Dana White Says Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva “Literally Fought” on the TUF Brazil 3 Set

January 27, 2014
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Chael Sonnen vs Wand Faceoff TUF 3 SetAlthough many people thought that Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva may have been playing up their feud heading into filming of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3, it appears that there’s some real fire behind the flames.

UFC president Dana White on Monday told MMAWeekly.com that the two coaches got into an actual physical confrontation while on set earlier in the day in Brazil.

“Wanderlei and Chael fought. Just today. They literally fought,” White said after hesitating about whether or not he should reveal the reality series incident.

He didn’t have a lot of details yet, but said there was a physical confrontation between the two and that at least one other person from Silva’s team was involved.

“While they were fighting, one of Wanderlei’s guys sucker punched Chael,” White continued.  “It went on for awhile.”

Sonnen and Silva are supposed to fight in a bout inside the Octagon after the reality series concludes, not so much on the set of the show. Of course, such incidents can be good promotional fodder, but past competitors on the show have been booted for fighting on the set outside of competition.

“It’s on a reality show; it’s good and it’s bad,” said White. “A fight didn’t need to break out between these two for people to be excited about this fight (after the show), because these two have been at each other’s throats.”

Sonnen and Silva have been tossing barbs at each other via social media and in person for years, but now it’s finally led to fisticuffs.

Now the question is: will they make it to their actual fight in the Octagon or is their feud too hot for the UFC to handle?

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  • dana white

    Sonnen and that TRT .

    • John

      Silva and that ‘roid rage.

  • Cold soup

    I honestly don’t believe it until it airs on TV. Dana will hype the show any way he can to get people to watch.


      Like I said earlier. It’s all promotion. Just read that this season of “TUF” is airing exclusively on UFC: FIGHT PASS. What a way to get everyone’s credit card info. Tell them some bs so everyone pays to see it. I love UFC, but boycott FIGHT PASS. I’m starting the movement lol jk.

      • David

        I currently have fight pass and its awesome! The UFC does a lot for free. But if you haven’t checked out fightpass you should. Its basically netflix but just for fights. Right now its free so not as much fights or content are on it yet but soon their going to have every single fight on it. Its only 9.99 a month. I also heard that right after a PPV it will be on fightpass almost immediately. Thats awesome.

        • COLD SOUP

          I buy ever event on ppv and that was about $720 worth this past year. I’m not paying $10 more dollars a month to watch re- runs. If they put decent events on then I would possibly think about it. But I don’t care to see all these new comers fight at 4 am. So like I said: BOYCOTT FIGHT PASS!!

          • shawn_jhnstn@yahoo.com

            Why boycott? If what David said is true n they put ppvs on there rite after they air that’s nice. Especially for the one’s that don’t have strong card’s we can save a few bucks n not have to order every single one.

        • shawn_jhnstn@yahoo.com

          That does sound nice. Anyone know if it works on the $139 kindle fire?

  • Scott

    Awesome. I hope the ufc doesn’t edit it out like they do with a lot of the fist fights that happen in hose

  • bvol

    Could be hype but what makes me think it happened was Dana saying Chael was ducker punched by one of silva’s team. That’s exactly what I would expect to happen.

    • bvol

      Sucker punched. Typo

  • keith

    Cheap-shot by Silva’s clan, Can’t wait till Chael destroys Silva or maybe Silva will destroy himself like his a-hole Brazilian partner Anderson. Karma is a beotch…

    • mmax00267761

      “Silvas’ clan” ? you mean the random guys they chose to be on the show ?,wanderlei didnt sucker punch anyone, that was just an idiot from his team. Cant wait till wanderlei destroys that CHEATING douche sonnen, karma will get him, hopefully wanderlei will knee him after sonnen fails a spinning backfist

      • fsunoles10

        keep hoping and praying bubba cuz its highly unlikely, silva has a punchers chance but thats about it.

