Dana White Says Fighters Absolutely Turned Down Fight With Ronda Rousey – “That’s a Fact”

December 16, 2012
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Sometimes MMA can be a serious game of “he said, she said”.

This time around that’s literally the truth when it comes to the opponents who did or didn’t turn down the opportunity to face UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey at UFC 157.

Both Rousey and UFC President Dana White revealed last weekend upon the announcement of her fight against Liz Carmouche, that only she stepped up to the plate and asked for the fight while other notable competitors turned it down.

Two names in particular were mentioned – former Strikeforce women’s champion Miesha Tate and former Olympic silver medalist Sara McMann.

Within days of the news that they had supposedly turned down the fight, both took up in their own defense and denied that they had ever been offered the shot at Rousey, much less turned it down.

Dana White’s not buying it however, and says there’s nothing wrong with turning down a fight against Rousey, he gets it, but don’t lie about it and say you weren’t offered the shot.

“Ronda Rousey is a bad ass, she’s the champ, her opponent stepped up to the plate and wanted this fight with her when others didn’t, I don’t give a (expletive) what they say. That’s a fact,” White said on Saturday night following the TUF 16 finale.

Speaking specifically about McMann’s claim that she was never offered the fight, White says he respects her decision to turn down the bout against Rousey, but he’s not backing down on the fact that she was offered the fight and she said “thanks, but no thanks”.

“She’s definitely one of the girls that’s going to be in it, but she said she didn’t say it, but she said it. She wants a fight or two before she fights Ronda Rousey, nothing to be embarrassed about, Ronda Rousey’s nasty. You want a couple fights before you fight her? That’s no big deal,” White said about McMann.

“But don’t walk around talking (expletive) that you didn’t say it, when you did say it.”

Currently, Rousey vs. Carmouche is the only women’s fight scheduled in the UFC, but more bouts are likely to be announced in the coming weeks. When and where McMann or Tate fit in is still to be determined.

  • Wckd89

    White is just not trying to risk his “badass, nasty” champion agaisnt competition….

    • Yea because he’s not in the business of making big fights to make money….

  • robbyed

    No way would mcmann turn down rousey, in fact the exact opposite has already happened, rousey was offered a fight against mcman earlier in her career rousey and rouseys management turned down, the fight saying they couldnt make 135, this is the truth, not the crap dana is saying, maybe sometime in an interview mcman might of said something like wanting a couple more fights before fighting rousey, but that is something totally different than sending a written fight contract and mcman turning it down, because even carmouche didnt know she was fighting rousey under a couple hrs before the press conference, monte cox is mcmanns manager and he also has stated that she wasnt offered this,dana is a liar, tate also stated she never got the chance, lets be honest which women wouldnt want to be part of history, win or lose theywillbe remembered aleays as the first female fighting in the ufc

    • Maddawgmar

      Ok. Must be true, because you said so. I believe now.

    • Lisa Magnooty

      actually, mcmann already turned down rousey too. mcmann did say exactly what white said she said; that she wanted a couple of more fights before fighting with ronda.

      and, on video, tate also turned down the opportunity to fight ronda!

  • Swatrob

    How can you be the champion of an organization if you have never fought in it? She should of turned down the belt and said that this fight was for the belt.

  • Truth

    Who cares…I’m just saying if the other champions are stuck getting shitty fights like the possible rockhold vs camozzi fight Ronda doesn’t deserve the belt the fight should be for the first bantamweight women’s championship.

    • Showtyme

      So what are you saying that Rockhold should move over to the UFC and take Anderson’s MW title? Your missing a huge point here and that there was no UFC womens bantamweight Champion or even division for that matter when Rousey came over, that’s why she’s champ. Same with Aldo, Cruz, but guys like Pettis had to fight 1st because there were already champs in those divisions.

      • Truth

        This may be true and I was going to go over all Zuffa purchases to prove a point but it got to long. Simply WEC was absorbed by UFC. strikeforce is not being absorbed it’s only going to be their top guys who are all going to get favorable matchups coming over in particular everyone except Rockhold thus the Roussey PpV should be for the title since they are starting from scratch name more than 5 people in that division and that’s my point.

  • Did everyone get this upset when Jose Aldo was just handed the UFC featherweight title? Or when Dominick Cruz was given the UFC bantamweight belt? It’s no different here. It’s just absorbing a new weight class or division, and giving the already crowned champion a UFC belt instead. No different.

    • chuker.

      aldo was handed his belt but cruz last fight in the ufc was for the ufc title

      • chuker


  • Nick Jones

    When Jose Also and Dominick Cruz came over from the WEC, they were “awarded” UFC titles,despite having never fought in the UFC. Think of it this way, the UFC is absorbing the Women’s 135 division from Strikeforce, just like they absorbed the remnants of the WEC. That includes the champion.

  • kennybro

    i often have trouble figuring out what dana’s “expletive” comments are… i read the sentence plugging in different words and can’t figure it out. lol

  • Daniel Winge Stride

    untill she have fight some big names in wmma i will not care 2cents about this. if she lose a fight the ufc not gonna have wmma anymore.

  • Guest

    I’d sooner believe a talking snake hanging around an apple tree over Dana White

  • macgrubber

    I still don’t understand how she can just come over from the wec and get a belt. Help help pleaze.


    Meisha Big Nose Tate isn’t fighting Rhonda again. Why?? Big Nose got humiliated and embarrassed. Dana will by pass Big Nose tate for a while. It’s not like Tate is popular and being asked for. No one cares about you Big Nose Tate. Get a nose reduction.

  • macgrubber

    such a load of crap they give her a belt without any ufc fights just cuz she is a women.


    Meisha the nose is finished in the UFC.