Dana White Says Jon Jones Knew that UFC 151 Would Be Cancelled (UFC 152 Video)

September 22, 2012
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Dana White at UFC 123There has been a lot of finger pointing and blame going round since the cancellation of UFC 151, chiefly between UFC president Dana White and his light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

The two were slated to meet and hash out their differences late in the day on Friday, but first White did an interview on Fuel TV’s UFC 152 weigh-in special. White may have added a little heat to the situation prior to the meeting, countering Jones’ claims that he didn’t know that UFC 151 would be cancelled if he didn’t accept a short-notice fight with Chael Sonnen.

“He says that he didn’t know that the show would get cancelled is false,” said White. “I did tell him that the show would be cancelled. I think he takes this thing, or is acting like he’s taking this thing too lightly.”

Check out what else White had to say about the volatile situation…

  • BlackDog2009

    good DW is basically defending himself here and he sounds naive at times, cant beleive he doesnt see how phony and douchy jones is.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    What weak leader, instead taking the heat for creating a light card that was dependent on one fight he blames his employees. Stack cards with at least three top notch fights and you don’t have this problem…but that what you get when a million dollar company is run by someone with only a high school education! Go ahead UFC office rats send this his way…UFC headquarters I filled with young cats that spend thier days scouring mma sites just like we do! I’ve been there, and believe me they do read our posts.

    • lawrensco

      Dana Whites the man! I didn’t know all he had was a high school diploma, even more props to him now.

  • Dana is a character. Great businessman and rep for the sport.