Dana White Says Georges St-Pierre Wants to Retire Nick Diaz After Diaz Chased Him Around Hotel

March 13, 2013
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Courtesy of Damon Martin and official MMAWeekly.com content partner Bleacher Report.

Georges St-PierreEveryone has been wondering what Nick Diaz did to get Georges St-Pierre so rattled that he personally called UFC president Dana White to ask him for their main event fight at UFC 158.

Diaz has obviously tried everything under the sun to press the buttons to get under St-Pierre’s skin, but it’s well documented that it’s nothing new to the Canadian champion who has been called out, criticized and insulted by almost every opponent he’s ever faced.

Now White has revealed the real incident that caused the rift and it goes all the way back to 2011 when Diaz called out St-Pierre at UFC 137 following his win over B.J. Penn.

White was a guest on the Jim Rome Show on Wednesday and he told the story about how Diaz literally stalked St-Pierre around the event’s host hotel looking to fight him, and it obviously wasn’t about finishing their business in the Octagon.

“Nobody has talked about this, I haven’t said anything about it, but at one of the fights, the one where he really starts calling Georges out, he was chasing Georges around the hotel and like yelling at him and stuff.  Georges thought he was going to try to fight him in the hotel.  He was just waiting for the elevator doors to open and see Nick Diaz,” White explained when speaking to Rome.

“Like at the last fight where he said all that stuff after his last fight when he said all that stuff about Georges, he was really messing with Georges bad at the fight, like trying to fight him at the hotel.  That really pissed Georges off.”

White downplayed the reality of Diaz actually fighting St-Pierre in the hotel (although Diaz has fought an opponent in a hospital before), but said the incident caused the Canadian to snap and work very hard to eventually get a shot at the Stockton bad boy.

“I don’t think that would ever happen, but Georges St-Pierre felt like it was,” said White.   “Georges has said publicly many times when he was younger he used to get bullied.  That’s what got him into martial arts.  He just has this crazy thing about bullies and he thinks Nick Diaz is a bully.”

St-Pierre has faced criticism over his last five fights for all of them ending in decision, but from the sound of things, he’s focused on not only beating Diaz but obliterating him in the Octagon.

“Georges St-Pierre I talked to him last week, he said ‘Dana, you have no idea what I’m going to do to this kid,  I wanna make him retire’,” said White

St-Pierre gets his chance on Saturday night in Montreal at UFC 158.

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  • stevemcz11

    Isn’t that a lot like what Muhammad Ali did to get a title shot? Also Jack Johnson

  • Rob

    And there it is . . .Diaz picked the wrong guy to pull that on.

    • Chuck-Jitsu

      Diaz wins via strikes. 3rd round stoppage.

  • GARY


  • Rick

    The only thing Diaz is good for is selling tickets. Otherwise he is bad for MMA. Hope GSP makes a bloody swollen mess out of him for 5 rounds.

    • Lucas Freire

      And that’s not too hard,even when Diaz wins by TKO his face is always a bloody mess.
      I think his face on the post fight will be something so ugly that it’ll cause a bug on the matrix.

      • RonnieV

        True, Nick doesn’t mind getting punched in the face, which is one more reason why he is such a scary opponent.

        • Lucas Freire

          Which is another reason why he won’t win against a smart fighter such as GSP.

  • jonjon

    Diaz has him right where he wants him. He is going to catch Georges.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Yeah, George’s elbows to the cranium. Diaz is going to be a lumpy, bloody mess.

      • Heathcliff

        Maybe so, but he’s still going to be the new champ! and that’s all there is to it!

        • Lucas Freire

          Some guys are just delusional.

  • george st pointfighter

    gsp make diaz retire? by laying on him for 5 rounds? gsp cant finish his dinner let alone diaz bad enough to make him retire

    • shakejunt

      sick burn bro.

      you’re right though. diaz will probably just retire on his own after being gnp’d for a half hour

    • yelL0wm0NkEy

      Yes. No.
      Now my questions:
      Didn’t Diaz already “retire” after a 5 rounder?

