Dana White Says Anderson Silva Gets Immediate Rematch If He Loses; Rekindles Super Fight Talk

July 2, 2013
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Anderson Silva at the UFC 148 press conferenceAnderson Silva has never lost in the Octagon, but plans are in place regardless of Saturday’s outcome at UFC 162.

Silva puts his UFC middleweight belt on the line against Chris Weidman in the UFC 162 main event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The champ is the decided favorite, but there’s always the chance that Weidman could pull off the upset. In fact, many of Silva and Weidman’s compatriots are picking the undefeated youngster to do just that.

UFC president Dana White said on Monday that if Weidman were successful Silva would get an immediate rematch.

“I’d do the rematch the next fight,” White told MMAjunkie.com during a media luncheon. “Guy hasn’t lost in the UFC ever, has beat everybody. He loses that fight, he’s the guy for a rematch if he wants it.”

Silva has won 16 consecutive fights in the Octagon, making his debut for the UFC in 2006, and winning the middleweight championship in only his second fight for the promotion. He’s ruled the 185-pound division ever since, showing no signs of weakness.

There are also plans afoot if Silva does as expected and successfully defends his belt. White said that an oft-talked-about-but-yet-to-materialize super fight with either Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre is a distinct possibility.

Although both Silva and St-Pierre have shied away from super fight talk lately, White said that Silva could still be paired with either GSP or Jones.

“He didn’t sign a 10-fight deal to not take big fights. He cares about legacy,” said White, according to a tweet from ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto.

Either St-Pierre or Jones would make for a legacy-cementing bout for Silva. Of course, it would be some time in the making. Even if Silva wins on Saturday, St-Pierre is fighting Johny Hendricks in November, while Jones has a fight lined up with Alexander Gustafsson in September.

Timing wouldn’t be the only issue. Regardless of the pairing, the weight the fighters would meet at would be another sticking point. And at the end of the day, money is also an issue.

First, of course, is the matter of Saturday’s bout between Silva and Weidman.

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  • julian moran

    There are many interesting options. A non title fight with Silva vs Jones at 195, they can then both return to their division. Or, Silva can fight for the title at 205 and return to 185 if he fails, just as GSP can leave the 170 division to try himself out for his last few fights at MW.

    • Cereal Killer

      I don’t think Jones could make 195. His legs are already too skinny.

      • Ian Price

        He might be too weak at 195.

        However, they could meet at 200.

        Also, Anderson could ask Jones as a condition of the fight, that Jones diet down a bit, so he doesn’t blow up to 225 after the weigh-ins. If he can diet down to 215 like a few days before, Anderson might agree to that.

        • jones is already anticipating heavyweight so him cutting lower than 205 is getting to be unrealistic

          • Werdoomb

            Come on. Silva fought at 205 before. In fact, everytime Dana and Ed Soares brags about Silva, they mention the fact that he went up to 205 to “challenge” himself.

            WTF? So he doesn’t mind going up to 205 to fight Stephan Bonnar but not any other top 10. I don’t even care about JBJ. I know Silva wants none of Jones. I am talking about fighting some top 10 guys at LHW.

          • Werdoomb

            Sorry..sloppy writing on my part.

            “So he doesn’t mind going up to 205 to fight Bonnar but not to fight a top 10 guy?”

            Bonnar is not/never was/never will be top 15 at any weight class.

          • Lucas Freire

            Wasn’t Griffin a top10 guy when they fought? He had only recently lost to Rashad, and it was when he was the champion.
            But I understand your point, even the LHW division that always were stacked now has much more quality on its top10.
            Still, I can hardly see a fight that would be entertaining.

            I see all top wrestlers on 205 as a tough match-up to AS, but they’d all make the most boring fights ever, as none of them would even consider trying to stand a little against Silva.
            With this in mind, I think AS x Gustafson or AS x Mousasi would be great fights. But, Gustafson is on the edge of a title shot and Mousasi has no recognition in the UFC.

          • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

            I think Mousasi is dropping down to 85, so that fight might not be too far off. I’d like to see Mousasi fight Belfort for a shot at the winner of Silva v Weidman. I’d also like to see the winner of Machida v Davis fight Gustafson for the next shot at the belt. I know Davis already beat Gus, but I’d like to see them fight again.

    • p3ezy

      jones would destroy silva. yes i am a fan of jones, but an even bigger fan of silva but i do think that jones would be fairly dominant in that fight

      • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

        I think the fight could go either way. Anderson has stopping power, is deceptively strong, and has better timing than anyone in MMA. I think there is a good chance Jones could take him down and control him on the ground for 25 minutes, but I don’t think he could stop Anderson. I think Anderson could stop Jones standing or on the ground. If I had to put money on the fight, I’d put it on Jones, but I think it is wrong to count out a guy who has shown time and time again that he can make professionals look like drunk amateurs. Anderson didn’t just beat Irving, Griffin, and Bonnar, he made them look like they had never fought a day in their lives, and to me, his performances against these larger, slower guys were a lot more impressive than it might seem on paper. Chael controlled Anderson for the first round of their 2nd fight, but in the second he got hit a few times and started making mistakes. I think the same could happen to Jones. I’d personally love to see this fight, if Anderson beats Weidman, which I believe he will.

