Dana White Rips Matt Riddle for Comments About “Scumbags” and the MMA Biz (Video)

September 12, 2013
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Dana White UFC on Fox 8 Post_9291UFC veteran Matt Riddle recently called it quits after an injury forced him out of his scheduled Bellator bout.

He told MMAJunkie.com that Bellator couldn’t get him back in another fight by the end of the year, leaving him without any financial means to sustain his family. So instead of sitting on the sidelines, Riddle said he had no choice but to retire and go get a regular job with a steady paycheck.

You’d think it would have been a difficult decision to make, but Riddle says it was rather easy because of the treatment he’s received throughout his career, including the years he fought in the Octagon.

UFC president Dana White didn’t take to kindly to Riddle’s comments and unloaded on his former fighter in this UFC Tonight web-exclusive video.

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  • WhoCaresNotMeUS

    Matt Riddle is an idiot and he sucks.

  • Darin

    Uh oh, Dana referred to Bellator as “our competitor”. Bellator is done.

    • Werdoomb

      not really. It was a careless mistake on Dana’s part to refer to Bellator as a competitor.

      Now Bellator is going to play on that and its owners are going to cash out just like the way WEC, Cage Rage, and SF owners have.

  • julian moran

    Matt Riddle went 9-3 in the ufc, with 2 wins over turned. He must have been pretty good.

    • L

      Too bad he enhanced his performances with all that marijuana… /sarcasm

      • Chris M

        whats funny is they just raised the levels of amrijuana

  • Milosc

    Is this supposed to be a news piece?

    One employee asking his boss about a another [former] employee… with a touch of typical corporate character assassination– even surreptitiously calling the guy a ‘wife beater’ on national television

    This is obviously a UFC canned public relations piece, using FOX as a conduit for trashing a man already down, taking full advantage of him being a newly found average Joe with little opportunity to defend himself

    Riddle said the UFC was the best of a bad bunch, which now rings ever more clear. Dana White would defame his own mother if she came within 50 cents of costing his business any money (and at least the other guys see how worthless a fighter can be treated if they decide to get all ‘American’ and start speaking their minds.) Zero class

    • Liam O’Keefe

      Everything Dana said was true, Matt said that about his wife and kids so in essences Matt called himself a wife beater, check it out, it true. You trash talk someone, you need to expect them to respond, Matt talked, Dana responded.

      I also don’t see how it was canned piece. Dana could have been asked about this, and I am sure he has, from anyone. Cheal didn’t lead him in any direction, or give leading questions. Every interview on every channel is a public relations piece, everyone tries to get their perspective out there, and Dana is no different.

      And as far as trashing a man that was already down, Matt isn’t down, he took himself out of the game. He has an injury and Bellator doesn’t give fighters insurance. That’s the industry and he decided he doesn’t like it anymore so he took his ball and went home.

      • Advance*

        Not to mention they obviously didn’t want to cut Riddle. He forced them into that situation. Dana has never attacked him as washed up, irrelevant or boring like he’s done with some other fighters after a bad breakup. The worst he’s said is that he was a prelims guy that they were building up, which is true. All the other stuff is Dana’s reaction to a former employee questioning his ethics. The guy obviously wants to defend himself.

    • Kbroesq

      I think the way Dana presents himself is low class, but I, as a fan, wanted to hear this story. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s between White and Sonnen or of White is yelling at a mirror, I wanted to hear what he had to say.

      Also, it’s pretty surprising to me to hear how much money Riddel made. White is correct; Riddel doesn’t pull any fans into the fight, yet he’s making more money that pretty much every American and doing what he loves.

      Some people just disagree with everything White says no matter what comes out of his mouth. Sometimes his defenses of his company are dumb, but sometimes he’s totally right.

      • james j

        Without Dana there would be no UFC and we would all still be watching Tyson fights and pro wrestling. Dana isn’t that sharp, but lets not completely hate on him.

        • Kbroesq

          Uhh, did you read my comment?