      What fight has GSP simply layed on a guy for five rounds?

      • jbroce

        Thiago Alves and Dan Hardy, and BJ Penn the first fight. He didn’t punch Dan Hardy once, because he was just trying to maintain position and go for an armbar twice. Jake Shields and Josh Koscheck he just jabbed to death, even when koschecks face was a mess and he probably could have tried to finish him at any time. He fights to not lose. He doesn’t fight to win. And I’m sorry if you cant understand the difference.

        • All you just did was name top level fighters that GSP defeated in different ways. This guy hasn’t loss since Serra and he gets no respect from you fans. It’s insane. He mixes things up so well, he doesn’t just win fights by points, he beats guys striking with his footwork and kickboxing, he gets the take downs and controls the guy from to position for pretty much the whole fight just having his way with them.

          • dathump

            I agree, plus Diaz didn’t finish Penn, yet gsp beat him bad enough that his corner stopped it, kos couldn’t fly home because his face was broken and alot of fighters would have tapped to the armbar Georges had on hardy, to say gsp can’t finish a fight is ridiculous just because he doesn’t take unnecessary risks to go for the finish. when facing high level opponents, more often then not the outcome of the fight is a direct result of a fighter making a mistake, and Georges is a master of not making mistakes. With that said, Diaz has skills, but isn’t good at adapting his fight and gsp can mix it up so well its going to fusterate nick badly. Diaz just better hope Dana forgives his pre fight antics of he may not have a job when he loses

          • BJ’s corner stopped the GSP fight after round 4.

            Diaz gave BJ the beating of his life in 3 rounds, had the fight gone another round Diaz would have probably won by Ko.

          • Cptmats

            “Diaz gave BJ the beating of his life in 3 rounds”
            Correction !
            BJ gave Diaz a Boxing and BJJ lesson in the first round of their fight and would have done so for the next two rounds if he didn’t gas out like he always does !

          • Georgie no finishy

            GSP can finish but he doesnt. I think that was the whole point.

        • G.O.A.T.

          He fights to remain the champ. It’s his job and that’s how he earns a check. He goes into a fight for max money and leaves with no cuts and tons of cash. Sounds like a good deal to me. He is so far ahead technically that it looks like he isn’t doing anything. These are number one contenders that look like scrubs from TUF against him. Stick to Kimbo on YouTube playa.

          • Sir_Roy


            So true.

          • Playa hater

            GSP made Shields look good at striking too.

        • Randi

          The only difference between those fights and this fight is he has no choice but to fight for his life! Diaz is going to do his best to end this fight before the judges try to fck him again!

          • PhranktheTank

            If this fight goes to a decision, I guarantee you that Diaz won’t be screwed by the decision, he will legitimately lose.

          • Sir_Roy

            Yeah … good luck with that.

            I am jazzed for this fight though. I think Diaz, because of his aggressive striking, will indeed make GSP look good.

            Wait and see.

        • Sir_Roy

          Unfair generalization and baseless blanket comments.

          He dominated those, at one time, #1 contenders. In every round. When he’s dominating so badly, with the present game plan, why change it? Seriously. That, and we all need to consider the competition before complaining.

          Hardy was the only, truly crap fight IMHO. He demonstrated the work GSP still needs to do on his BJJ, I’ll give you that much. He should have finished Hardy and quickly. That’s fact. The others … while not stellar fights, you really have to be borderline GSP “hater” to attack him for them like that IMHO.

    • That point fighter is still the undisputed champion though and has been for years. If he does finish Diaz he will be sending a big statement to the division. GSP doesn’t even lay on guys he keeps top control and beats them down and goes for submissions. Love your username though, very funny.

    • Madskillz

      Yeah.. Why don’t you ask koscheck

      • RonnieV

        Koscheck can’t hit back like Diaz

    • Sir_Roy

      Right. Like TONS had finished Condit, Fitch, Alves, Shields (etc.) before GSP got to them.

