Dana White Says All Main Events Will Be Five Rounds From Now On

February 16, 2012
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“We blew it.”

It was as simple as that according to UFC president Dana White, who said after an exciting three-round war between Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchez, that it should have been a five-round fight.

The UFC changed the policy on non-title main events in 2011 so all of them would be five rounds.

That was until the new deal with Fox was struck and the main events for the shows on FX and Fuel would fall under the old rules of a three-round main event.

The first UFC on FX main event between Jim Miller and Melvin Guillard was also scheduled as a three-round fight, but it didn’t make it out of the first.

What resulted on Wednesday night between Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchez was a back-and-forth battle that could have absolutely gone on longer than the 15 minutes allotted. After Ellenberger took the first two rounds, Sanchez came storming back in the third, taking his opponent’s back and firing away with big shots trying to get the finish. The fight ended before Sanchez could put Ellenberger away, but there’s no denying the swing in momentum.

Unfortunately the end of the third round was also the end of the fight.

White now says after learning from this mistake that all future main events will be five rounds, regardless of being on FX, Fuel, Fox, or pay-per-view.

The next scheduled show on FX is on March 3 with the main event pitting Thiago Alves against Martin Kampmann, but with bout agreements already in place and the fight being only two weeks away, it will remain a three-round fight.

White also stated that the upcoming UFC on Fuel TV 2 main event between Alexander Gustafsson and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira would remain a three-round fight, again because bout agreements have already been issued and signed for that fight.

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  • make it right for the fans uncle dana! diego would have won, had it been a 5 Rd fight.

  • D-rail

    Of course. You can take a fighter’s comeback chance, especially when the other fighter is spent on round 3.

  • Addiction365

    Dana White is worse than Obama when it comes to doing what he says they will do.
    First it wasn’t. Then they said it was. Then they made it only for fox and ppv. And now they are going back to what he said they would do in the first place after the fact.
    No one has Fuel TV anyways.

  • Mario

    Seriously, you guys need to quite bitching about how if it would have been a 5 rounder, Diego would have won. Stop being sore losers! LOL

    Tonight’s fight was a 3 round fight, and Jake won it.


  • Dave

    I think it is simple, the Main event fighters are in great shape, and so evenly matched that a three round fight is not long enough to actually determine the better fighter. 3 rounds is a sprint to these guys.

    and yeah who saw this amazing fight on Fuel TV, people working in a Fox studio?

    • I saw it on Fuel tv. I bought a sports package for 6 or 7 dollars via Time Warner Cable to get Fuel TV.

      • Dave

        I will have to call Time Warner, Thanks.

  • Personally, I do not care who won or who would have won. I did see Diego having more endurance than Jake. Whatever. What I do care about is that I was under the impression that all main event bouts, regardless of whether it was a championship fight or not, would be five rounds. I was expecting five rounds last night. I am confused. If my mind serves me correctly, the Rashad vs Davis fight was five rounds, but it was on FOX. Why would the fights on FX and FUEL not be five rounds? Still, I appreciated having a free card on a Wednesday night!! The UFC has certainly made strides in the last 19 years. I just wish I was not “railroaded” like that!!! P.S. Diego’s recovery after that first round knock down has to be the fastest ever!!! Jake definitely won the first two rounds, but he did not hurt Diego, and as I said previously, Diego appeared to have more gas left on his tank at the end of the fight. Also, they seemed to have made the same amount of damage to each other.

    • afk

      lol you guys are so god damn pathetic and bitchy

      i’m SURE the ufc tossed some three rounders in there just to “railroad” you.

      get a life and quit bein’ so ignorant

  • phrankthetank

    Glad to hear that’s being fixed! I’m not going so far as to say Diego would have won if the fight kept going, but it sure as hell would have been entertaining!

  • longtime fan

    If u stop being cheap u can get fuel tv like the rest of us and not to mention that package comes with nfl, nba, and other good channels for like six bucks.

  • trevor

    5 rounds is a must, if you are in main event shape you should be able to fight more than 15 minutes. That was like watching a premature stoppage.

  • fsunoles09

    yea i would have to agree with ol boy you get just about every sports network and all that along with fuel not counting when they hook you up with like a week and a half trials of league pass and espn full court for free.but yea i was under the impression that it was 5 rounds i was like yes cant wait for this 4th round sanchez looking a lil better then they both threw their hands up i was like wtf but yea it still turned out decent.but wassup with sanchez i know the guy works hard so i wonder y he is still flabby like that.he used to be ripped ooo well still a bad dude