          • james j

            Your post is dead on

  • Advance*

    I always liked Riddle for his heart and attitude but I think I misjudged him. He seems so angry and bitter. He’s one of the few fighters that shouldn’t be complaining about pay or promoters. The UFC took him when he was 0-0. He never had to fight his way up from the smaller shows or take home tiny purses. How can you complain about making 5 figures for your first pro fight? He got paid for what he did, fight bottom level guys on the prelims. When it seemed like they were finally ready to bump him up to the main card and give him bigger names, he messed it up for himself by failing drug tests. Bellator seemed like the perfect place for him. If you win in the tournament then you get multiple fights in a short period of time. Unfortunately he couldn’t hang in there for a few more months.

  • bajafox

    Being the biggest stoner on this board I have to somewhat agree with Dana. There is a reason I don’t apply for government jobs, because they drug test.

    Riddle new damn well he was going to be tested and still got busted, twice. Maybe he should consult with the Diaz brothers on how to pass the drug tests, those guys smoke throughout their entire training camp and for the most part still test clean.

    • dgs

      I work for myself from home (although I do have to go to client sites occasionally), so no drug test worries, ever. I would rather starve than EVER work for someone else again. Not only do I never have to worry about stupid, invasive drug tests that PROVE nothing (I bet I work harder, am smarter, and have a much better quality of life than 90% of the corporate or government worker bee zombies), but I also don’t have to deal with stupid co-workers and stupid corporate policies. Let’s have endless meetings all day that solve nothing! God I am so happy to not be in the corporate world any more, I seriously will NEVER go back.

      Luckily with states like Colorado and Washington legalizing pot for recreational use, and now with the governments decision not to go after those states, I believe the door has been opened for widespread legalization. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime, but damn has it been about time the demonization of this wonderful PLANT be ended for good.

      • james j

        Do you sell eBay for people? Heard about you guys.

    • james j

      Hippie lettuce. You have a mullet?

  • Sensei_jr

    Like him or not Sensei Dana made many valid points doubt grasshopper Riddle wont be making much more then minimum wage.

  • Just asking all the mma weekly fans that I love; but did Dana mention anything that wasn’t a fact and was just opinion??

  • Alex Anderson

    I think it’s hard to disagree with Riddle that being a fighter is a tough job. Of course it is. The market for pro fighters is still very small. People pay to see the stars by far more than anything.

    When people work in jobs which provide necessary services, or when people can’t find better jobs, then it makes sense to expect employers, the government, and/or the legal system, and/or unions to protect you. However, If you make something that people don’t need and which people aren’t willing to pay you enough for, then that’s probably not really anybody else’s fault.

    The promoter shouldn’t try to exploit fighters, but they can’t be expected to make sure that being a fighter is a good job, because it is essentially a kind of entertainment industry. Fighters are a kind of entertainer, many people argue that they are literally “artists” in the same way that a painter is an artist.

    Promoters aren’t entirely responsible for making sure that fighting is a fair job, because the training a fighter does is primarily for that fighter’s own benefit. It’s fairly easy for a fighter to go to a different promoter all of a sudden, so we can’t expect the promoter to be responsible for making sure that the overall investment that a fighter puts into their training is worthwhile for that fighter. However, it is fair to criticize a promoter insofar as it makes disproportionately more profit, or engages in anti-competive or deliberately misleading or exploiting sorts of policies, if it is in fact doing that.

  • james j

    This guy ruined his career over dope. Lol

  • Ed Mister

    Riddle is right about the MMA Biz. It is a business that predominantly consists of mental midgets and “scumbags” (Not exactly following the philosophies of Martial Arts traditions and origins). Standards of honor, respect, honesty, loyalty, fair play, humbleness, etc. from traditional Martial Arts are right out the window in today’s MMA world. The MMA world philosophies today more closely resemble the philosophies of Don King. Look at the figurehead who prides himself like he is a Donald Stern, Bud Selig, or Roger Goodell. No one will argue that the UFC Chief hardly casts the same professional image of these men. Could Chuck Liddell get a Vice-President job in any company in corporate Amerika? I do credit the fighters that have been around for a long time. What patience they have! Imagine if everyday at work you had to deal with mentalities of grade school children, and educational backgrounds not much greater.

  • William Skrainski

    I’m not saying anything….But Chael knows what Dana’s ball sack smells like!