Dana White Says Chael Sonnen Not Afraid of Anderson Silva

June 19, 2012
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Throughout his dominant reign as UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva has managed to instill fear into every opponent, except for Chael Sonnen.

The Oregon native shocked the world back in August 2010 at UFC 117 in a five-round dismantling of arguably the greatest fighter in MMA history.

Silva, who was used to effortlessly dominating every opponent, looked lost throughout most of the fight as Sonnen proved he was made for more than just spewing memorable punchlines.

In the end, Silva was able to dig himself out of a massive hole in the waning minutes of the fifth round with a submission. While the victory was owed to “The Spider” that night, Sonnen walked away with increased confidence.

There wasn’t anything abnormal or “superhuman” about Silva. He is beatable, and Sonnen may be the only man that can do it.

In an interview with ProMMANow, UFC president Dana White chimed in on why he believes Sonnen is different than any opponent Silva has ever faced:

“The thing I like about Chael…He’s nutty as hell, I mean half the [expletive] the guy says is like what, right? But, he backs it up. When the guy goes in there and fights man he fights. I know this, most guys go in and they’re scared when they fight Anderson. They’re intimidated. He’s got like that Tyson aura. People are scared and afraid. Chael Sonnen is not afraid of Anderson Silva. He’s not. And that makes it a completely different fight than anybody else he fights.”

Sonnen has had plenty to say since his UFC 117 loss to Silva. He has been bold enough to not only call out the champ, but he has also taken verbal jabs at Silva’s teammates, family and the entire country of Brazil.

Click here for more of Dana White’s thoughts on Silva vs. Sonnen II…

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  • stevie_truth17

    Sonnen took the fight to him like no one else has. Can’t wait for this fight

  • Lesnardo

    (1) Taps to Paulo Filho’s armbar.
    (2) Claims to have not tapped.
    (3) Takes steroids
    (4) Claims to not have taken steroids.
    (5) launders money
    (6) Claims to not have laundered money

    Not sure if the dude backs up anything he says.

    • caninejustice

      (1) Didn’t tap, he yelled. It was a yell of pain but it wasn’t a tap. Also, nothing wrong with the ref stopping the fight because when a fighter demonstrates he is in great pain, the ref has the duty to stop the fight at that point.

      (2) His claim is true in the literal sense of the word “Tap.”

      (3) Never proven to have taken steroids nor was he ever convicted of doing such a thing. Sonnen was on TRT and has documentation going back to 2008 proving he has been on TRT. Sonnen failed to properly file for TRT exemption.

      (4) His claims as far as anyone knows or can prove is true.

      (5) Yep, pled guilty and was given 24 months probation, a $10,000 fine, and forfeiture of his real estate license. Is this really worse than all the drugs and assualts of many other fighters? No, but you decided to make an issue of it only because you do not like Sonnen.

      (6) How can you deny laundering money if you plead guilty in a court of law?

      Not sure why people allow their dislike of someone to cloud facts. Sonnen beat the crap out of Silva for 4 1/2 rounds. Then Sonnen got stupid, like several times before, and got caught in a submission.

      Anderson Silva proved why he is the champion. Even though he was getting his butt handed to him for so long, he never lost heart and was still looking for the only thing he had an answer with, a submission.

      This next fight will go way different I think and I believe Sonnen gets knocked out from a knee or kick while going for a take down in the 2nd round.

      • Lesnardo

        I wonder what Dana (and you) would have said if Chael weren’t fighting for the UFC.

      • dray3434

        The only reason why a man in their early 30’s uses TRT is because he has destroyed his body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally by abusing steroids! So basically Sonnen is a cheater!

        • phrankthetank

          No, there are several reasons why a man in his 30s could need TRT. Among them is hypogonadism which is what sonnen is being treated for.

          • dathump

            Sure, there are lots of reasons, but some of the physical symptoms of hypogonadism is muscle loss and lack of facial hair, and seeing this guy always has and had 5 oclock shadow, i am going to say its not as much the case. TRT is just a legal loophole, but hey why not use it if you can, but he still can’t jack it up like like last time, he still has to be within the 6-1 ratio even with his injections. Although high test levels wont help him against a heathy Silva who now knows what to expect. I belive Sonnen is going to go in there doing the same thing expecting a different result. Some smart guy had a name for that!

          • phrankthetank

            And I’m sure that if he wasn’t on TRT he would show symptoms such as those. You’re right though. Sonnen will do the same thing expecting a different result, but he’ll try to do the same thing with improved submission defense.

        • lowlb

          He may have been born without testicles and wears a cup to… Umm…??? well…
          I want to see him fight Christina Cyborg next..
          He’s a great fighter and a total scumbag.
          He claims in his video that Anderson has put him off for 2 years.
          When actually he was suspended for a year and Anderson fought Vitor, I believe. It is so obvious the guy is dishonest. He does not back anything up because he can’t.
          I am no Anderson fan but I don’t want Sonnen to win.
          But he might..

      • phrankthetank

        Very well put

  • What’s to be scared of? He beat him up and down the cage for 4 rounds. Triangle chokes and armbars don’t even hurt after you let go.

    • Lesnardo

      Scared of getting caught using steroids after getting destroyed.

    • jmat13

      You must have never been caught in a good armbar. Even if you tap quick they can hurt for quite a while after.

      • phrankthetank


      • macgrubber

        Ya people who actually know what they are doing dont get put into armbars so no I dont know what its like. jmat seems like u suck at bjj can you explain what it feels like?

