Dana White Says Anderson Silva Will Be Walking Without Crutches in 30 Days (Photos)

January 10, 2014
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UFC president Dana White visited former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva on Friday, and it looks like he’s recovering well, as expected.

Silva suffered a fracture of both his tibia and fibula when champion Chris Weidman checked one of the Spider’s kicks in their Dec. 28 main event bout at UFC 168 in Las Vegas. Silva was immediately rushed to the hospital for surgery, where he had a rod inserted below his knee cap that runs the length of his tibia.

After visiting with Silva, White tweeted the above pictures, noting that Silva is expected to be walking without crutches in 30 days.

That’s quite the recovery after Silva broke both bones in his leg.

He is still expected to be out of action for the better part of 2014, but Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes, told MMAWeekly.com that he expects that Silva will fight again, likely in one year. White backed that up when he told FoxSports.com that Silva told him that he plans to return and fight again.

Here’s wishing Silva a swift and complete recovery.

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    He’ll be back,,, Anderson Silva is the most talented & naturally gifted fighter in the World

  • jimmy777

    silva is 100% done, by the time he heals up and gets back to full training he will be pushing 40. better to bow out now, he broke his leg, he didnt lose by knockout or submission so hes going out on a good note.

    • Ron

      Granted he will have several factors against him including age and a vulneralble leg, but if Silva does return he’s worth watching. No one would argue him retiring and if he’s willing to fight again, that just demonstrates his desire and heart. Anyone who wants to fight and has the passion makes for a good fight win or lose.

    • Mmafan

      You act as though 40+ UFC greats haven’t had great fights at that age. Coutre obviously comes to mind…and Silva is on another level that good ole Randy was. Silva will be back and he will have a chip on his shoulder. A focused Silva is a dangerous SIlva.

    • Shane Geerdes

      dude the grey beard guy on kill bill was 200 and still kicked ass. dont count silva out. he will fight untill hes 60

  • that guy

    I cant wait to see if he overcomes this hurdle. If not God bless him he has been an entertaining fighter to watch. Don’t listen to us couch potatoes Mr Silva….you know what you are capable of.

  • mendoza

    Anderson silva plans on fighting again once healed and declared that he wants to fight gsp. Notice to the conspiracy theorists and the “what if ” guys, notice how he didn’t mention weidman. Silva has accepted that weidman is a superior fighter and has moved on to a easier payday, but gsp is able to win. Anderson has accepted weidman is superior and hasn’t called out weidman again because silva knows he tried his best and was still manhandled. He is a smart man for leaving weidmans name out of his mouth.

    • brad king

      u waited 7 years for this, who woulda thought it was possible

    • Austin, TX

      hilarious. he’s still trying to pick on gsp? did he really say that? gsp is 4 or 5 inches smaller and 30-40 lbs lighter street weight. Silva is a bit of a bully. The bully got bullied so now he goes in search of somebody that he can bully… to get the taste out of his mouth.

      • deepgrim

        i recogn gsp would have a decent chance against silva. gsp has some similiar qualities that weidman has, in regards to wrestling and bjj, has less power in the hands but has a good kick boxing game non the less, and anderson has struggled against the wrestlers

  • mendoza

    Both fights with weidman, silva declared he was in greatest shape ever and went thru the longest training camps ever. Therefore, one must conclude that weidman beat the best silva ever. A great accomplishment!!!

  • solo

    Just month and a half after the fight, and he’ll be walking without crutches. Thats incredible progress!
    Its really inspirational to see him always smiling and being in good spirits when his leg is so messed up.
    I really hope he returns from this, not to prove anything to anyone but just to have a fight and not go out this way. As a fan, i just wanna see his farewell interview in the octagon.

  • EricTheFrench

    I’m no Doctor but surely that’s too soon ? I’ve had a spiral fracture of tib & fib & I was out of the cast in 6 weeks & walking without the aid of crutches was 9 weeks !

    • Slayer99

      He has a titanium rod in his tibia and he’s an elite athlete which should speed his healing. Not that strange that he could be walking around…but training…and then fighting…we probably won’t see him until late 2014.

  • Manuel Lopez

    This guy is surrounded by idiots. When Weidman beat him the first time Dana White, and Silva’s camp COULD NOT WAIT to put him back in the octagon in the rematch… in other words, they rushed the fuck out of him. That rematch was TOO SOON and AS paid the price dearly. Now the guy suffered a gruesome injury and it seems to me like DW and his camp can’t wait to see him doing jumping jacks as if his injury is minor and AS is some mutant with an accelerated healing factor. They will not be happy until the see AS dead I guess. In retrospect I conclude that AS isn’t too bright. He is easily manipulated and takes advice from a lot of idiots who are living off of his success. But it’s time to slow down. AS should heal, and retire. He has NOTHING to prove to us or anyone. Enjoy your money man, and forget everyone else. It’s time to be with your family, enjoy life and help look for the next big thing if you want to stay in the mma atmosphere .

  • Anderson fights again

    Look up PRP boys, that’s how the pros heal, and a little hgh

  • Shirtless Fran

    Glad to know Anderson Silva will be fine… As far as Chris Weidman is concerned.. He’s a Pussy for blocking that leg kick intentionally with his knee!.. In the 1st fight sliva put his hands down and gave it to him… In the 2nd fight… Chris blocked w his knee like a chicken shit…. Chris is a Champion that everyone will Hate… He has no respect towards Anderson… What a shame…


    A. Don’t rush back, take 9 – 10 months off!
    1st fight back vs Cung Le (41 yr)
    2nd fight super fight vs Gsp (32 yr)
    3rd fight vs a top 10 MW fun fight vs a striker like Costas (34 yr), Rockhold (29yr) , Machida (35) or even Bisping (34). He might not win them all but fun match ups!!!

  • MMA fan

    I wish him a fast recovery and hope he will be the same fighter after such a devastating injury. I hope he will not get “Vitored” upon return, but a top 3 opponent is going to be given to him upon return.

  • macarrech

    I really wish he doesn’t come back. It a was a long and impressive career. Time to hang the gloves and not tarnish his legacy any longer.