      You’re seriously underestimating the #1 contenders as they were at that time, when GSP fought them. Seriously, take a look a their records, then you’ll come back with a greater appreciation for what finishing some of these fighters really entails.

      GSP doesn’t have one shot KO power. He never once claimed he did. His submission game, while vastly improved, is not top tier (yet) in the sport. That said, he’s very well rounded and probably the best athlete in the sport … he combines the tools he has and does so extremely well. Well enough to dominate, yes, dominate his division.

      I think you underestimate the majority of opponents GSP has literally dominated in the Octagon, doing them a disservice, and need to get acquainted with their records to understand why they’re not so easily “finished”.

    • Invader Dim

      So … Diaz wanting to retire after this fight is … A coincidence?

  • Cereal Killer

    Why does Diaz think he can beat GSP? His wrestling is nowhere near his. GSP has neutralized every opponents BJJ. Nobody has been able to stay standing and strike with GSP. It could be a handicap tag eam match with Nate and they still wouldn’t beat Georges! Saturday can’t come quick enough to finally shut up the loud mouth pothead.

  • MMA

    Right Dana…. don’t believe the hype!

    • Mrzero85

      Diaz loses this fight because of a Cut I can see it now
      George taking him down And throwing a few elbows
      And Diaz bleeding all over the place I don’t remember the last fight that Diaz wasn’t cut So someone as skilled as GSP Will cut him very easily And someone with the poor level of skin As Nick Diaz Will Bleed and
      GSP Will take advantage of it And someone please tell me a Scenario That Diaz Doesn’t get cut and Isn’t bleeding In this fight ?

  • Nick Diaz is the most exciting fighter in MMA. Diaz wins, 4th round TKO.

    • Mancruz

      Not in this reality chump.

      • Lawdog1521

        I honestly don’t get the whole “Diaz is the most exciting fighter” statement that gets thrown around. His best wins were lazy BJ Penn, Old man Shamrock, and a win over Gomi, which was taken away because Diaz tested dirty. Everyone else Diaz has either lost too or been scrubs.

        Yet people act like Diaz is Anderson Silva.

        • RonnieV

          He is exciting, because he never has boring fights, and always pressures his opponent. His arms never stop swinging, and his submissions are sick. You brought up the Gomi fight, regardless of Nick testing positive for weed. That is still one of the greatest MMA fights ever. That second round was like watching a Rocky movie, where every punch connected for both fighters, topped off by the best Gogoplata in MMA history. You may not like Diaz, and you may not think he is the best fighter, but he is extremely exciting to watch.

  • GoNoles

    i find it funny how people insult diaz as a person when none of you have met the guy. but yeah gsp will prolly win by decision but to say diaz has no chance is stupid, its a fight and as cliche as it sounds anything can happen. should be a sick ass card though.

  • uncle

    OK when the last time George made somebody retire
    Human bed sheet just fight stop talking

    • Sir_Roy

      Dana’s talking … not Georges. GSP is being made to play a game he’s notably uncomfortable with.

      It’s Uncle Dana’s promotion. Not Georges’.

  • Fan

    Diaz sucks sack!! Hes so scared of gsp its not even funny thats why he is tryin to say if it was him he would of fought silva!! Diaz is jus mad cause he dropped his sac.. Nicks only hope is backin gsp against the cage n hope that he jus covers up n lets diaz pitty pat punch him to death n i think rverybody knows that isnt going to happen lol

    • RonnieV

      Do you really believe Diaz is scared of anybody? (besides the media) Btw, go back to school, your teachers have failed you,

  • jim

    I can’t wait for gsp to beat diaz (decision or finish) just to hear the diaz fans cry about how diaz won this fight too…should be a good laugh!

