Dana White Says Nick Diaz Situation Frustrating, but Doubts He’ll Retire

February 18, 2012
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Nick Diaz UFC 129Play the game just “this much.”

That has long been the plea of UFC president Dana White in trying to get Nick Diaz back into the Octagon. That’s all the fighter from the 209 needed to do, play the game “this much.”

But upon returning to the UFC, initially to challenge welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, Diaz missed booked flights and important promotional obligations, causing the UFC brass to demote him.

After an outstanding performance against B.J. Penn at UFC 137, however, he was given a second chance. He put in another solid effort, this time in losing a controversial decision to Carlos Condit at UFC 143.

Sure Diaz was upset with the decision, threatening retirement, but then playing the game came back to bite him once again. Diaz failed his post-fight drug test, coming up hot for marijuana metabolites, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

“We invested a lot of money in him. He came off looking incredible after that series,” White said in a Fuel TV interview. “People who didn’t like him liked him. It’s very frustrating.”

But then “frustrating” is a word that Nick Diaz tends to wear as tightly as his triathlon speed suit.

“Going into this fight, I had a talk with Nick. Nick, play the game this much. And playing the game that much means don’t smoke marijuana around any of your fights, don’t do anything illegal, show up to some press conferences,” said White.  “I’ve been very lenient with Nick Diaz.”

It’s never been a secret that Diaz uses marijuana. He has a medicinal marijuana card in California, allowing him to legally use the substance. He is not, however, exempt from the restrictions athletic commissions impose upon marijuana use by fighters.

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission does not allow you to smoke marijuana. You cannot have traces of marijuana in your system,” White explained. “It’s pretty simple. There’s a list of drugs that you can and can’t do. Marijuana is one of the can’t dos.”

The positive drug test result will likely keep Diaz on the sidelines for quite some time. He’s already served a six-month suspension and had his victory over Takanori Gomi taken away in Nevada for testing positive at Pride 33 in 2007. A second offense in the state isn’t likely to earn him much leniency from the commissioners.

After dealing with the punishment he receives from the NSAC, the question then becomes, “Was Diaz serious about retiring?” Is he frustrated enough with what he deemed a bad decision by the judges and dealing with athletic commissions and all the necessary evils that accompany stardom in the fight game that he will just hang up his gloves and walk away?

“I doubt he’d retire. Nobody has called me and said he wants to retire,” said White, although he has no special insight into what is going through Diaz’s mind at this point.

“This is what he does,” he explained. “He’s a fighter. Whether he likes it or doesn’t like it, the whole love and hate thing, Nick Diaz was born to fight.”

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  • Towers66

    I hope the committee is not to harsh with the punishment. Diaz stands to bring alot of money to that desert over the next few years. I just want to watch some more Diaz fights in the near future. That dude is a warrior.

  • Mma fanatic

    Diaz is a chump! He thinks he’s better than he is! I hope the UFC brings him back for 1 more fight so he can get ko’d! He’s a discrace to professional athletes ! He’s a ghetto punk ! ‘Ghetto is a state of mind’! I don’t care if we never hear his name again! Forget the hype and talk Diaz is a B Level Fighter!

    • BlackDog2009

      what the (*&ck, did Diaz beat the shitt out of you in middle school?

      oooh “he’s a disgrace to professional athletes!” you have any idea how you sound?

      Nick Diaz is a fighter, he goes in there to fight. I respect that. Win or lose you have to too.

  • kwite11

    @mma fanatic , damn gee why so much hate on nick Diaz, did you not see the interview with Diego Sanchez just this last week before he fought ellenberger? He talked about being a huge pot head himself and he use to smoke that ish everyday!!!! But no one seems to be talking **** about Diego!!!!! These 2 probably ain’t the only ones that do drugs in their sport , we just don’t hear about or they don’t get caught!!!!! Even Carlos condit said he was a drunk and did drugs!!!!!! To each is own and if diAz smoke or anybody else who gives a f*ck Diaz shows up to fight and he fights no matter What!!!!!!! And that you can’t take away

    • phrankthetank

      Sanchez didn’t fail his drug test lol. I don’t give a **** what Diaz smokes, but when your career relies on having clean drug tests it’s time to man up and stay clean or find another career.

      • Anthony

        I think if you look into this a few years back , youll see Sanchez actually did fail a drug test for marajuna –was around 06 or 07 I believe. Might have even been earlier

    • elguapo

      Jesus, this is such a futile argument. Weed is not allowed, regardless of it’s benefits or drawbacks. It’s really simple.

      • b-soc

        elguapo is absolutely 100% correct. People have a right to hate on Diaz. Doesn’t matter if you smoke weed constantly outside of your fights like Diego. Doesn’t matter. As long as pass drug tests. Diaz has failed two in 5 years. That’s why everyone including me is hating on him. Josh Burkman was slated to be on TUF 1, but when he got the call, he was using steroids and admitted it. Rather than go on and fail the test, he waited till he was clean. All you Diaz nuthuggers need to think – the commission should go hard on him. Two fails same substance inside of 5 years!!!! Throw the book at him, especially after being given the interim title match. Thank God the decision went the right way. If Diaz gotten the nod, we’d have no champion. Put aside your love for the guy. He blew it!!!!