        • Wolf Ticket

          yeah, sucker-puncher’s chance, lol

          • fsunoles10

            im eager to see some video of this little incident, no doubt the dude that sucker punched him prolly a) hit him from behind or b) reached around as many people as he could in order to keep some barriers in his way. hah

      • Fuh Kerr

        If Karma bites any one’s ass, it’ll be Wanderlei’s. Disowns his own home country, only to get the most upset when someone insults it. Hypocrite. It sounds like Chael was whuppin’ Silva, so Silva’s coaches had to get involved. Ganging up. Like real men. Is it any wonder most people think Brazil’s full of thuggish, scummy, low life assholes (personally, I think only some of them are). For Silva to take pride in these actions, it re-affirms everything Chael said. So, basically each time Chael is proven right about Silva, he gets more offended, acts irrationally and ends up proving yet another point made by Sonnen, leading to his getting more offended, acting irrationally etc… It’s a vicious cycle within which Wanderlei is the douche. Karma will get it. This confrontation… I would not be surprised in the slightest if after TUF has aired, but before the actual fight, Wandy gets “injured” or has to pull out because he knows Chael will wreck him. Or if he doesn’t, Karma pretty much says Chael will knock him out. To add insult to injury. Getting knocked out by Chael Sonnen, a man who makes Bisping look like he’s carrying sledgehammers.

  • opposition13

    sucker punched? what a coward way to do business….makng brazil look really bad….

    • mmax00267761

      oh please, 1 guy from brazil doing something stupid, does not make the ENTIRE country of brazil look bad

      • fsunoles10

        how about a whole stadium?

        • Kris-tyahn

          OUCH! Too soon (lol), if you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about. Funny though!

    • taylor2008

      Because 1 guy was an idiot and a coward doesnt make Brazil look bad. Any person from any country could have done that.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    Wonder if Wandy had a camera man and 3 other goons come up and instigate it like he did at the Olympia expo.

  • asdi124

    Chael knew what he was getting into when he insulted Brazil as a whole. I’m not saying what Wandys team did was right, but when you insult a whole country the way Chael did, nothing good is going to come of it. There are crazy people in every country. Chael happened to be in the one he insulted. Anyways, Chael’s probably going to beat Wandy same way he did Shogun.

    • brian

      bro…he’s a salesman…wwe style that is it…nice person overall…dont judge

  • Adam K Vogt North Yarmouth

    Guarantee Chael and Wandy went out for a beer after their “fight” and toasted to all the money they are going to make by hyping this up.

  • Jimmy Rebel

    if you’re surprised by this, you should sucker punch yourself in the face. considering you need the UFC pass to watch the show in america, I think they’ll air the scrap for brazilians. you can’t expect those two personalities to be calm throughout this process.

  • paul berry

    Silva, I Love, Chael I Love, Brazil I Love, but they are so weak to attack one man with two men, and they for years in pride and in Brazil have talked down about and to American fighters, saying America is nothing and American fighters are nothing, yet Americans have excepted them and their ways, now they are so weak as to threaten Chaels Life??? Weakness! I Love Brazil, especially their Women, but this weak act is hard to look upon and not know that they are wrong and Chael is Right! He is supposed to talk tough, as do they, weak??? For evidence the true Champion, the True Fighter is preparing His earth for His retaking of it, Go examine the Websites at http://www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com/prophecy_and_the_signs wherein the posted signs listed on that page were posted well over four years ago and are the Likes of the Washington DC/Virginia Beach quakes our Lord brought on the same day as the unofficial unveiling of the martin luther king statue in DC {with more quakes coming there as we speak} and the Japan quake and small tidal wave to alaska, with many others listed that have come and are now coming and were written months and years before being this days news! Also go to the site at http://adamandeveinaction.blogspot.com/ and http://thehistorianbookstore.blogspot.com/ as well as http://theguardianofthefuture.blogspot.com/ on all these sites are undeniable proof of God’s mystery being finished Rev:10:7 making the way straight for His now coming! …. It has begun … Respect unto all those born of God/Adam Deuteronomy 32:8

    • Matte

      You really make sense bro.

      Calm down.

    • onehitwonder

      adam and eve is an porn toy site, I’m not falling for that.

  • Henry Rafael B. Posadas

    You insult an entire country, expect to be beaten to a pulp. Why defend Sonnen? He’s lucky he wasn;t lynched.