Dana White Reveals Top Five UFC Pay-Per-View Draws – GSP Sits at No. 1

September 23, 2012
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Georges St Pierre Sept GSP 2012_1957It’s not often that UFC officials talk about their pay-per-view numbers outside of saying they were very happy with the results.

But an angry Dana White lashed out at a Toronto reporter on Saturday night who apparently wrote an article laced with mistruths, and it led to the UFC President revealing a little bit of inside company information about their biggest draws on pay-per-view.

In the original article, the Canadian reporter had stated that former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar left the promotion, and he was their biggest draw.

White disputed that fact and fired back with one of his own, something he’s stated on several occasions, that it’s UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre who tops the list as the biggest moneymaker for the company.

“(Brock Lesnar) was never the No. 1 attraction, Georges St-Pierre has been forever. I’ve said that a million times,” White stated at the UFC 152 post fight press conference.

In addition to that revelation, White also named the other biggest draws in terms of numbers for the UFC when they head to pay-per-view.

“The top five pay-per-view draws in this company are Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen makes the list now, Jon Jones and Rashad Evans,” White stated.

If there is a surprise in that list it may be former middleweight contender Chael Sonnen, who has yet to hold a title in the UFC, but remains one of the most talked about fighters in the entire sport.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who competed and won on Saturday night came in 4th overall, while old rival and training partner Rashad Evans rounded out the top five.

With St-Pierre and Silva coming in strong at No. 1 and No. 2 it’s no wonder why a super fight between the two champions has been proposed for 2013, but it remains a ‘hypothetical’ fight according to White until both of them get through their next bouts.

  • Guy In The Know

    I guess @rsnowbass is to busy watchn wwe night of champs to comment on this big night of mma fights.

  • Rashad Evans? Really?! I find that hard to believe.

    • silent_nick

      Seriously. Rashad just gets into big rivalry fights. The Rampage fight did a million because of the rivalry. The Bones fight – same thing. Rashad by himself I don’t think carries a PPV well. Hell, I think more people bought his fight with Tito for Tito. Granted, Tito was less than a month removed from a huge win.

      • clizzark

        Evans/Griffin – 1,000,000 buyrate
        Ortiz/Griffin – 375,000 buyrate

  • skiman

    I can’t see how GSP is number 1 ppv draw, because everytime hes on, I won’t pay for it. And I can’t see anyone else paying to watch a wrestling match either

    • They pay to watch GSP take on the next toughest guy in the division and to see who ends up beating him. Not his fault if nobody can handle his wrestling.

      • nullfactory

        Remember when GSP use to finish fights until Serra TKO’d him?

        Yeah it has nothing to do with people not handling his wrestling, it has to do with him fighting to win by points as to why I haven’t purchased a GSP PPV in years.

        • This is MMA. If a judo or wrestling enthusiast was on here saing “I can’t stand that guy that ends every fight in knockout” I’d say the same thing, you’re an idiot. In this sport you win by whatever facet works against your particular opponent. And how was GSP’s wrestling in the Kos fight? Oh, it didn’t matter because he battered his face for 5 rounds

          • TravisBecker74

            finally someone sees the light. Lopez nailed it. Just like an NFL team that runs only, until someone can stop it, they will continue to do what works. However, GSP is SO well rounded that he will tailor each fight around the opponents strengths/weaknesses. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE. Are his fights more boring now, yes. (expect even more his first match back). But I respect this guy as a natural athlete so much its silly. You will NEVER see this guy in the news being a bonehead either..

          • MrAdidas

            I do not believed he used his wrestling much vs Shields, Fitch, koscheck or Penn. haters/morons have no clue and they’re usually fans of the fighters GSP embarrassed or spanked. “All GSP does it LnP ….blah blah blah” yet in his last 2 fights he may have been on the ground for a max of 2 mins out of 50. Just goes to show that Nullfactory is an idiot and his comment not only proved he’s an idiot, but an uneducated one at that. GSP is the best overall fighter, not his fault everyone else aren’t even close to his level. When GSP wins by wrestling people like Nulldummy complain, but then when GSP wins by standing/striking morons like Nulldummy say GSP doesn’t finish fights. They always have an excuse regardless of the way he wins. Waaaaa Waaaaaa Waaaaa someone call the waaaaambulance.

          • MikeMc1983

            You don’t think he used wrestling much in the penn fight? I’m guessing you didn’t see that one, Or either one for that matter. He actually gets some credit for taking down Penn because before that fight penn was known to have some of the best takedown defense ever. Gsp stratagy was to takedown to avoid striking, and grease to avoid rubber guard.
            He took Fitch down too. A lot.

          • skiman

            He had the opportunity to finish Kos, but held back, I didn’t get that at all. He also stunned Thiago pretty bad and put him on his ass, then proceeded to dry hump him instead of pound him out for the finish. Wtf?!

  • vzxccxvddscvsd

    Danas just talking out his arse. No way Brock wasn’t Number 1. You dont have 5 of the Top 12 biggest PPV numbers of all time and not be the biggest draw the UFC had.

    Also to find out how big of a draw Sonnen is, how about having him headline a main event that doesn’t have him fighting Silva.

    • MrAdidas

      You realized when Brock fought out of those 5 times GSP also fought on that card, not to mention Brock is HW which attract more fans in general. I was at UFC 100 and I can guarantee you that GSP vs. Alves was the fight more people wanted to see compared to Brock vs Mir. Not saying no one wanted to watch Brock but GSP had the craziest ovation of all of the fighters and everyone at the expo wanted GSP **** and everyone wanted his after party tickets. GSP is a bigger draw overall, Brock brings a lot more wrestling fans bc he was famous in the WWE. When Brock goes to another country does he get the attention that GSP did when he went to Japan or to the Philippines. Go to YouTube and check out the video of GSP arriving in the Philippines to hang out with pacquiao. Then you’ll understand why Dana says he’s the number one draw.

  • I’m surprised it’s GSP. All this time I’ve been thinking it’s Silva considering that GSP lie low due to his injury. Anyhow, I’m more surprised when I saw Sonnen’s name.

  • you dumbass bad excuse 4 a journalist, If Dana told u the world was flat you would write an article about not falling off!
    Dana spins & LIES! And does it not make you the least upset that he publicly humiliates anyone that dare to critizise UFC?? It has happend many times before.

    Buy some balls and a brain!

  • ede

    Watching UFC 153 Replay of the showhttp://fightstv.com/ Suggest Silva vs Bonnar fight! Love it!