Dana White Rips on NSAC: “The Governor Needs to Sit Down and Make Some Serious Decisions”

November 17, 2013
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Dana White UFC 167 ScrumUFC president Dana White was an unhappy man at the UFC 167 post-fight press conference telling the media assembled that he was “blown away” that welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was awarded a split decision victory, saying that he feels that the Governor of Nevada needs to step in and clean up his state’s Athletic Commission.

“Nevada is a very scary place,” White said on the UFC Post Fight show on Fox Sports. “This is the worst commission on the planet. I’m afraid to bring fights to Las Vegas. George knew he lost, his corner knew he lost, Hendricks knew he won, and his corner knew they won.

“Boxing was so corrupt for many years that the government had to come in and regulate it, but there’s some real issues here in Nevada that need to be fixed. The governor needs to really sit down and make some serious decisions about this Athletic Commission.

“It’s something we need to look at, this city is scary. They have a lot of work to do. It makes me sick. They better figure out on how to not destroy not only the sport of boxing, but this sport too.”

St-Pierre was awarded a split decision over Hendricks, with two of the judges scoring round one to the champion, which determined the outcome of the fight.

“I’m blown away that Georges St-Pierre won that fight,” White continued. “I’m the promoter and he’s the biggest fighter in the sport. I should be “woo hoo,” these idiots gave it to Georges, but it’s not fair, it’s not right. Johny Hendricks won that fight and he deserves to get that fight again.”

Despite St-Pierre saying post-fight that he wants to take some time away from the sport, White said that he will grant an immediate rematch and that St-Pierre owes everyone to come back and fight Hendricks again.

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  • kramer

    ST-Pierre doesn’t owe Dana White anything. Screw you Dana you greedy pos

    • BA

      Dana didn’t say he owed him anything, he said GSP owes it to “everyone” to do the fight again. I’m going to infer that Dana was mostly referring to Hendricks, because he got screwed by the NSAC. GSP lost that fight , got GIFTED a decision, and now he’s gonna take his ball & go home! BS! Johnny Hendricks clearly got screwed. ps- if u think GSP won, not only r u an idiot with no understanding of the sport, you’re clearly a GSP nut hugger!

  • Patrice Lavoie

    dana white is a dumb ass,,,,he should have more respect for the fighters, st-pierre made so much money for his company !!!

    • Tony


    • Jay Mcgarrity

      He is not disrespecting GSP, he is only blaming the judges. As he made clear several times, it’s not GSP’s fault, GSP did his job out there and he doesn’t score the fight.

      • Austin, TX

        I disagree. It is disrespecting St. Pierre. You don’t do that- the end result is the same. St. Pierre has made Dana a tremendous amount of money and has been the face of class on a brutal sport and has made it palatable and interesting for millions of women and newcomers etc.. Get real, man. Dana is being kind of a dumb ass here. Stop and think about for a long minute or 2. GSP grew the UFC immensely. GSP and Liddell. They were exciting and iconic somehow there for a while. There was an excitement when one of them fought.

        • Jay Mcgarrity

          While I agree that the things Dana White said could’ve been said with a little more tact, his points were valid and he was speaking the truth. The relationship between GSP and Dana White is mutually beneficial, if you really want to get technical and talk about who would be better off without the other we could but the answer is obvious and the debate is pointless.

        • Clint Brown

          That’s funny because I could have swore he was criticizing the judges, not GSP. Everybody knows who won the fight, well everyone except for the judges.

          • Austin, TX

            That’s funny because as I already stated above the effect of Dana saying all that is the same. It is disrespecting GSP. GSP grew his (Dana’s) company immensely. He was the face of class on a brutal sport. He brought a lot of mainstream interest and dollars in. Read an analyze what is occuring in the comments before you go try to get clever.

    • BA

      You’ve got that backwards, GSP was a garbage man before he got signed to the UFC. Literally, a garbage man. GSP didn’t build the UFC, the exciting fighters did; Silva, Liddell, Griffin, Penn. take GSP away, and the UFC is in the exact same spot. On the other hand, take away the ufc & Georges is picking up your garbage. Not that there’s anything wrong with an honest living.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        While I agree that GSP didn’t launch the popularity of the sport, he definitely carried some weight in helping it grow from when he took the belt. There are a lot of people out there who only buy the PPV’s when GSP is on the card, that is why he consistently has #1 PPV sales. No reason to bash GSP or Dana White in this situation, you both need to settle down like good little newbs.

