Dana White Says If Gilbert Melendez Signs with Bellator, He’ll Never Get Out of the Contract

February 21, 2014
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UFC president Dana White doesn’t hold it against Gilbert Melendez for going to Bellator to field an offer and find out his worth on the open market. Although he believes that if Melendez ends up signing a deal with the Viacom-owned promotion, it will be the last place he ever fights in his mixed martial arts career.

“If he [expletive] signs a deal with those guys, he ain’t going anywhere,” said White during a media scrum on Thursday. “Nobody can get out of those [expletive] deals they have. And Viacom will [expletive] sue you until you [expletive] bleed.

“Everyone wants to talk about the UFC, like we’re bullies, whatever. They’re the [expletive] bullies over there. And they’ve got these contracts that you cannot get out of.”

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  • justin e

    None of these videos on this site have been working for me lately. Is there some specific thing I need to download to get them to play?

  • Robby Clark

    Why would they want to leave Bellator if they’re making more money? The UFC or Bellator.. Really the only two reliable places to go. I’d imagine there contracts are quite similar to Zuffa

    • gnodeb

      That is a big IF. If you compare Bellator to UFC champs… in UFC they have bigger base salary, some of them have PPV percentage and probably UFC champ has better sponsor deals…

      But, it is easier to become and stay Bellator champ, so there is chance to earn more as a Bellator champ then as UFC a gate keeper…

    • Seth

      One thing that shows you difference between UFC and Viacom’s deals. Eddie Alvarez was meant to fight on UFC Jones Vs Sonnen – that was a talk when UFC gave him an offer. If he signs, he will get a fight on that card. If you look at deal he was offered – easy to google it – and check the number that PPV made, also knowing that UFC wouldn’t give him tough fight for his debut – as its case in majority of big debuts – you will see that his payment for that fight would land around 1.000.000$, counting bonuses, sponsorships, PPV points and rest of that stuff. So yeah, if Viacom can pay him 1m for one PPV fight then…oh, wait…yeah, I forgot. Viacom is unable to put on PPV.

  • Piotr

    Dana White is a clown. Him and the UFC never sued anybody…oh wait, ask Randy Couture about that.

    • carsti07 .

      it was the opposite, but I think if some fans have an opinion, facts does´t matter anyway 🙂

    • Seth

      I should ask him before or after he lied about negotiations with Viacom to get release from his UFC contract?

  • horace

    Gilbert and both Diaz brothers are just ignorant dumb kids being managed terrible by Gracie. Face it these uneducated kids are morons with no family life or good upbring. just dumb nuts.

    • Matte

      You on the other hand, make a really well educated impression.

    • Dan Hanson

      Gil isn’t managed by Gracie. He has the same manager as GSP. Nate is managed by Mike Kogan. Nick doesn’t have a manager and jake was managed by his father until his passing. I don’t know who manages jake now.

    • claudale

      What does that mean, that Dana gave them a better offer and they just don’t know what’s best for them?

      The UFC has the most money, if they want someone, they should pay more than others to get them. Instead the threaten and blacklist people. It’s been going on for so long, from people associated with the IFL to their little fit when Brennan signed for Gracie vs Hammerhouse – Brennan said he was being paid 10x the amount and instead of paying more, Dana expected him to choose them instead for other BS reasons. Ironically, he only wanted Brennan so that then up and comer Stevenson could avenge a loss.

      • Seth

        Emmm…Viacom has s**t load of money. They could easily outbid UFC on pretty much anyone honestly. They just refuse to use their money to build legit company. They try to pay as low as possible, which also is UFC’s way. But then again – that’s how buisness works. You want your buisness to be profitable, so you have to watch how much and where you pay. It’s normal thing, not only in MMA.

  • robc

    He is of course referring to the situation with Eddie Alvarez. Also, given he is willing and amicable to letting Gilbert go, I would say that the UFC has the upper ground here. Bellator was bragging about how they would let Eddie go if he got a better offer elsewhere. He got a better offer and they dragged him to court. If the UFC is smart (and they are), they should let fighters go if they want. They will eventually come back on their own. Bellator is a joke from a talent perspective and it’s brand is pretty much unknown outside of regional shows and hardcore MMA fans.

    • claudale

      Eddie was a big name years ago and he didn’t sign with the UFC because they gave him low ball offers and long contracts. He didn’t want to be in the position that Sherk and Franklin were in, a champion stuck in a long contract who wasn’t paid like a champion.

      • shakejunt

        sherk was champion for what… like one fight?

        • Shakejunt sucks

          They didn’t have a UFC LW Title for years while Sherk was in his prime. They brought it back at UFC 64. He started his career 31-1 with his only loss being a close decision to Matt Hughes.

          • shakejunt

            yeah, then he failed his drug test and was stripped.

    • manadon23 .