  • heathcliff

    st pierre is dreaming. He can’t even finish a fight anymore!lol

    • Ding Dinger

      his dream came true. diaz retired after gsp

  • looks like Dana is doing everything to hype that fight …

  • How many fighters that GSP has fought are known for being finished? That’s all I really want to know cause this guy gets no respect from fans. I don’t think the guy to beat GSP is around yet. GSP is strong everywhere and a great example of a dedicated martial artist. Big deal he got tko’d by Serra, he avenged the loss and who doesn’t get beat in a professional fight at some point. He hasn’t lost since.

    • Advance*

      Fitch, Koscheck, Hardy, Alves and Shields have all been finished since GSP fought them. People get frustrated with him because he dominates fights for 5 rounds and still can’t finish. He could do way more damage or take bigger risks for submissions considering he’s pretty much guaranteed to get back on top anyway. People want to see him open and up and not be so careful. He’s obviously an amazing fighter but fear of losing seems to affect his performances more than any other champion

      • Maybe that’s just his way of fighting and feels like he can still dominate the fight and not take damage. I couldn’t see the guy not wanting to finish a fight. I mean a lot of people discredit the guy now but everything he does is obviously working for him. How do you see this fight with Diaz playing out? I’m hoping GSP stands with him and if he does take him down he does it with explosiveness and not drag him down to the mat. I would like to see Nick use his ground game and defend any beating and hopefully get off his back. I just don’t want see a one sided fight. Even if Nick plays the bad boy and GSP the good guy I’m rooting for anyone more then the other b/c I respect both.

      • Sir_Roy

        Doesn’t matter the type of fighter they’ve since become. The fighter they were leading up to the GSP fight is what counts. Folks change physically and psychologically for better or for worse … often in a month, let alone a few years. No one remains unchanged. Especially fighters / athletes. So your distinction is unfair and inaccurate.

        Heck, look at Condit’s record if you will leading up to the GSP fight. Speaks volumes.

  • uncle

    I use to believe GSP when he said he would teach some1
    a lesson now its like Tebow people just like him because he
    wins no matter how boring he is the time he lose his fans
    will jump ship fast when Nick lose people still love him
    beacuse he has the heart of a lion and puts it all on the
    line GSP is living the american dream Nick is living a broken
    dream like the rest of us thats why he is the peoples champ

    • Sir_Roy

      Run on sentence.

      Normally, I don’t play grammar Nazi, but here, I’ll make an exception. Damn man, punctuations, and basic grammar, are your friends … that and they make what you want to say legible.

      If you think Nick drives around in the same car, and has the same bank account as the majority of Americans, you’re as nuts as he is.

      • jeremy

        Shut up!!!

        • Sir_Roy

          Followed by an equally uninspired retort.


      • Stephen

        It’s obvious you know next to nothing about Nick.

        • Sir_Roy

          It’s obvious you like to pretend you do.

          What don’t I know … that, contrary to the above posters remark, Nick Diaz brings in more money than the average American? You’re saying he doesn’t? Or, that it’s an insult to most bipedal US citizens with an ounce of social aptitude to call a smack talking thug who flicks off the camera, his competitors and even the fans every second chance he gets, the “people’s champion”?

          Gimme a break. He’s a good fighter, decent striking, good accuracy, throws some good, high octave combinations together and if GSP fights dumb, Nick could get him into some trouble.

          The odds, however, are against that happening. That’s what I know, that’s what the more educated fans know. Period.

  • Truth

    Bitch move is having Dana White talking s*** for you on commercials. What is that? Having a bitch (Dana) talk FOR you?

  • Jason

    Say Goodbye to your belt Georges!!

    • jim

      Your high if you believe that go hit the bong again jr

      • jeremy

        He’s high because he thinks Nick will beat GSP? why is that? weather you like him or not Nick is F’n good

        • Sir_Roy


          See how easy that is? Now, what kind of impression do you think you make immortalizing yourself online thus. And what do you reveal about your age and maturity level? Ah forget it … your response will undoubtedly be “shut-up!!”