        • p3ezy

          yea i agree with everything you are saying apart from the beating jones bit. i just honestly think jones is on another level to other fighters. his reach would also play a huge part in this fight i think too

    • Werdoomb

      I don’t even think Jones thinks about fighting Silva. He knows that he would beat Silva the way GSP beat BJ Penn. Jones knows deep inside that Silva wants none of him.

      In fact, Jones is thinking about challenging himself at HW. If Jones moves up to HW and gets some solid wins there, I would say he is better than Silva for sure.

      Beating Forrest Griffin, James Irvin, and Stephan Bonnar at 205 is not indicative of having the desire to challenge oneself.

      Okay, so Silva won’t fight Lyoto. Fair enough. But what about Gus, Rashad, Glover, and other top 10 LHWs? Heck, just go fight Shogun at 205!

      • Dragon Kid

        Top ten or not its impressive that a middleweight can still beat three light-heavyweights who had illegal substances in their body and yet they flat out got embarassed by Silva.

      • Lucas Freire

        That’s the issue. The actual champions of almost every division should be a division above.

        Spider is a big guy on 180, and the last opponents he faced were big middleweight guys.
        But on the other hand Silva isn’t a big LHW, he’s smaller than most LHWs. While Jones on the other hand is a BIG LHW, he outmuscles everyone that fights him and that includes hellish strong guys like Rampage. See what I mean? That’s why I don’t think superfights are good. While they would cement someone’s legend, it’d destroy the other’s.

        The Aldo vs Edgar fight is an exception, since even in FW Edgar is still smaller than the champion

    • Milosc

      The guy’s already fought at 205, and either manhandled people or slapped them silly

      195 may be the only catchweight that makes any sense, beyond nickels and dimes, but is unrealistic for Jones’ frame, imo

      I see this at 205

      I also do not think GSP is really a wise choice because it makes him look like a bully. Silva is the great wrecking machine, whereas GSP still has a strong division of guys to struggle through. Jones and Silva are at the right point in time for each other. Especially after Gustafsson

  • bajafox

    I’m so over super fight talk. The guy is almost 40 years old, Jones would destroy him. GSP clearly wants no part of him either.

    • Usmc8408

      His age would only be a factor if he was showing signs of slowing down, which he’s not. So your argument is useless.

      • silva has recently admitted he can’t beat jon jones, so whats the point

        • dgs

          Please point me to the link where Silva has admitted he can’t beat Jones. I have never seen that in any interview I’ve read with the man.

        • solo

          he also said that he dont consider himself the best P4P fighter in the world, and i think many, many, many people will disagree with that.

      • bajafox

        LOLOL, ok then how about Anderson Silvas opinion?

        “If I fight Jon Jones,” Silva said at a press lunch, “I don’t think I’m going to win.”

    • Ian Price

      How can Jones “totally kick Silva’s ass” because Silva is almost 39, yet Silva would “totally kick GSP’s ass”?

      • Sir_Roy

        That comment doesn’t make a lot of sense because they are conclusions based solely on opinion with a light splash of “probability”.

        No one knows for sure who would win in any of those fights. Personally, I think neither super match is a foregone conclusion.

        GSP, while smaller, has potential Silva “kryptonite” in his MMA wrestling pedigree and I think Silva is the one man who can be slicker and out strike Jon Jones. So yeah, anything can happen in either match.

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    Whoop! There it is. I called that s***.

  • Dragon Kid

    i’m just gonna wait and see what happens this weekend.

    • Spartacus

      Smartest comment here! Part of the problem is everyone wants to make fights before an event is even been contested.
      Anderson has dominated for so long that people forget a FIGHT is a FIGHT and anything can happen.
      Personally I’m going to sit down with friends and a have some great grub and a few drinks and watch what I believe will be a tremendously skilled and tactical fight between two outstanding athletes and two good embassadors of MMA.
      I consider myself a winner already!

  • Real

    Jon Jones only beats Anderson by using wrestling. Period. If Jones tries to stand w/ Anderson, he’ll be KTFO. End of story. But good chance that Jones would be able to take down Anderson and use ground and pound. That’s the problem.

    Anderson would beat GSP as well b/c of GSP’s size disadvantage. Size he’s the smaller fighter, he’d have to shoot from too far out and Anderson would easily avoid or knee GSP in the face.

    Between the two possible superfights, Anderson has a much better chance of beating Jones rather than GSP beating Silva.

    • Maddawgmar

      GSP, is faster and way more explosive. The size difference would be way smaller between Silva and GSP than Silva Jones. GSP rag dolled all these wrestlers with higher pedigrees than him. GSP could put Silva on his back just as easy as Sonnen did but won’t fall asleep and get submitted. IMO

      • Sir_Roy

        Actually, GSP is smaller than Silva, than Silva is Jones. Silva walks around at 220lbs (going as high as 230lbs once or thrice) whereas Jones walks around at 230lbs.

