Dana White Says Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Still Looks Unlikely

February 5, 2017
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(Video Courtesy of TMZSports | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)

UFC president Dana White was in Houston for UFC Fight Night 104 on Saturday and will attend the Super Bowl on Sunday. TMZ Sports caught up with White who said Conor McGregor boxing Floyd Mayweather is unlikely.

“I think the odds of this happening are like the odds of me being the backup quarterback for Brady on Sunday,” said White.

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  • BigE

    I just want to see Connor defend his title once – just once then you can go do whatever you want. Solidify yourself as a champ just once before you go join the circus…

    • Groinstrike

      He solidified his 145 pound title by KOing the 155 pound champ. He’s the only person to move up a weight class as champ, and defeat the champ from a higher weight class.

      • BigE

        Indeed, he’s the champ fair and square. Alverez was tailor made for him though and tried to fight McGregors fight. Connor may have the best stand up in all of MMA. I want to see if he’s a total mma fighter though. Diaz took him down and tapped him. I think the Russian would have him around the ring like a ragdoll. If he can beat Khabib I would say he’s in the top 5 all time. Right now though, I think he’s just been lucky in his matchups.