  • diazfan209

    GSP is absolutely oblivious to the concept of mental warfare

    • Sir_Roy

      Right … post your PHD in psychology again oh master of “mental” warfare? And how does Uncle Dana putting words in GSP’s mouth then feeding it, and him, to the media constitute these shenanigans as GSP’s so-called “war” to begin with.

      • jeremy

        Why dont you just go blow GSP, it’s obvious that you want too.. or maybe you have already. And the funny thing is, your trying sooo hard lol and you fail!!

        • Sir_Roy

          You’re actually dumb enough to think your comments and feeble attempts to insult are in any way effective or highlight the faintest glimmer of intelligence.

          You’re depressingly unoriginal and uninspired … do you have any idea how many other internet warriors have insulted other users in exactly the same fashion? You’re a mindless automaton and a waste of keyboard space. Come back when you’ve something to contribute to the discussion.

    • Ding Dinger

      GSP retired diaz. success

  • I respect both of these fighters and am a fan of both. Diaz is the kind of guy I enjoy paying to watch fight because he is an entertaining fighter with extremely accurate combinations. He doesnt have KO power, but I am one of the few who could care less that he doesnt show up for media events for hype. GSP, IMO is still on another level than most guys at 170 and I do think he will out-Match and frustrate Diaz, cause well, he is GSP. That will be his game plan. Diaz is a threat, and I think GSP is not the same man he was before the injury. I will enjoy it either outcome. I cant stand reading all the hate posts. Both extremely talented fighters with heart. WHoever wins has to face Johnny Hendricks which will not be an easy feat. JH is hungry and powerful.

    • jd76

      Well said. A true fan of MMA post right there.

    • jeremy

      I like your post and agree with you on most things. but ask Lawler if Nick has KO power. he’s got it if he wants it.

      • dathump

        looking back 23 fights and almost 10 years later to find the one guy Diaz ko’d doesnt say much, thats like saying GSP’s bjj is the best, didn’t you see him armbar hughes in 06

        • Stephen

          Did you miss the daley fight!

          • dathump

            I did, I may have to go back and watch it. I never really followed the diaz brothers much at all. I think it is the pre fight scowl they like to do, it annoys me more then chicks who pucker their lips for pictures, and looks just as stupid.

  • Sammy

    St Pierre is just runnin his mouth off!. Hows he going to retire a fighter when he can’t even finish one anymore?

    • jeremy

      That made me laugh out loud.. because it’s true.. lol GSP shouldnt be talking so much smack like that when all he’s going to do is lay n pray. it will be a 5 round fight unless Diaz finishes him.

      • Allthesauce12

        GSP is an incredible fighter in every way. Yes he has good wrestling. Wrestling is a huge part of MMA. If you don’t like wrestling then don’t watch MMA. Go watch kick boxing instead.

        • drakeXtheXsnake


    • Ding Dinger

      he retired diaz. mission accomplished

  • jojo

    Anyone wanna bet me $20 that Diaz doesn’t pass his drug screen?

    • RonnieV

      I just hope he holds off on that big bag of weed until Sunday. Win or lose we need Diaz back in the octagon.

    • dathump

      I thought when diaz didn’t show for the open workout he got busted for weed at the border.

  • Randi

    Its one thing running around in a hotel lobby, but it won’t work in the octagon george! Diaz is going to run you down, just like a lion chasing a gazelle!

    • Sir_Roy

      Problem here, it’s the gazelle who’s running after the lion … only his ego has him delusional to actually believe the opposite.

  • st not Mu

    I hate both of them dirtbag Diaz brothers! I hope GSP cracks his skull in half! For anyone who thinks that Diaz punk has a chance then you must not watch much MMA. Go GSP

  • G=greased in GSP

    I think you will find that some extra help from a bit of lube was used to help GSP against a couple of good ground fighters.

  • Invader Dim

    Nick Diaz (with lisp): Tho, like, I think it wath funny how like, Geowge Thaint Purr knew like, what I wath going to do befow I did it … just think ith funny ith all.

  • Ding Dinger


  • nickcruz

    Says the qwitter.