        • phrankthetank

          Oh macgrubber, you’re so talented. You must have worked your way up to a bjj black belt without ever being armbarred. I wish I was as good as you

        • RubeKegal

          Hey mac, why don’t you respond in the BJ Penn/Rory room where you were verbally castrated? Yeah getting owned sucks doesnt it?

  • pooby

    Silva with a rib injury vs. a roided up Sonnen = Silva finishes Sonnen.

    This time Silva will crush Sonnen. I expect Sonnen to rush after Silva and try to tie him up. Silva will land a hard shot or two that will stun Sonnen. Sonnen will get desperate for a takedown. Silva continues landing shots. Sonnen turtles up, fight over.

    Then this site will be full of people saying how overrated Sonnen was and how they knew it all along.

    • gnodeb

      On top of that, AS came in gi like never before. He was going for submission whole fight…

    • rsnowbass

      Sonnen is not “over-rated.” He’s just not in Anderson’s league. Sonnen will not get the better of the striking again, which lead to all his take downs in the first 2 rounds of their first fight.

      I say he’s not over-rated because he is the best in the division, minus Silva.

  • samflchr

    Anderson silva might when this time but it won’t be easy and he can’t take back the ass whipping the first time steroids or not he got wrecked people just go for who ever is winning at the time no interest in the aspect of fighting most of them probably didnt even like Anderson till he won a lot it’s pathetic so talk crap about sonnen but he still fights his ass off ?

  • phrankthetank

    Sonnen is a criminal, a loudmouth, a plagiarizer, and had elevated testosterone levels, but that guy shows no fear. He came out at the bell every round, charged across the cage and punched Anderson silva in the jaw. He didn’t let silva put his hands at his sides and slip punches. He didn’t hesitate. Win lose or draw in this fight, whether sonnen ground and pounds his way to a decision or Anderson silva front kicks him in the face inside of 5 seconds, you can’t say sonnen doesn’t go out there to win. I respect the hell out of that.

    • dgs

      I really like this post and completely agree with everything you said. I have nothing more to add.

    • rsnowbass


  • Dana and Chael are good dealers for a xenophobic redneck crowd.

  • dathump

    Just because Anderson is more known for knocking guys out, or his striking, why does it come back to “he was beat for 4 rounds” ect. A LOSS IS A LOSS! If Anderson ko’d him in the 5th round would there be the big debate. Why would he not be looking for a submission, Sonnon flaying his arms recklessly is crying out submit me.(and the reason for most of his losses) Also, if Sonnon beat him so bad why did Anderson only have a little goose egg on his cheek, and still have his wits enough to pull off the submission. Either Anderson can really take a punh or Sonnons punches have nothing behind them. I think we see a different fight this time around. I just hope Sonnon losses with some grace this time.

    • MaritalArtist

      Both fighters will be different. People don’t understand that. They’ll both be a little older. Chael will have slightly less testosterone in him (but enough for good fight, trust me). Anderson will have slightly improved takedown defense. He will look to be more aggressive for the KO earlier on. Anderson will have slightly less confidence, since this is the only guy who’s put him in dire straits of losing the belt since that crazy flying heel hook thingy.

      Chael will have the same confidence. His bjj will be improved. His ability to pass guard will be Improved, thereby making him more of a threat on the ground.

      Arguably, AS’s fighting ability will be improved due to lack of rib injury.

      Should he a good fight.

      • pooby

        Will Silva have less confidence, or more motivation?

        • MaritalArtist

          I guess that is true. He hasn’t been
          motivated for some time now. Until Chael, that is. I guess we’ll see how a really motivated, healthy Anderson fights real soon!!

  • fightfankevin

    Regardless of what you think of Chael’s TRT, (by the way im in my late 30’s and take TRT and ive never taken steroids in my life), what i like best is his calling Anderson out for being the douche he is, for example showing the world Andy speaks great english except when he doesnt want to.

  • MaritalArtist

    If either of these buffoons gets injured, I am quitting all things UFC. Wait, if either gets injured, we all get to see the Brit get spanked!!

  • maddawgmar

    Wow, it’s good to see Lesnardo is sticking to his Latino fighters. Here is the thing. Yes, Chael whooped the sh!t out of Silva for about 22 mins. but the fight is 25. If the fight happened in reverse we would all be saying Chael isn’t the better fighter. Did we all think Serra was better when he KO’d GSP? Yes Silva wonbut he wasn’t the better fighter that night. Are things going to be different? Yes it’s a different fight. Can either fighter win? Yes. Bottom line it will be a great fight.

  • Fatty Turnbuckle

    Sonnen is entertaining as hell and always shows up to fight. But he always shows up as the SAME fighter and hasn’t really evolved since I first saw him in the WEC (although his is much bigger). I think Silva will finish him before the championship rounds. I am a big fan of Anderson Silva but it would be fantastic to see Sonnen beat him. Can you imagine the hype around Sonnen vs Silva III??? Everyone should want Sonnen to win just to set up the greatest rubber match in history! What more could a fan ask for? Let’s do this!

  • TKD

    Sonnen better have a better showing than he did in the Bisping fight. Otherwise we will see Silva winning in the first round!


    Silva KO 3rd Round

  • collideoverme

    Regardless if you love or hate Chael Sonnen…You’re going to watch 🙂

  • I like Sonnen but I don’t know if he can do the same thing he did last time. That is the million dollar question. I think Silva will be ready for Sonnen this time around. I hope I am wrong and they put on a good but I don’t think it will happen.

    Check out this article about them http://www.ufcfightblogger.com/news/dana-white-chael-sonnen-fear-anderson-silva-aura/