        • Joe Atallah

          When you start shaving, you may refer to folks as newbs.

  • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

    What Dana lacks in tact, he makes up for in facts. Hendricks did with that fight, and Georges only got the decision because of bad judging.

  • Tony

    The sad thing is if the fight was in Canada, I bet the judges would have given all 5 rounds to GSP.

    • Kris-tyahn

      That has to be the dumbest comment ever. Get over it dude. Dana’s acting like te 3 judges completely mis judged, the only time I’ve seen all 3 judges agree on every round except one, the first. I’m not sure who won the first round, I will have to watch it again. I thought it was 2-3 after 4, but then I actually thought Hendricks was going to win. The thing is, Hendricks wou the 2nd and 4th rounds without any question, but GSP won rounds 3 & 5, but not as “dominant” as the two rounds Hendricks won. I think the only reason Hendricks did so good, was bc of the 1st round when GSP ate 4 of those savage elbows to the skull, when GSP was going for a takedown, which is what hurt GSP for the remainder of the fight and drained his cardio. Not sure why GSP took more than one elbow after the 1st one, let alone 3 or 4 more. I’d love to see GSP fight Hendricks again and see if he doesn’t get “hurt” early, what happens? Bc Hendricks was gassed after the 3rd round and he wasnt even hurt, while GSP got hurt a couple of times and still had better cardio. Would love to see a rematch!

      • Tony

        That boy typed an essay. I didn’t read it, by the way. lol I’m not reading that shit. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

        • Austin, TX

          If you don’t have “time” for reading then why are you on this site. Ge get drunk and don’t think about anything and don’t try reading. Reading is for people who contemplate things, “boy.” make sense. If you haven’t got time to read then why are you visiting this page?

          • Tony

            I came here for what was important: the article. Your essay wasn’t important enough to read. I’m sorry! Keep your head up, lil daddy.

          • Austin, TX

            Obviously it was…

          • Tony

            Step away from the keyboard. Put your phone/tablet down. Whichever one of those applies to you: do it.

        • bajafox

          I skip over comments that are longer than the articles also

    • claudale8

      GSP also would have been much more juiced up if it was in Canada. I think yesterday was more about him looking bad that JH looking good. He looked different physically to me.


    All dana white sees is $$$$$$$$$$$

  • Kris-tyahn

    Hey Dana, GSP doesn’t owe you, the UFC or te fans anything. Nice try on wanting to make extra cash! Dana only pissed off bc GSP is walking away! If GSP didnt retire, I guarantee you Dana wouldn’t be that pissed off! When Rua got robbed vs. Lyoto 1, Dana wasnt upset and just said there will be a rematch. And that fight Rua was robbed. GSP vs. Hendricks could have went either way, bc one guy bruises like a peach and cuts easily doesn’t mean he loses pts bc of that, just means he bruises easy and that Handricks has more power. Dana angry bc GSP is walking away. Dana at the pre fight press conference commented “GSP isn’t retiring” and was so confident that he was angry when someone spoke to GSP about retiring. Silva and GSP gone means a hell of a lot less money!!

    • Tyler Jackson

      You do realize he was only saying GSP does owe them if he doesn’t retire because it’s his job. Dana said if he wants to take time then retire, clearly he knows GSP doesn’t owe him, but he can’t say he isn’t retiring but doesn’t want to fight for an indefinite amount of time. Either do your job and fight in the next 6-9months or retire, you can’t freeze the division because you want to chill and think – that’s all he was saying.

    • Clint Brown

      Shogun/rua wasn’t exactly this obvious of who the winner was..it was controversial but a very even match.

      • Triggerman99

        Shogun vs Rua? Please elaborate.