        GSP on his biggest days walks around at 195lbs … he usually sits, according to him and his trainers, closer to 190lbs.

        • Maddawgmar

          You must hang out with these guys and know how much they weigh. Cuz athletes never lie about their weight. Any fighter will over exaggerate their pre cut weight, until they weigh them in before the cut its only talk. the fact on advantage is in height and reach. According to Sherdog, Jones holds a 2″ height and a 7″ reach advantage over Silva. And Silva holds a 4″ height and 1″ reach advantage.

          • Werdoomb

            umm..height and reach are exaggerated too buddy. The weigh-in result is THE ONLY substantiated number we get.

            “billed” height. “billed” reach.

            No one actually officially measures height/reach.

          • Sir_Roy

            I’m basing the weight on well known, well documented information from each respective fighter – who have no real reason to lie. Their trainers, and those that are part of their camp, mirror these numbers every time asked. And they’ve been asked aplenty over the years due to never ending super fight talk.

            You’re stating they’re saying that they’re really lighter than they purport pre cut for what reason? Forget it, Not important. It doesn’t matter a wit, because you’d have to be intimating that this holds true for Silva, but somehow not for GSP, to dispute me stating what I did about their respective sizes as relevant and true. And that would be oddly convenient and a little silly.

            Silva is significantly taller and weighs significantly more than GSP than Jones does Silva. Well known statistics. But yeah, let’s say GSP is underestimating his weight and Silva is exaggerating his own just so you can defend against someone having corrected you.

      • Real

        lol. on what are you basing GSP being faster & more explosive than Anderson? you must be watching GSP on fast forward and Anderson on slow motion.

  • teroothe

    I wonder how many of you are actual fighters and not fans. yes silva is older and yes he made his statements about jones. in his age moving up in weight would be a bad idea compared to moving down for GSP. I wouldn’t even want to watch bones v anderson to watch an athletic chael sonnen hug him 5 rounds. GSP v silva is who we need to campaign for if anything

    • Maddawgmar

      I agree, minus the actual fighters thing, who is actually who they say they are on the Internet. But history shows in combat sports, the older you get the harder it is to cut weight. Most recently Dan Henderson said its too much for him to cut to 185 so he will stay at 205. But history is littered with fighters who as they get older they fight in higher weight divisions. Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather, Bernard Hopkins, etc. I don’t think 180 is out of the realm of possibility for Silva to meet GSP at.

      • Lucas Freire

        I don’t think it’s a Silva vs GSP fight is good for anyone.
        Silva would get lots of “LHW fighter who won against a WW”
        And GSP would throw away his reign at a stacked division for naught.

  • solo

    This statement just shows how much respect Dana has for Anderson!

    • Werdoomb

      not really.

      It’s all about numbers for Dana buddy.


    Dose Dana know something??? Dose he know Chris will win??? Conspiracy !!!

  • Rguan311

    What a joke. .. Weidman is a nobody

    • Baller31

      A nobody? Obviously you just started watching mma and only watch the UFC.

  • kbroesq

    I’m not even going to read the comments on this story. I will just say: most dominant champ ever, biggest consecutive winning streak, not to mention all the records he shattered.

    I don’t care if Weidman goes in there and tears the heart our of Silva’s chest in the first round. Of course Silva deserves an immediate rematch no matter what happens. If anyone ever deserved that, it’s Anderson.

  • Aussie UFC Fan

    In all the time I have been updated on this website, I have never commented. But I cant help to say 1 thing–> I have watched UFC for 10+ yrs, been to Live events, etc etc Heard about all these so called Superfights…. Yes this comment may be null n void if Weidman outpoints Silva nd pulls out the upset… But IMO Silva vs Jones would be a genuine SUPERFIGHT. Even tho Jones is a big LHW… nd prob walks around at 225-230…Silva is without doubt a once in a lifetime MMA Striking talent and true champion. So my thoughts are that if a Belfort can come within a whisker of submitting JJ, then Anderson has a better chance than anyone to defeat Jones…nd it really wouldnt be a huge upset. I am a big fan of both fighters, but over the yrs, time n time again u cant help but feel that Silva has that unique something else special talent to go up another gear nd show his greatness… I genuinely believe that apart from any other LHW contender, that Silva has the most unique tools to defeat Jones…

    • Real

      agreed that Silva has a legit chance, but the biggest issue is Jones’ wrestling. If Jones tries to stand w/ Anderson, as you said Anderson’s striking is so special, that he’d probably be able to overcome Jones’ reach advantage.

      However, if Jones is able to take Anderson down (which he should be able to) then Anderson could be in serious trouble.

  • encoro-encuero

    Only four days to go. Oh god the anxiety is going to kill me!

  • p3ezy

    I just wish i could give silva a hug with bunches of kisses. If silva only knew the love i have!! Sigh!!!