003-era Sherdog.

        I notice you have no actual counterpoints to make against the unequivocal fact that Miss Rousey finishes every single person put in front of her within five minutes.

        Go troll elsewhere, guy.

        – E

      • jeremy

        You just made a dumb comment.

    • Maddawgmar

      I agree, ppl are mad because she is the best. People throw rocks at those who shine. I wonder if she KO’s someone peopl would change their tune?

  • David Harris

    I don’t get the RR hate! She’s a tough competitor is all – guys act like her all the time and no one says a thing. As for the Cyborg issue I think she’s been poorly advised not to drop the weight and fight in the UFC – looking at her musculature I don’t see how a 10lb drop is going to hurt her

    • Truth

      who Cyborg? she needs to get off the roids and the 10 lbs will melt off.

      • David Wise


    • Advance*

      There’s plenty of male fighters that act like pricks and get negative reactions because of it. And there’s plenty of male fighters that are “tough competitors” and don’t act like pricks.

    • Alex Adams

      Problem with RR: she runs her mouth when she didn’t prove a thing. Woman division is not stacked up like men division. I always compared her to Royce gracie. Yeah he was impressive but a UFC 1 versiuon of him against Carlos Condit or any guy in WW and he won’t last a second. RR his not as complete as her male counter part. Sick ground game but can’t stay on her feet. Says GSP should die, runs her mouth about everything and everyone. It’s easy to run your mouth when almost no one threatens you! In 15 years like with Royce we will be looking at her compare to the women fighting in 15 years and we will say that RR was good and a pioneer and everythong but not as impressive as what we see now

      • David Wise

        Talk about running one’s mouth. You are an idiot.

        • Alex Adams

          WoW! so easy i’m an idiot! Any arguments any wise thing to say?!?

    • Lawdog1521

      I call Diaz out for being a **** all the time. If Rousy wants to hang out with that crew and act like them, then she’s a **** too.

  • BobGyro

    who cares

  • BobGyro

    she acts like shes on a perma rag

  • Jared Puente

    full of*

  • Maddawgmar

    Yeah cuz a roided out cheating man chick is a better person to look up to.

  • #1mmafan.

    My wife and I have come to a SOLID conclusion. Ronda Rousey is Honey Boo Boo all growled up!!!

    • #1mmafan.

      I meant Growed!!!

      • JIMnTAMBI

        Nice try, but I think you meant “grown”

  • David Wise

    Go crawl back under your rock pond scum.

    • onehitwonder

      slow down, BobGyro is a HUGE Tate fan, that’s why he’s haten on Rhonda, it’s ok Bob , we like Tate also.

  • David Wise

    You are trash.

  • Lisa Magnooty

    how’s she supposed to do that, sluggo? Putzy, do you even know that cyroid ran from the fight and lied about why the entire time? Of course you don’t! The only thing you know is that this girl has already accomplished more in her lifetime than you and your entire clan will in one hundred of your lifetimes! And evidently, you can’t stand that fact!!!!!

    Stop spewing the hate!!!!!

    • DigitalJedi


  • julian moran

    When Ronda joined the UFC, 90 percent of it´s fan base thought the sun shined out of her a##hole..
    Now that she´s been in a bunch of interviews, 90 percent of the fans can´t stand her.
    After TUF, my guess is that she will lose just about every fan that she still has.

    • Lisa Magnooty

      you are out of your f*%#i^g mind! There is nobody in MMA, (and i really do mean NOBODY) that commands the press, interest, and following as does ronda rousey! She is the hottest thing EVER in the UFC, and in MMA!

      Just because a few clueless haters cannot stand her success nor her dominance in her sport doesn’t mean that haters like you rule the day!

      • DigitalJedi

        She is a str8 up B!tch bro.. Just shutup please.

        • Lisa Magnooty

          screw you, “bro”

          The days are long gone when little boys with tiny penis syndrome can tell a girl to shut up!

          Ronda is a real and refreshing as they come! She is also the most dominant fighter ever with respect to her division! Nobody in the history of mma has done what she has done! Only Gracie comes close!

          • earlsimmons

            first day trolling kid? Cuz it shows…

          • Lisa Magnooty

            geez, another mental midget who thinks he knows “something”, but in actuality, knows NOTHING!

          • DigitalJedi

            Lol, yeah and yet you are the one that knows absolutely nothing…. so SHAAAADDUUPPPPPP!!!!!!

          • DigitalJedi

            Please just get it over with and go lick her twat.. I mean.. I don’t blame you I would too, but damn would you eat her Poo Just to See Where it Comes From too?? That accomplishment is very Minor by the way, lol Gracie fought guys that were all 1 Dimensional when he was 2. Rousey is more well versed than most women fighters because she was one of few that was in Judo before MMA and UFC blew up.. Oh yea and like Gracie she is fighting only women that know eh – not very much about BJJ or MMA at all actually. Rousey herself is a complete amateur on the feet. So hey I take nothing away from Gracie, but the fact that Rousey has accomplished the same in THIS Day and Age of MMA.. …. …. …. Is it really that hard for you to figure out? Common Sense is Not Common thank you for proving that to everyone here reading. Cheers!!!! and oh yea… SHAAAAAADUP!!!!!!!

          • Manuel Lopez

            She’s a great competitor that can’t be denied but the fame has made her unbearable, really I say that with no hate. She is annoying, rude, and just plain bitch material.

        • Dav

          Too much bitch for you, apparently

          • DigitalJedi

            Yep and you must be different.. Let the Hate Flow through You.

      • ememay

        She aint s*** at all and she hides behind her long blonde hair cause she cant face the f****** questions and she is a Bratt !
        She is so uncomfertable 🙂

      • ememay

        Totally true ty 🙂 i’m not alone to say it ! 🙂

      • jbear

        What kind of drugs do you shoot? Nobody on this site agrees you.

  • Lisa Magnooty

    someone put lipstick on you?

    • DigitalJedi


  • Sick of Ronda

    You guys post more stories about Ronda than all the male champs combined!

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Rousey is psycho see the Katie andreoli interview.

  • ed

    She acts like a dickhole , and then gets afraid that she’s gonna be percieved as a dickhole!? go figure!

  • BobGyro

    You douchbags are giving her way too much attention again .STOP IT !!

  • Lawdog1521

    She hangs out with the Diaz’s. Is it really a wonder she acts like a spoiled *****?

  • ememay

    Absolutly true i agree !

  • ememay

    i’ve been saying this for a while to she needs help with this thing called talking socially ! 🙂

  • jbear

    I have never heard a statement from Lousey where she wasn’t bitching about something. She has the belt, but she’s no champion (she’s afraid of Cyborg too).

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    I’m #100, what’s my prize?

  • Christine

    Wow! Haters hate! I ‘d like to see some of these people in the ring:) Personally I like Rhonda, she’s a dedicated fighter, the first Women in the UFC and a Bad Ass – and has truly proved herself. So what if she acts a certain way and gets pissy – don’t we all. Quit judging so much! Truly I’d like to see her arm bar a few of you dudes that made these crazy comments but I doubt ya’ll would make it 30 seconds 🙂