  • Steven Mark Tobin

    DW is talking out of both sides of his mouth here. First, he doesn’t blame GSP for the poor decision. Then he says GSP owes Hendricks a rematch. Why? it’s not GSP’s fault he won, right? So why is it his fault if he doesn’t fight Rigg immediately, when he by rights should have lost in the first place??

  • bcoy

    Wow horrible decision. Dana is right. The nsac is going to hurt the ufc with bad decisions Just line they’ve progressively done to boxing. New fans to the sport will get discouraged and say its as bad as boxing. Too bad . Johnny earned that decision and I’m a fan of gsp.

  • socom

    The UFC and fight sports should pull out of Vegas all together. Take the money somewhere else, lets see how the mob likes that

  • socom

    The people build the UFC and government tries to destroy it…..thats just perfect.

    • Clint Brown

      That’s pretty much what happens to every good idea.

  • Megalodon3

    I don’t know what Hendricks is complaining about. If he had finished the fight there would be no controversy. Finish the fight or take the judges decision like a man.

    • El Gvapo

      Yeah it’s proper easy to finish someone like GSP isn’t it? The fact is if you’re participating in a professional sport you expect professional referees/judges etc. You certainly don’t expect what is clearly outside corruption to have an influence on your fight and whole career?

  • Troy Mann

    Dana White called it … and i have to respect the man for telling it like it it/was

    • claudale

      Agree, but I wonder if GSP walking away has something to do with it. Dana obviously knew before the fight that GSP had other plans and that’s why he said he wouldn’t guarantee an immediate rematch if GSP lost.

      Dana can be all over the place on stuff like this. He guaranteed us a rematch after Bisping beat Hammel and we never got that.

      Now he’s stuck with a champion who doesn’t want to fight so he’ll have to have JH fight for some interim belt to keep him active

  • claudale

    Also remember, that the Fertittas used the corrupt NSAC to get the UFC in the first place. Lorenzo was the deciding vote to deny the UFC sanctioning under the old owners, then they call offer to buy it and once they own it, it gets sanctioning.

  • Eddie Ash

    You go Dana. I’m with ya brotha. Look at GSP then look at Hendrix afterwards. Ray Charles could have seen that Hendrix won that one.

    • Mark McDowall

      GSP always looks horrible after fights. Look at the Diaz fight…he whooped Diaz and he looked marginally better in the face then he did tonight.

      Anderson Silva is the complete opposite…Sonnen was landing punches all night in their first fight…he came out with barely a mark on him.

  • Mark McDowall

    I am a huge GSP fan…always will be…but this decision wasn’t even close. The judging in Nevada is terrible…and if Dana is afraid to bring fights there…and they put on less and less shows there…Vegas will start to hurt big time. UFC brings in a s*** ton of money to that town…more than boxing ever will.

    What I don’t get is why the UFC doesn’t hire their own judges. From what I’ve read I believe they have to power to choose/employ their own MMA trained judges.

    These guys who are doing these fights are old school boxing judges…look at the statistics…GSP landed more then Hendricks did which is why they gave him the fight. But it was like a sword fight(no not that kind of sword fight pervs) between a guy with a Samurai sword and a guy with a swiss army knife. Hendricks was landing the bigger better shots. But Nevada judges have always rewarded the guy who lands more shots…sad but true!

  • Eddie Ash

    If GSP leaves for any amount of time and refuses a re-match I think the belt should be placed in the right hands of the true winner Sat. (Hendrix). UFC needs more honest judges. Let GSP run and hide cos he knows he doesn’t have a chance in a re-match.

  • Austin, TX

    I disagree. GSP has the kind of face and skin that shows marks easily. He cuts extremely easily and shows bruises and swelling easily. Hendricks doesn’t. If GSp had been hitting GSP it would look the same. Looks can be deceiving. People have very different genes. A guy can look like death and knock a guy out who “looks” totally normal. I re-watched the fight again. If you examine the fight closely analytically, instead of with emotion you can call that fight easily 1st round GSP, 2nd Hnricks, 3rd GSP, 4th Hendricks, 5th, GSP. 3 rounds to 2. I mean, it was a close fight that could have gone either way, but Dana is mistaken , as a lot of people are based upon how a fighter “looks.” A fight isn’t judged on how a fighter looks. Its judge on effective striking, grappling, octagon c, etc. Look at the fight metrics page. Judges judge the fight. We look at it for entertainment purposes.