  • matty

    Love Diaz or hate Diaz he is a great fighter! He will be back after this stupid suspension for pot. I realize it’s banned and I can’t believe his management team didn’t make sure he was cleaned out before piss time. Their are multiple ways he could of cleaned his system before he pissed. Maybe they thought he was cleaned out or maybe they just didn’t Intervine and left it up to Diaz.

    • b-soc

      Didn’t say he wasn’t a great fighter. He is an incredible fighter………but an absolute idiot! Its his own GD fault. His management team is not responsible. He is. Nobody else. He’s a jackass who deserves a full year out of the sport. I take nothing away from his skills, but its not just your fighting skills. Its your responsibility to the sport and to the fans to show up clean and play by the rules, not even the rules of showing up to press conferences.

    • RonnieV

      According to Cesar Gracie, Diaz smokes pot up until three weeks before every fight, and he uses the same vigorous cleansing system everytime. He’s passed his test for every fight the past 5 years using the same routine, this time it didn’t work. Nobody is more pissed than Nick, this faux pas is going to cost him roughly $3 Million.

  • I respect Nick Diaz’s decision to retire. Whether people think he is an idiot or a b-level fighter, one thing stands above all that: Nick has personal integrity and will not sell himself out for nobody. He does not follow the pide piper like many people do. I’ve said this before and I say it now… sports in general are marred with bullshit that has nothing to do with the game. Basically, people only care about the money and the pagentry that goes along with it. It’s pathetic!! What Nick Diaz has done is try to keep being himself and try to not be suck in in all that b.s. Making his victory over Gomi a “no contest” because he smoked some pot. It’s ridiculous!! Diaz beat Gomi in a fight and that is what should matter!! All this b.s. from people with hollier than thou attitudes should not matter at all!!!! The judges at UFC 143 made a somewhat questionable decision that has been debated for weeks now. That’s it!! They made a decision based on their own personal beliefs toward a guy from Stockton that smokes weed and they don’t like too much. That’s it!! We could sit here for months arguing that Condit beat him, but th fact of the matter is that the decision was questionable. Many people believe Condit won, other believed Diaz won. And the only thing differentiating them is the stupid idea that most people have in their minds: Condit has a good image and Diaz does not, Condit plays the game, and Diaz does not, Condit is a follower, Diaz is defiant. That’s it!!!

    • MikeMc1983

      Condit is a winner, Diaz is not. Condit is a champion, Diaz is not.

      This is the first time ive seen someone with a drug problem being held up for not being a “follower.”
      We can give Diaz something that condit is not. A quitter.

      • RonnieV

        Nick isn’t quitting

    • b-soc

      josehernandez…..are you for real!?!? Rules are rules. Doesn’t matter if you think its a dumb rule – its the rule. Same with the Gomi fight. I drive a road everyday in which I truly feel the speed limit should be faster and most people agree, but the speed limit is the speed limit and if I drive faster, I get a ticket, so I drive the speed limit. Lots of rules are dumb, but they are the rules and all fighters know them. Anyone else want to try to defend him?

  • Anthony

    Big Mike -great minds think alike — well said

  • Nick is a bad ass mma fighter, one of the best in that division. I wish Dana wasn’t so in love with him though. I’m thinking Nick did a no no and Nate Marquardt did a no no, so let the two of them fight and let the winner prevail. Nate is bad ass fighter as a middle weight and was dropping down to welter weight I think Nate Marquardt would beat Nick Diaz in an awesome fight. They both did wrong, but if Dana loves you, you have nothing to worry about. I wonder why they did’t test Nick before the fight and find pot then. I think I know the answer PPV ratings/dollars.

  • deowenhugel

    Nick Diaz is just young, irresponsible, and immature. That’s what the issue is here. Yes he can fight, but he is just mostly immature. Cesar should be a father to him and advise him on what maturity is about. If Nick was more mature this conversation wouldn’t be taking place. That’s it.

  • ryanstewart

    It’s hard for me to like Diaz because of his attitude. Granted he is a fighter, and some of the antics I can dismiss, But who really likes Floyd Mayweather? Is he a huge talent? Yes he is. Same with Diaz. I guess someone is who they are like it or not. Nick is a very talented fighter, but rules are rules. Condit accepted a rematch, no questions, so I feel maybe a few of you could get off his back. I personally did not watch this fight, and not sure on my opinion on who won. But let’s face it guys the first thing he says is I quit. I feel he is acting like a immature little boy, that wants to take his ball home and quit cause he didn’t get the descision. But sign the rematch then, wait til you hear what you get suspension wise, pick your self up and get back in there. The dude is being a sissy..