Dana White Says Anderson Silva Still Has No Next Opponent

July 22, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 148
UFC 149 was supposed to provide some clarity to the middleweight contenders race as to who will next challenge champion Anderson Silva.

Unfortunately, at the end of the night there were only questions with very little in the way of answers.

Just days ago, UFC President Dana White teased that he would have some major revelations to make after UFC 149 ended, but once it was over he changed his tune.

“To be honest you know me, I am in no mood right now to even talk about that,” White told Fuel TV when asked about the middleweight division after the event.

While there was no direct reference made after the show ended, a lot of the plans at middleweight hinged on the fight between Tim Boetsch and former Bellator champion Hector Lombard. The end result was Lombard’s winning streak coming to a very unimpressive end, while Boetsch most likely suffered a broken foot en route to victory.

So instead of having a new No. 1 contender crowned, White could only say that no one stands out head and shoulders above the crowd and more fights will have to happen before Anderson Silva finds his next challenger.

“No, there’s going to be some fights that happen before any of these guys fight Anderson Silva,” White revealed.

The overall mood from White could only be described as somber after what he hoped was going to be an explosive fight between Boetsch and Lombard turned into a fizzled out performance from the highly hyped former Bellator champion.

White was looking for someone, anyone to come out and stake their claim to the top spot at middleweight, much like Chris Weidman did in his fight just over a week ago against Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel TV 4.

“When I talk about guys fighting for the next fight and guys who are possibly going to fight for world titles, I like dominant performances. (Chris) Weidman, I want to see a guy like Weidman come in out of nowhere and take out the No. 2, No. 3 guy in the world the way that he did. We’ll see what happens,” said White.

Weidman’s impressive performance aside, White says he’s still not next in line for a title shot, and for now the No. 1 contender remains a mystery.

The UFC will be holding executive meetings early next week where details could be hammered out to hopefully put together a match or series of matches that will finally find a top dog ready to challenge Anderson Silva’s seemingly unstoppable reign as champion.

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  • insane187288

    ok Dana wake up and realise that silva is the 185b best ever. so now what? umm move him to fight john jones. Only logical fight there is. Now for middleweight then make Sonnen and Franklin fight. NO ONE but Sonnen had the right tocall out Silva even in his two defeats but no one can hang with Franklin or Sonnen.

    • shakejunt

      ok insane187288 wake up and realise that a win over wandy after a loss to forrest doesn’t catapult you to the top of the division

  • Oh give it up on Sonnen. He had his run and he failed twice.
    I would like to know what Alan Belcher has done to just be ignored by Dana. I rarely understand Dana but this is incomprehensible to me.

  • smill0313

    Not that it matters who they put in there against Silva, but I would say give it to weidman (woefully unprepared) and have bisping fight belcher while belfort fights sonnen.

  • Booker T

    WTF!!! Come on Dana!! Jones vs Silva!! Why, why, what are we waiting for. Hell to freeze over. You say Jones is not ready for heavyweight. So lets make this fight. The fans must demand it. In boxing 175 always challenged the heavyweight. WTF!!!!!

    • shakejunt

      and look where boxing is now

      • Booker T

        shakejunt, do you really think Jones vs Silva is going to kill MMA? Look, I used to be a big boxing fan before mma came along. Boxing went down hill because of too many weight classes and too many belts. I hope that doesn’t happen in the UFC.

        • macgrubber

          personally i couldnt care less how many divisions or belts they have i just like to watch boxing. I think what killed it is the corruption. Bradley vs pac?

  • AdamBianski

    I would like to see Anderson fight Rashad Evens, or Ryan Bader. Before you even go saying that Chaell is a better wrestler then those two save it. Chaell sucked at 205 and both of those two would dominate him.

    • macgrubber

      chael is a better wrestler

  • I think bisbing should be silva’s next opponent. Bisbing is ranked 4. why have him fight an 8th ranked fighter when there is totally a ranked one fighter against a ranked 4 fighter sitting you in the face. if bisbing loses against stann.. he goes down in ranks and you lose a top promotional fight.

    belcher could fight stann.

    Bisbing against silva totally makes sense. unless bisbing is… affraid.

  • Booker T

    Jones vs Silva and not at a catch weight. Make it a super fight for the 205lb belt. Let’s give Silva the ultimate test of his career. Why am I the only one that wants this fight? Silva should be out there calling Jones out. Is Silva afraid of Jones?

    • More like jones is affraid of silva, since he posted himself in his own twitter that he would not fight silva, cus he respected him so much. Rofl

      Jones, the much bigger e heavier man said this, not anderson. So stfu, rofl.