    • Clint Brown

      I don’t think those lame superman punches would leave a mark on Mr. Glass, on the other hand Hendricks left him with not only cuts and bruises but amnesia and wobbly legs

      • Austin, TX

        Learn to read. The comment was true. And in case you didn’t notice, “Mr. Glass” took the best from “Mr KO” for 5 rounds and didn’t go down. He must not be Mr Glass after all, eh? eh? Whats that?

        Check with Kos and his broken eye bone after his and GSP’s fight if you think GSP punches lame. Check with Fitch, Hughes, BJ Penn…check with the all the one punch knock downs and the ko’s/submissions.

        p.s. Learn to read. Go to the section that describes GSP’s record in the UFC website. Also rent and watch all the GSP fights.

        A final thought. GSP has been suffering from issues related to insomnia and various ailments related to his stress from the woman who wants to have his baby for quite some time now. Go educate yourself.

        • Austin, TX

          This is just in from Bleacher Report. GSP is being sued by his ex manager. Shari Spencer. That is the real source of his problems supposedly. We’ll see I guess where this goes.

  • Eye Opener

    If you really want to look at the facts…

    Stick to the facts, not who your favorite is because you will always be biased!!

    Hendricks landed 142 of 252 total strikes, while GSP connected on
    125of 245 strike attempts. However, GSP beat Hendricks 101 to 85 in
    significant strikes and landed three takedowns to Hendricks’s two.

    On the judges’ scorecards Round 1 was the only one they were split on. Most armchair critics felt Hendricks won the first, but two judges gave
    it to GSP. The first frame saw Hendricks out-land GSP 27-26 in total strikes but GSP had the edge in significant strikes 19-18 and the two were even in takedowns at one a piece.

    The judges made a tough but good call in the decision and everyone else is a cry baby with
    nothing better to do but complain….GSP WON it….that is the fact.
    Get over it.

  • Eye Opener

    Stick to the facts people, not who your favorite is because you will always be biased!!

    The fact are that although Hendricks landed 142 of 252 total strikes, and GSP connected on 125of 245 strike attempts. However, GSP beat Hendricks 101 to 85 in
    significant strikes and landed three takedowns to Hendricks’s two. The judges got it right. The fight was a lot closer than the critics are saying. Dana is just sounding off to push GSP into another fight for the $$$$$ !!!!

    On the judges’ scorecards Round 1 was the only one they were split on. Most armchair critics felt Hendricks won the first, but two judges gave it to GSP.
    The first frame saw Hendricks out-land GSP 27-26
    in total strikes but GSP had the edge in significant strikes 19-18 and the two were even in takedowns at one a piece.

    The judges made a tough but good call in the decision and everyone else is a cry baby with nothing better to do but complain….GSP WON it….that is the fact.

    Get over it.

    • Clint Brown

      Hendricks’ significant strikes left GSP wobbly and a bloody mess, people don’t like the idea of corruption, it generally bothers them. Get a clue

  • bajafox

    Maybe if Johny shaved we could see all the damage GSP inflicted on him?

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    Dana White needs to do more than complain like the rest of us though, he’s got some power I’d assume…use it!

  • jake snod

    Then just announce Hendricks is the champion. screw that Canadian fruit cake GSP.

  • jake snod

    Nevada is a mob run Vegas is a sewer of corruption filled with shysters, crooks and lowlifes and scum.

  • elum

    Dana White is so cool!

  • jake snod

    Sad to see an American johnny screwed in America to some Canadian.

  • jake snod

    Johnny got screwed and robbed by corrupt paid off judges.

  • TrustNoGovt

    Dana White is a complete jerk. He doesnt care about the mental or physical health of GSP, he merely wants to milk the cash cow. And he’s said it on TUF, dont leave it to a decision by the judges. If Hendricks wanted the belt, he should have knocked out GSP or submitted him. But he only won Rds 2 & 4, sorry. That means he lost 3-2, duh. And if GSP wants to retire for his health, or take some time off, his body, his life, his decision.