      Dude they are owned by Viacom and they have deals with Fox, and Spanish speaking networks, there is some demand there. Lets not all fall for the propaganda that DW is putting out.

      • Seth

        Only thing that comes from being owned by Viacom is new name and deep pocket. But yeah, Viacom MMA is a joke. Deal with it. Eddie told a few more cases where Viacom MMA treated their fighters like s**t, paying them less than they were contracted to be paid and forcing them to breaks. So get out of Viacom’s ass and get your facts straight, bro

  • DamianCross

    Not everyone is the same as Eddie Alvarez. In fact, if everyone WAS the same as Eddie Alvarez, a UFC main card could double as a Walmart job fair.

    • lowlb

      Good one..


    Didn’t their WW champion Mr. lay & pray Askren got out of the contract?

    • shakejunt

      they let him walk. doubt they’d let gil do the same.

    • manadon23 .

      Exactly, with the belt.

    • Seth

      He didn’t. Viacom said “We don’t want you here” and didn’t resign him. Nice way to treat your champion.

  • claudale

    How is this any different than UFC contracts? Did the UFC let Randy leave? Did they let Nick Diaz or Anderson Silva box? Yet they dump people they don’t want under contract all the time if they’ve lost a single fight. And with Arlovski, they dragged out his contract as long as possible to delay his going to Afflication

    the champions clause is the reason Fedor didn’t sign with the UFC (that and not being able to compete in Sambo). If his contract ended and he was still champ, it renewed automatically.

    • shakejunt

      major league athletes sign exclusive contracts, get over it.

  • Never a chimp :)

    Better Chance of Being a Bellator Champ than UFC… Go for it Gil..

  • manadon23 .

    Gilbert knows whats up.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Does DW think the public and the fans are stupid? That’s why it’s a ‘CONTRACT’, the purpose of a contract is to have a set of conditions both parties agree to. DW you let Gil go, so shut your mouth, even if they ask you.

    • Seth

      What he meant was what Viacom did to Eddie. Eddie’s contract expired after his fight against Freire. And Viacom didn’t let him go when Eddie wanted to leave. That’s what he meant and that’s what was wrong with that situation. Eddie was free agent, he could do whatever he wanted to. But Viacom had to pull out bullshit shady move to lock him down from UFC. For Melendez thou – it won’t make a difference. He won’t go back to UFC as he knows there is nothing there for him. He can become Viacom LW champion when Eddie leave after his next fight and that will help him secure his future financially.

  • Jim

    Dana, mow your own lawn.

    • james j

      Dana lives in Vegas. I doubt they have grass besides mary Jane.

  • diazfan209

    I thought Dana White can’t stand Bellator, so why not match the offer and keep Gilbert Melendez away from the Bellator organization just out of spite?

    • Lawdog1521

      Because it’s a waste of money. Melendez isn’t a draw and he’ll never be good enough to have a title in the UFC. And this is the part you’re going to hate, neither will his Diaz buddies.

      • Seth

        Gil is awesome fighter, but have to agree – it’s not the level that will let you become UFC champion. He knows that – that’s why he wants to jump ships. Viacom can offer him a lot of cans, 2 fights per year and big paycheck, because he’s coming over with a big name at least. People know who Melendez is and that’s what Viacom needs and is willing to pay for. Easy way for Gil to make some money to secure his post-fighting life. I hate Viacom, but if that’s what best for Gil – hey man, I wish him best of luck. Good for him.

  • uncle

    Gil is not a PPV draw so the UFC will not lose any sleep

  • ultimatefatcunt

    No fighter will give a damn what uncle Dana said. If an alternative better contract cans be found elsewhere, they would take. It doesn’t matter who or where as long as the pay matches what u currently earn or reasonably higher. As long as there r more than one mma promotions, it allows to negotiate. It’s clear the ultimatefatcunt won’t want to match the offer, but once his bellyfat contract is up, they would offer him, provided he wins some good fights. His management would read the terms of the contract before accepting, so he won’t get stuck once it has been fulfilled.

  • Glenn Primo

    Shut the F$&k up Dana….you don’t want him so shut your fat bald pale slob t-shirt wearing joke of a leader ass up and let these guys do what they want. You will be the downfall of the UFC one day and I can’t wait until the Fertitta’s get rid of your classless ass and the biggest douche in sports will finally be exposed for what you are. Someone who stepped ass backwards in to tge job of a lifetime and like so many let the power go to their head. F&$K YOU!

    • Marcus Miles

      Hell yeah man let it out!!!

    • Twizz Nizzle

      Hey bro where’s your millions of dollars n u r internationally known business that u turned

  • fshunoles10

    unless he is commenting on whether he is gonna match bellators offer i dont give a shiz what he has to say about melendez.

  • james j

    Bellator. Lol

  • I call BS

    “we don’t sue our fighters”…um Randy Couture comes to mind. (google it if you don’t know/remember) Would have loved to see the fight against Fedor.