  • zap

    Silva doesn’t want that fight. He didn’t want the second Chael fight. He doesn’t want Dan Henderson. He is the best, but also protective of his legacy too.

    • Booker T

      Yeah, I think your right zap. But who knows, Silva may pull off the upset too. I’d pay the $50 myself to see that fight. I think he’d have a better legacy to fight Jones and lose than to avoid him.

      • Newsflash for you: since jones himself postd on his twitter that “hes not gonna fight anderson cuz hes protecting his legacy” id say that anderson is avoiding this fight less than jones is, rofl

        • Booker T

          If Dana says fight, they’ll fight.

      • dathump

        Anderson he stated that he didn’t want the Sonnen II or a Henderson rematch because he has already beat them. shouldn’t have to do it again. I think a year or 2 ago there was more of a call for him to move up a class because there was no one left at 185 who deserved a shot. now that there is some talent comming down the line. both at 185 and 205 the need isn’t there. its not worth it to the UFC to have 1 or both of their champions legacys tarnished for one fight when there is 5 or 6 good fights for each in the horizon.

        • Booker T

          Silva’s legacy will not be tarnished if he loses to Jones. It’ll enhance it. Roberto Duran still has his legacy with all his losses.

  • Booker T

    Look, if this fight is not made, it’s the same as Manny and Floyd not being made. Come on Dana!!!!!

  • Whoever wants to fight anderson gotta make it in the middleweight division, hes already sais hes not gonna go up or down weights. That being said, stop whinning, if jones vs silva were to happen, jones would have to cut off an arm or something to hit middleweight weight. Not gonna happen, jones is a heavyweight that cuts alot already to fight in the light heavyweight. If this fight ever happened it wouldnt be that cool either cuz only 1 belt would be at stake, and that would b jj’s belt. Dont think he would b all that willing to risk It.

  • juniorbra

    or make GSP go up and fight Anderson……that would be good fight too, is about time to see GSP getting his ass bit up… I’m tired to see his fights always going to the judges!!!!!!

    • juniorbra

      my bad, getting his ass kick….

    • Drock420

      That’s a fight that I’ve been wanting to see for a while, my bro actually thinks GSP would beat Silva! He even agreed to bet me money on it if the fight were to ever happen. That’s a bet I could actually take with my bro. If that fight ever happened GSP would get mopped!! I don’t think GSP will be the same when he comes back from the injury & the long lay off, however I hope he proves me wrong.

  • BELCHER VS WEIDMAN number 1 contender. HECTOR GOT ROBBED. And Im a fan of Tim B saying this. No offense Tim B. Bisping and Stann are next. And maybe Vitor can fight Roussimar.

  • soboc1

    Hector didnt live up to the HYPE. He wasn’t robbed, the fans were.

  • clemwilson

    Silva and Jon Jones at 205?

  • MaritalArtist

    Silva vs jones at 205 sounds good if dw can get those two “best friends” to agree to it. Ass-wipes. They prolly met like 5 times. If not, weidman vs belcher for the title shot. Also, bisping-stann vs Evans, and vitor vs Franklin, and sonnen vs ….GSP?….. I don’t know who. If GSP loses in nov, he should move up and throw a monkey wrench into the MW division.

    “I’m not laying under GSP, no way”. — Chael Sonnen.

  • rfxgordy

    nick diaz v anderson silva?

    • Nick Diaz is already fighting reality.

    • Um Nick Diaz is coming off a loss to Condit for the WW title; I don’t think the UFC would give him a MW title fight against the P4P Undisputed Champion. How is that fight even an option? lol. Besides the highest Diaz has been at (no pun intended) is 180 pounds in a catch weight fight.

  • Booker T

    I don’t want to see Silva vs GSP. Why? If that sawed off midget Matt Serra can beat GSP, what’s Silva going to do to him?

    • shakejunt

      i don’t want to see silva vs gsp. why? if that journeyman ryo chonan can beat silva, what’s gsp going to do to him?

      • macgrubber

        whats a ryo chonan?

        • Booker T

          Something Obama ate when he was a little boy in Africa…….. I think.

  • axis

    How about a tag team match 2 v 1, Sonnen & bisbing vs Silva.. Thats the only match up that makes sense at this point, Don’t see any fighter that can hang in there with silva! Would like to see the belt change hands but there isn’t anyone that can hang with Silva @ MW. Lombard was a big let down, they did a great job hyping him up so my hats off to the marketing team but clearly he doesn’t belong in the UFC…